PSA: Some RDNA freebie links from Wayback Machine

Thanks to Jackie for pointing these out to me. Not a lot of them, but a decent cache (alas, Scary Cherry, Mike’s Tiki Bar, and the broken Christmas bulbs remain lost.) So until I can get around to updating links — for the umpteenth time, ugh…and it’s not like I totally finished the first corrections — here’s a few handy places to start looking:

Shoctober Freebies Recap

Freebie Festivals (nothing post 2013)

Edited to add: And thanks to dollygirl for finding the links to the broken bulbs, which I used for the free Squee and Little Monsters poses a few holidays back.

The 2014 holiday freebies can be accessed here: Latest News.

The direct links to the broken bulbs, from dollygirl’s comment:

Here are the bulb links: Day 4 –
Day 3 –

Glad to have found this one, which I recently used in a free background for Halloween:

I’d bought the commercial version (here at DAZ) and couldn’t remember if it was needed for this freebie, but the cage version is a stand-alone.

Keeping this post as a sticky for a while, as I’ve been busy lately with non-3D stuff and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to updating the blog.