PSA: Some RDNA freebie links from Wayback Machine

Thanks to Jackie for pointing these out to me. Not a lot of them, but a decent cache (alas, Scary Cherry, Mike’s Tiki Bar, and the broken Christmas bulbs remain lost.) So until I can get around to updating links — for the umpteenth time, ugh…and it’s not like I totally finished the first corrections — here’s a few handy places to start looking:

Shoctober Freebies Recap

Freebie Festivals (nothing post 2013)

Edited to add: And thanks to dollygirl for finding the links to the broken bulbs, which I used for the free Squee and Little Monsters poses a few holidays back.

The 2014 holiday freebies can be accessed here: Latest News.

The direct links to the broken bulbs, from dollygirl’s comment:

Here are the bulb links: Day 4 –
Day 3 –

Glad to have found this one, which I recently used in a free background for Halloween:

I’d bought the commercial version (here at DAZ) and couldn’t remember if it was needed for this freebie, but the cage version is a stand-alone.

Keeping this post as a sticky for a while, as I’ve been busy lately with non-3D stuff and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to updating the blog.

22 thoughts on “PSA: Some RDNA freebie links from Wayback Machine

    • Thank you, that’s fantastic!

      How do you find these things? I’ve made a few attempts but nothing ever brought up actual workable download links.

  1. It is something Rob Kelk showed us on the DAZ Poser Freebie site. For these two links I put in the wayback machine search box. When the calendar comes up, there is just above the bar graph, two links one says Summary of Click on that link it brings up a bunch of stats about the site. Just below the list of stats there is a link Explore URLs. There are over 100,000 URLs so be patient with the queuing. Once the list is presented then up in the upper right hand corner is a search box, Filter results. Type in zip and you get all of the URLs that have that string within it. In this case you get 269 hits. So there are a lot of RDNA goodness to be recovered. Yea!
    You can do this type of search with any of your links. Some people just don’t keep there sites very tidy and you can find some wonderful things this way. Happy hunting.

    • Thanks, that’s a very helpful trick to know. Yay! indeed.

      I used to delete dead links here but now I’ll be sure to keep putting a strike-through edit instead. It’ll at least give the dedicated freebie hunters a place to start.

    • I like that! Nice postwork effects. 🙂

      I picked up the Infernal Behemoth not long ago at a nice discount and you inspired me to take it out for a test render. I like these monsters, and while I don’t do a lot of renders with monsters they’re nice to have around.

      No story to that one. I just started with the Illumbrella prop and then ended up with a sky bus stop. Test renders are usually a little odd.

      • I like it too, but I got Freak (3) bundle and 3d Starter Pack Bundle (with M3 and V3 Reduced Resolution figures). I am trying to get way back and use what I can from older clothes. I have Iconic shapes fro G4 and also G3 support with with GenX2. I also got all Thorne’s Head (1-4) and Body (1-2) morphs kits and they are really great.

        I already have Undead Fiend and Skullcrusher Ogre and morph expansions and they are great morphs and textures too. What I don’t like aout Infernal Behemoth is that it doesn’t have extra morphs and textures are not so usable. I was thinking how could I use it and maybe I wold need something like demon texture but somehow it doesn’t fit that good for that. Body morph and shape is ok but if I am after something like infernal person, I would like to have some option and nice textures. I guess I was about to get something like Gargoyle from Midnight Stories or Rawart but somehow I always miss the sale. Rawart is my fav beside Midnight Stories and valandar. I have few of his products but I want some of them so badly and those are most G5 products. Also I am missing Valandar’s Fantasy Races Bundle… But on the good side I have Creature Creator morphs completed for both G4, G5 and G6 (except 2 expansions including 2 expansions for Dragon 3 that I am trying to complete for some time :))).

