Random renders, Skullcrusher Ogre

I have now officially rendered my first DAZ Monstrosity, the Skullcrusher Ogre:

I even accidentally color-coordinated my ogre with the background prop!

Original Genesis with two older AntFarm figures: O-Gee and Tea House Spirit. It’s been a long time since I rendered either of them. I’d forgotten how darn cute they are.

Ran the final render through a couple filters.

The husband came in while I was rendering it and said, “Men in Black. Sort of.”

If he noticed the homage, I must’ve done something right. 😛

2 thoughts on “Random renders, Skullcrusher Ogre

  1. Looks great 🙂 I will have to make one too, I have beside him Undead Fiend. Lately I am trying to make necromancer to acompany them :)) and few others mostly skeletons and spiders for now.

    • I’ll have to try one or more of those figures in a truly creepy render. So far I’ve only rendered silly stuff with them. Really like the figures, though.

      And I managed to snag the Edie 8 Starter Bundle for a decent price this past weekend and now I really want the Etta for Edie 8 character *and* the Crone for Etta morph expansion. I don’t have anything like those figures.

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