Shopping binge for Dawn

Hivewire is having a sale: “Feel the Love” for Dawn. Good through Jan 22 2019. I picked up a few things and took several of them for a test drive:

Featuring the newly bought Go Go Boots, Faces of Africa for DAZ Studio texture set, Hands for Dawn and Dusk, and Perfect Pelvis (not that you can see it since she’s dressed.)

I also recently picked up Big Afro Hair for Genesis when it was on sale (or part of a promotion; I can’t remember…the DAZ sales all kind of run together.) Spex for Genesis as well.

The dress is a G3F freebie but I can’t remember where I got it, except that it was a Japanese site. It’s called Witch One Piece (the DAZ Poser freebie wiki has a link for it, but I don’t have an account for the site they’ve listed so I wouldn’t have downloaded it there.)

Edited to add: New dial morph I made for Dawn last night with the starter morphs, face morphs, face morph resource kit, body morphs, and the Perfect Pelvis utility. I’d love to see more morphs for the HW figures but I’m getting handier with the ones I have.


And here’s one of Dusk I did not too long ago:


(I’m always putting these figures in black turtlenecks!)

This one was a test render; working on basic skin settings for the Marcello character, which is Poser only.

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