  2. Anyway now looking at Your render (which is very good and I like it very much) Infernal Behemoth has good skin addons but I am still thinking that I would pass better with MS Gargoyle as somehow he could pass at best as some large Ghoul mutant reminded me of those big mutants from Fallout (I met them in FO1 game this are more modern ones :))) and MS Gargoyle is just very cool and with cool textures beside I already own this one which is also amazing product even though it older but very usable 🙂

    Also I got Gumdrops and those guys are so easy to use and they look really good especialy with head resized to 70% 🙂 I just really like them and got few expansions but still missing few things like cupcake and animal morphs (as for A3 and H3 made by Capces Digital Ink). Also lately I installed Teen Kaylee for G8 and will need to make few renders after I finish with Argus the Pirate Gumdrop figure 🙂 here is my first render with Gumdrops, that was before I learned to fully use toon cameras and shaders…

    Sorry for longer post 🙂 and now looking at the post again if I decide to make some mutant pictures I should get it. This outfit also is very good, I was thinking to get it, I think they both now are going on my wish list including those extra textures

    • Sorry that your comment ended up in the moderation queue! Probably because there were links; sometimes a comment will get flagged for that and I have to approve it.

      I like that Undead Fiend and Skullcrusher Ogre have extra morphs — I only have those for Undead; Skullcrusher’s are in the wishlist — and I wish Infernal Behemoth did as well. I haven’t tried the Undead Fiend’s morphs on either of the other two yet, but I should. Just to see what happens. Same goes for the Genesis Creature Creator morphs. Could lead to some interesting results…

      I have the Creature morphs for Generation 4, Genesis 1, and Genesis 2, but those for Genesis 3 are still in the wishlist. Waiting for them to be a bit more budget-friendly. 🙂

      Sickleyield made a couple nice add-ons for the G2 creature sets, both of which I have — Wondrous Creatures G2F and Awesome Creatures G2M.

      I completely forgot I’d bought the Space Age Behemoth Outfit! Should’ve used that one in my render, but I’d bought the Luthbel outfit a few months back and hadn’t rendered it yet, so it was taken for a test drive too.

      Texture-wise, I don’t have the extra Behemoth skins, mainly because they look too metallic for my tastes.

      But I have Smay’s Zombie and RawArt’s Good as Dead 2: Bullit, which might look okay on the Undead Fiend. Though this one might look better for other creatures.

      The V4 Creature Creator set came with a creature skin that works on Genesis too — I bought that as part of the M4/V4 bundle so I’m not sure if it came in the V4 creature set or the add-on; the skins aren’t shown in the promo images or even listed.

      Textures from Vladimir for M4 and M4/V4 Witch and Warlock set could also be used on Genesis creatures.

      Generation 4 stuff goes on sale a lot, so if you don’t have these it might be worth keeping an eye out for them.

      I have a couple other creatures figures for the original Genesis — Abominable, which is only a morph, Popobawa, and Freak 5 — as well as a whole bunch of toons. The original Genesis had some fun figures, like the Cat Girl and its add-ons.

      There are also quite a few Genesis creatures I still don’t have, like the Genesis Troll and GhostofMacbeth’s Orc and Goblin Hordes for Genesis (I have his Goblin Hero for M4 though and some of his older stuff for M3 and D3.)

      I looked at that MS Gargoyle character during the sale this weekend but ended up not getting it or wishlisting it because the wings were separate. I might look at it again though.

      I have MS Lycan, From the Deep, and Anubis in the wishlist. Oh, and the Dental Plan for Genesis too.

      So many good sales this past weekend, but I only had so much to spend and I had to pass on a lot.

      I like a lot of Josh Crockett’s monsters for G3 and G8 but I have an older machine that struggles with HD morphs, so I’m putting off buying those until I get a new computer.

      But I recently picked up Edie 8 and her Etta HD and Crone HD add-ons.Those HD morphs take forever to render on my machine, but they’re gorgeous morphs; I love them!

      I also have Ollie 8 and his Dolb add-on is in my wishlist.

      Also recently picked up the Anneka Demon and Damien Demon bases. Again, very nice figures but my computer takes almost an hour to begin to render them, ugh. Worth the wait, though!

      Older stuff is still very useful to me, and not only because they’re easier on my older computer.

