Halloween 2019

Yeah, it’s Halloween season and I didn’t do anything this year but kit-bash Halloween snow globes because it seemed like a different, interesting way to use Halloween props.

I wish I could figure out a way to make my own “snow” so I could make something that looked more like glitter. I have the old Send in the Clones script and I’m wondering if I could do something with it using tiny primitive cubes. It’s been ages since I used the script; it has a random option but I’m not sure if there’s a way to contain that result in a way that would work in a glass dome.

I have the “snow” from this old set, but that’s a lot of transmaps, especially when I double it up so I can use two colors. One render had passed the 2-hour mark before I killed it in frustration. Maybe I could try scaled down leaf scatter props and maybe that old Bat Scatter prop I got for free from RDNA some years back. Hmm…

Anyway, Fantasies Attic has their annual Halloween Gift page up and running. And elleque uploaded a cute Halloween ice cream prop. Downloads for DS and Poser.

Oh, and this past weekend I finally got to “meet” Sue, the T. Rex at the Chicago Field Museum:

Sue is beautiful! But I’m okay with that giant murderbird being long extinct and not running around the U.S. like the rex in that last Jurassic Park movie.

The museum also has a life-size model of a Quetzalcoatlus, which is huge and delightfully frightful.  It looked to be a big hit with the selfie and camera crowd — when posing, folks tuck quite nicely between its folded wings. It’s like a horror hug!


7 thoughts on “Halloween 2019

  1. No idea about Send in the Clones (never had it), but the latest UltraScatter can fill a volume with instances. Actually you could fake a volume by scattering over surfaces of a few progressively scaled props, and Tofusan’s free replicator script (ShareCG) does it well.

    • I have UltraScatter in my wishlist; one of these days I’ll get around to buying it. It’s the sort of thing I probably wouldn’t use very much, which is why I haven’t picked it up yet, but it’s also something that would be really useful on those rare occasions where I need it.

      I totally forgot I’d downloaded Tofusan’s replicator script. I’ll have to poke around with it this weekend and see what I can come up with. I mostly just want to avoid transmaps…

    • Thank you, BB!

      We had a bunch of snow this year for Halloween, which probably depressed the number of trick-or-treaters and so I was forced to eat a few left-over candy bars. Oh, the horror… 😀

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