6 thoughts on “M4 shows up in interesting places

  1. Darn it. Now I’m wondering where the beard (or beards?) and the spear are from, and where they got the hair for the Neanderthal. Silly brain.

  2. A fascinating find. One also has to wonder if they would have grown to that height. Or been some 18 inches shorter – given that adult modern humans have only recently attained our current height due to better nutrition, genetic selection pressures etc. If the average modern human shown had been from the 13th century he would have likely been far smaller, and the Neanderthal would appear to tower over him. If the Neanderthals were shorter, and with a slightly longer and bushier beard, then they would have closely resembled the dwarves of folk tales.

  3. I was wondering if some of that might be photoshopped, like the extra hairiness. Also, is it just me or does M4’s head look really small on the right? At least his hands look more of a fit with the Neanderthal’s stockier body type. I always thought M4’s hands were a bit too large.

    There must be “caveman” props somewhere, maybe even in the DAZ store. Never done anything with that type of subject so I don’t think I’ve bought any. OTOH, I did buy the Homo Erectus character sets for K4/M4/V4.

    The short, bulky bodies of Neanderthals is what makes this archaic species so distinctive. I wonder if the Denisovans were built the same way? There hasn’t been enough remains discovered of them, I don’t think, to know for certain. And now it seems there’s another extinct archaic human that contributed to our DNA makeup.

    Anthropology is fascinating and new discoveries keep coming, so who knows what we haven’t discovered yet about our very distant past.

    • Photoshopping does seem likely. And I agree about the head—M4 has a stylized body, but that seems extreme. I think the spear is from sharecg—I know there are a few primitive weapons around for free.

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