      I was late in getting on the Gumdrop train, but they are adorable — I don’t know if i have that ghost/genie set from your render (very cute!), but I have picked up a lot of their free stuff.

      CDI’s morphs sets for older generations have monster morphs that are great for making toony monsters, but some are disappearing from the store. The set for Aiko 3 Toon is gone. 😦

      I still use Melody and Micah!

      And speaking of old stuff, these two figures are fun to play with:

      Night World Fallen and it’s add-on Dagon/Dagonessa — it’s a stand alone figure but it can wear M4’s clothes.

      Nybras and its expansion. He’s a bit on the toony side, maybe, but there are quite a few add-ons for him in the store.

      Mighty long comment…I guess I have more monsters/creatures than I thought, lol! 😛

  3. Oh, and here’s an old render I did with Popabawa and a Freak 5 mix. I used a stone shader on him, but obviously should’ve adjusted the tiling ratio for the horns and feet geo grafts:

    Popabawa reminds me a little of the old cartoon Gargoyles, which I watched back in the day.

    Edited to add: A more recent test render with Anneka Demon:

    I used the non-pointy morph, figuring that one work better with normal clothing. 😛

    • Great looking renders, and gargoyles remind me of that cartoon too.

      Morphs for Skullcrusher ogre and Undead Fiend are cool, they expand it and they are basicaly can make them look more orcish and similar, they are placed a bit unusual and hard to find on sliders but they work (I might rearrange them a bit if I can figure out how to do it good). Textures for thos two are great and just for that they are worthy of getting. I don’t have Smey Zombie expansion and they are on my wishlist 🙂 nor those orc or goblins. What I have as replacement are Rawarts Oagre and few others like… which is good but my fav and I am so lucky that I got it as it was transfered from RDNA is Wolfhound done by Midnight Stories now I see those textures can be used too

      I have all those Creature Creator Morphs excluding G7 and thanks for info I didn’t know that here were textures included too :). I don’t have SieckleYield morphs that I tried to get, but I got this which opens a lot of possibilites and I got it as a cheaper alternative for Rawart minotaurs which for Genseis are great and are still on my wishlist… I got old morphs for M4/V4 and they look to be great but I yet have to get Witch and Warlock. I have got Vladimir ir is wonderful character, yet to be used…And from Zev0 I own Fit control which is wonderful and gives so much option with clothes, Growing up though I haven’t yet used it for making younger characters but will try eventualy, and still miss older morphs fro genesis and few other things most importantly Also important thing I am missing are UVs for G5-G7 expansions, like for example V4 and M4 for G6 ect. I hope I will get them eventualy and this one which I really Like Now One more thing that I like and want to get is this there are genesis versions but on Renderosity and I hope I can transfer morphs from G7 using GenX2 Or I might get original morphs from Rendo. Now I will break this post and continue as I had problems posting before necause it was too long.

  4. Troll for Gensis is very cool and I am so happy that I got it. Nybras also 🙂 but older yet nice. Now about that Infernal Behemoth, now I think I should get it :), I remember Fallout 1 and those supermutants (I got first three parts on for free, and played first part for a long time 🙂 but have not finished it).

    Gumdrops are really cool but I think I should get that Chibi expansion for Genesis and other toonish expansions they have now :). Still Gumdrops are so light on memory of my older computer and I can use them very easy. Beside those free items are just amazing and there are lots of them. Geneie is for free here and there are even more freebies at

    Lately I have used Teen Kaylee 8 (I got Pro Bundle) and it is really good, can use G5-G7 clothes but I don’t have any G8 male characters nor I have Morph packs for G8 yet. Still my computer have really hard time with new figure and I guess I will just have to get new one to work with them, hopefully in year or two.

    I have completed G4 and G5 main character collection and now I am trying to collect G6 but I still wish to get UV and other expansions I listed before. One thing that I miss is Michael 6 character. and I really should get it :). And my G7 collection is not big mostly for G7f.

