Glitter for water globes

The free Replicator script by Tofusan at ShareCG does a pretty good job of making glitter. I had this downloaded for a long time but it was the first time I used it.

It’s pretty easy — if I can use it, anybody can, ha!

Created a primitive plane, scaled it down to 2%, parented it to a primitive sphere, made the sphere invisible, then ran the script on the plane with the default values except I increased the number of copies to 150.

Then I saved it as a scene subset.

Loaded the subset twice with a prop, scaled and translated the invisible spheres to fit, rotated the second one, and then changed the instances to an orange color. Quickie test render (pls ignore the crappy glass materials):

Glitter, and no transmaps, yay!!!

I’ll make a rectangle one too, and maybe a square one as well. That should cover all my water globe glitter needs. 🙂

Oh, and Crystal Ball by Luxxeon.

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