More fun with primitives

I have been busy reading because a whole slew of library books I’d had on hold — both at the regular library and e-library — arrived for checkout all at one. This happens way too often; you’d think I’d learn to better space things out.

And one of the books is Caroline Alexander’s new translation of The Iliad, which is not going to be a quick read…

(( I’m also binge-watching the last season of Daredevil and The Defenders on Netflix. Too bad these Marvel series have been canceled; Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is such a fantastic villain. ))

Outside of the reading and binge-watching, I made a few pieces of retro furniture with primitives. Some styles of furniture props are suitable for kludging together with shapes like cubes, spheres, and cylinders. Clearly Stonemason and Jack Tomalin have nothing to fear from me, but it was instructional nonetheless:

I screwed up the lower drawers on the shelving unit. There are two, though the end result looks like one big drawer. I probably should’ve fit the two cubes together less snugly than I did, but it’s good enough.

I’m not sure about the physics of this second weirdly-shaped shelf. In real life it might be a little tipsy.

Busted out all the retro rockets I own. Too bad that Mongo one is no longer at the DAZ store.

I’m almost done with my pose conversions for G2 and G3, except for fine-tuning the hands/fingers and some fiddling with overall limb translations. IOW, the hard part. Then it’s on to G8, since I do have a free conversion utility for that generation. Dawn and Dusk are dead last on account of there being zero conversion utilities for them and it’ll take a while. I’ve had decent luck using G2 poses for Dawn/Dusk, so I might give that a try rather than going from V4/M4. Dawn and Dusk have a few extra posing bones that V4/M4 do not.

Speaking of Dawn, a few years back I made some gothic xmas textures for Jan18’s free Belle Heirloom Petite Dress for Dawn, for The Fantasy Attic’s holiday giveaway. I recently uploaded the textures to Renderosity Freestuff.

Anyway, wilmap refit that dress for the Genesis 2 female. The textures work on the G2F version, but the material presets don’t apply. I haven’t looked closely, but I’m assuming it’s a UV mapping thing. Is anyone interested in these texture presets for G2F? If so, I can redo the presets for her. G2’s an older figure, so not sure anyone would find them useful.

If so, just let me know in the comments.

I haven’t had much success in New Year’s resolutions, but I’m going to try and dedicate Thursdays to learning new stuff. Like Hexagon and the awesurface shaders. And tools in DAZ Studio itself I’ve never done anything with — rather a lot, I think.

5 thoughts on “More fun with primitives

    • The Dawn textures went up at Fantasies Attic a couple years back, at Rendo just recently so you barely missed that one. Think of it as a post-holiday treasure hunt? Ha! I missed the dress at wilmap”s site, so only recently installed it myself.

      I was at that site hunting down clothing that could work for 60s and 70s era fashions for a render idea that’ll probably take me months to pull together.

      The clock and first shelf were based on a retro image resource, the other one just sort of a general idea of some favorite shapes from the period. the wider shelves might be more stable, weight-bearing wise, at the bottom, but wouldn’t look quite right.

      And these are just for background “color” for period pieces. They certainly don’t stand up to closeups or anything.

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