    That’s it mostly 🙂 DAZ have wonderful content, I guess renderosity too 🙂 I think I will try to make few nice renders after I finish with my exams in 2 weeks. Now need to get back to study. Will post if I make some more cool renders, here is one, interesting that ToonyCam pro renders a lot faster then normal render 🙂 This is one portrait I had to make as I couln’t find good background for Argus I am using as my avatar now

  5. So did you pick up Infernal Behemoth?

    I recently bought Sickleyield’s clothing smoothers for the Genesis 2 creature creator morphs, at a price I couldn’t pass up. Haven’t gotten around to playing with it yet. As usual, I have more stuff than I have time to make use of it all.

    I also recently purchased the Skin Builder for Genesis and Genesis 2, but the merchant resource version. It looks useful, though I haven’t done much with it beyond check out the PDF files.

    My only complaint is that I wish the PA had created separate PDF for each effect. One for freckles, one for acne, one for stretch marks etc. It would’ve made the PDF files smaller and easier to work with.

    I have several of the newer versions of the Skin Builder products in my wishlist but I want to see how this one works before buying any of the others.

    I feel like I should get Troll for Genesis. It’s a classic after all. 🙂

    It turns out I had that genie freebie for Gumdrops! I remember making a bunch of 3DL materials for my Gumdrops stuff some time back but haven’t done much with them beyond that. Again with the too little time…

    I have Michael 8 and Ollie 8 and that’s because I had an offer to buy them for $10 each. The Victorias always seem to end up free at some point but the Michaels not so much. DAZ had a few really good sales lately on their DO characters and accessories, and I picked up the face morphs for both G8M and G8F. Still don’t have any body morphs though.

    I have most of the G2 characters I want; the only hold out is Belle 6. I still have a few Genesis 3 characters in the wishlist: GIanni 7, Tween Ryan 7, and Mei Lin 7. Once I get those cleared out I’ll start collecting Genesis 8 (and by that time Genesis 9 will probably be out!)

    There are about a dozen vendors at Renderosity that I really like. 1971s recently had a nice sale and I stocked up on little environments. They don’t have doors that open and things like that, but they’re nice and are creative and sometimes just weirdly delightful.

    I still regularly buy Maddelirium’s characters for V4, and quite a few of S7’s V4 characters too. The unique ones still pull me in despite having hundreds of V4 characters already.

    Oh, and nice pirate girl!

  6. No, I will probably wait for summer to pass to get something new 🙂

    And for Troll yes definitely worth it, and Gorilla for Genesis too 🙂 I got it as cheeper alternative for Rawart Apeworld and other animallike characters

    I have that problem too but I am hoping to make more renders in the future…

    I don’t have much of G2 to be honest, Aiko 6 and few others I really would like to have, missing M6 too. Oh and yes got V8 for free lately, very cool of DAZ…

    I just wish I could complete my Genesis monster wishlist, also few bundles like Moster and animal, sea life, dinosaurs, ect 🙂

    And about pirates, I am trying to recreate my first Ad&d adventure, at the end there was a pirate ship and we had a fight with them and girl that was captain (evil to the bone and learned not to trust anyone) ended charming my illusionist wizard who actualy passed somehow trough to her…

    Anyway I am still working on that probably will make lots of picture about it in the future. Even got Black flag bundle by Mortem vetus (not anymore in store at DAZ 😦 and his works are really great… Anyway here is a good version od that captain, I need to make an really evil looking one :))

    I am off to rest had some really busy days and still need to work few days more. Will post once more after I get some free time 🙂 I just think that I need to start something like a adventure with good story but as always, not enough much time and resources, but I feel I am almost ready and that I actualy should try… We will see how it will go. I will have 2 months free to rest I will try to make something nice and hopefuly interesting 🙂

  7. Enjoy your break! And hope your tests go (or went?) well too!

    Sometimes renders just take a lot of time. I have a couple I’ve been working on for months and still have months to go before they’ll be done. Both require lots of photos on a wall that are themed and so I keep at it a little at a time.

    And then I get side-tracked by making 3DL materials for iray-only stuff, lol!

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