New fur babies!

We adopted a couple of kittens — litter mates, not quite four months old. Two calico girl kitties who are settling in nicely and causing havoc in the way kittens do. So far nothing too bad, though Tabitha took out the husband Tuesday night and Sabrina killed one of my reading lamps on Wednesday.

The husband is fine — kitty got under his feet and in his effort to avoid stepping on her he fell and made a very large crash lol — and the lamp itself is a little off kilter but still working. The lampshade was a loss, though not a great one as it was kinda ugly. The replacement lampshade isn’t much better. Maybe Sabrina will take that one out too and I can buy a new, prettier one. 😛


Tabitha (she didn’t stay still long enough for a decent picture)

Sabrina and Tabitha, with Tabitha showing some commitment issues, ha!

Still missing my old girls, but it’s nice to have kitties around the house again. We’re spoiling these two terribly already — big kitty condo, lots of toys, and the husband’s going to build a catio off one of my office windows so the new kids can hang out outside from the safety of an enclosure.

We keep our cats indoors. It’s just too dangerous to let them roam, especially where we live (next to a wildlife reserve.)

Must get back to some rendering one of these days!

2 thoughts on “New fur babies!

    • Kittens are crazy cute…and those tiny, squeaky meows!

      I’m glad you had Rainbow for 17 years; that’s a good long time to be part of the family.

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