Rough week

We had to euthanize our last old lady kitty. šŸ˜¦

She’d been having issues for a while but the last few weeks her condition rapidly deteriorated (though she was still pretty feisty!) Recently she’d stopped eating and drinking, stopped using the litter box, and she’d become so weak her hind legs weren’t working.

Nearly 19 years old, so pretty amazing lifespan for a cat. But I miss her and her sister, and my house seems so big and empty without the fur children.

We’ll be looking at getting a couple rescue kitties but probably not until summer.

Taking a little time away again…

12 thoughts on “Rough week

    • Thanks, Will. Hoping to squeeze out a little more time is the best we can hope for when they get to an advanced age.

      I brought Snickers home on Friday. She’s in a cute little urn, surrounded by a mini-shrine of all her favorite sparkly balls. Ha!

      When the ground warms up in spring, we’ll bury her next to her sister.

      The vet sent a sympathy card with a couple of her little paw prints on card stock. It was unexpected but much appreciated.

  1. So very sorry to hear that…23 years since I had to do the same with Fernando, Prince of Cats, and I miss him still…they take up residence in your heart and dig their claws in.

    • That they do. Not replaceable, each has their own personalities and quirks, I still miss the cats I’ve lost in the past too.

      Was Fernando’s name actually Fernando Prince of Cats or was the last part a nickname?

      I ask only because we had a boxer when I was little and his name was Sir Panic Stricken. Always thought that a fantastic name (tho he was a pretty brave doggie, I hear tell….I was too little to remember him.)

      • Prince of Cats was an addon as he was the most princely and aristocratic of pusscats, his breeder named all the litter after Abba songs…I presume there was a fluffy Dancing Queen šŸ˜‰ Fernando was also called Fud, Fuddy, and Fuddud. 1996 was so many years ago but he lives on in mine and my children’s memory.

        • LOL! I love the idea of naming kitties after songs. Ours were likely named by the little boy from the family we adopted them from when they were still kittens. By now, that little boy is all grown up and might even has kids of his own. I’m glad that while the years can add up, the memories still stay so fresh.

  2. My condolences. I went through that situation with three different cats who all lived to be 17 so I know the feeling.

    • Thank you, Hector. It never does get any easier, even knowing what’s coming. It’s just so hard to say good-bye even when it’s obvious the end is very near anyway.

      She was all curious when the vet showed up, and wobbled over to check out things. Kinda heartbreaking to see that.

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