A couple of Genesis 2 starter bundles in DAZ Freebies

Gia 6 and Teen Josie 6 starter bundles!

I had the Josie bundle but not Gia’s. Now I can finally use the Aspen texture I acquired a while back without weird UV seams on any other character but Gia.

Despite being subscribed to a couple forum threads where these sorts of things are announced, I didn’t see an updated freebie page notice until I got an email from the DAZ deal plugin. The forum notifications are a bit capricious. So I thought I’d post about it here.

Now back to finishing up a book that’s due tomorrow, eek! Gonna be close…


8 thoughts on “A couple of Genesis 2 starter bundles in DAZ Freebies

  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I didn’t have either (not much of a G2 user, but free is nice) =)

    I went to the store to get these and noticed DAZ have a “Sydney” character out now… I mean, it’s not like they have used all the names in the book yet, why use a name associated with a Smith Micro character since forever?! …and is it just me who finds dressing up a mature character in skimpy outfits really disrespectful?

    • I didn’t even think about the Sydney association. Huh.

      I use G2 a lot because she has lots of the big dramatic dresses I’m so fond of (and V4 too.) Autofit is okay, but sometimes it’s just easier to use clothes on the figure they’re meant for.

      I kinda like that jogger outfit. Nice that it fits Genesis too.

      And yes, free is always nice!

      • Re: the skimpwear thing…that’s just the DAZ default, isn’t it? The promos were a complete turn-off, as that’s not a character type that interests me. I’m sure there are women who look and dress like that in real life, but I can’t see any need for such a character in any of my render projects.

        Someone posted renders of her looking more average though, and that was more of a sell to me. I have zero interest in the bundle (as usual) but I might pick up the character at some point later on.

        • I like the Smith Micro Sydney. Specifically the face.
          The body, same as with other SM figures, has geometry issues, especially visible in DS.

          It’s just weird to me that DAZ, being largely composed of those Utah conservative males, would present a mature character in this way. Either Russian conservatism is different from theirs (here, a mature woman is expected to be a mother and hence respectable in all sorts; they aren’t pictured here in media as eye candy, but rather dignified – unlike younger women who are supposed to appeal to males and dress “accordingly”), or they are trying to be “feminist” but failing…

          • Can’t recall what SM’s Sydney looks like; I’ll have to go investigate.

            For me, I don’t care much how a woman dresses. As long as she’s not running around bare-ass naked in public places I figure it’s really none of my business. I might side-eye someone and think they should’ve looked in the mirror before walking out the door, but keep those thoughts to myself.

            My personal opinion though on expectations for how a woman “should look” — at any age or weight or whatever — is that it’s sexist. I don’t care what culture it’s coming from, it’s patronizing and dehumanizing. Yeah, obviously I feel pretty strongly about this subject…

            I see Sydney 8 as an aging biker woman who’s probably lived her life fast and hard but still looks good and she flaunts it and couldn’t care less what others think of her. While that type of “biker chick” character doesn’t generally appeal to me, others feel differently and they’re opinion is just as valid as mine.

            It’s a tough subject. It’s not the sexy clothing that irritates me as much as the sheer bulk of it. I appreciate an attractive male or female body, but could do without gratuitous nudity/near nudity. Like having a render of a woman dressed up in combat gear, with big guns in both hands…but she isn’t wearing a top of any sort. That just looks so stupid. I’m not thinking “whoa, sexy!” but “dumbass forgot her shirt.”

            • Like this: https://mustakettu85.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/syd_expr.png
              You can see she’s pretty, but even the neck has geometry issues already. Unwelded polys!

              Well, to me there is a difference between real people and characters.
              Real people have authority over themselves. They make their choices and they succeed or suffer because of them.
              So if, say, a singer – male, female, intersex, “nonbinary”, of alien DNA, whatever – chooses to go onstage wearing next to nothing, it’s them who will deal with the consequences (could be increased sales – or derisive critical reviews drawing attention to the fact their vocal technique needs improvement and skimpy clothing won’t fix that – or both…).

              But characters are at the mercy of the artist, so it’s the artist’s duty to respect them. It’s like a director should respect their actors and not force them to do things they’re uncomfortable with.
              My conservative Russian upbringing tells me that most mature actresses would find it demeaning to be told to dress in a revealing fashion.
              Even logically, those actresses have not endured that long to be treated the same as the young and inexperienced! It’s their skills that should be appreciated – an older actor is always a better actor and does not have to rely on their attractiveness alone anymore. Thinking otherwise would be patronising.
              In conservative terms as understood here, a mature woman has likely “fulfilled their purpose in life”, which is marriage and motherhood, so they should be respected for that.
              I disagree with the “purpose” thing, but I do respect older people more – not just because it becomes ingrained, but also because it makes sense: experience and all. Wisdom, like.
              Of course there are older people who remain ditzy, but that’s something you’ll only find out by interacting with them.

              Moreover – while in the real world a director, if so inclined for whatever “artistic reasons”, would be able to negotiate with the actress, in the 3D world characters cannot speak =) So concent is impossible.
              And if you have no concent, you cannot do anything remotely sexual to anyone, involving dressing them up in risqué clothing. You could say 3D characters are not living people… but a dead body is not a living person either, yet the rules of concent still apply.

              Then there is the feminist thing, which tells me that reducing a woman of any age to “eye candy” in art will only further the problem of women only being valued in the society because of looks.
              An artist is responsible for the message in their work.

              I am also familiar with a yet another interpretation of feminism in art, perpetuated by some lesbians: that women should “celebrate their sexuality” and hence produce artwork featuring women in risqué clothing, poses and so on (up to outright pornography). This is something I do not approve of because it does reduce the woman to a sexual object just as well. It’s not like we can forbid males to look at that art… and even if we could, women objectifying women is just as bad.

              Objectifying males is bad as well, but they don’t at least suffer that much from it as a social group, since the “default ruler” that males are measured by is not looks but professional success. I still won’t do that, though.

              That’s how I see it.

              Of course it poses a problem for the artist who wants to depict beauty and maybe healthy sensuality even, but refrain from falling into the pits of promoting disrespectful and demeaning attitudes towards the social groups their characters belong to – but this is where you enter the realm of true artistic challenge. And here is when factors like taste come into play.

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