Pulp Poses – Dawn & Dusk

Download: Retro Pulp Poses for Dawn & Dusk (DAZ Studio only)

Yeah…still puttering around with these, lol! Better late than never? With Genesis 2, I left off adjusting a few of the G2M poses. Gotta get back to that.

DS only, though Poser users could apply the V4/M4 versions to Dawn and/or Dusk and adjust the results — the hands and feet are usually the areas that need the most adjustment but will also likely be what you’d need to adjust to fit your scene plans anyway.

(For newer visitors, there is a Genesis version here.)



Space Babe Nolah!

Incoming Trouble! (without the halftone effect)

Adjust poses accordingly for body shapes, clothing, and whatever else needs adjusting (several above have adjustments from the original poses.)

As usual, Dawn and Dusk made use of other figure’s clothing closets. Though the Dawn Go Go Boots are great for these pulpy style projects. As is Dusk’s Hero Hair.

Parasol pose

Download Parasol Poses – Multi Figure

I needed a simple holding-a-parasol pose, couldn’t find one, so made one for G2F, then lazily converted it with the free Daz3d Pose Converter script utility to G1F, G3F, and G8F. Converted it to Dawn SE too, though that one’s a little rougher than the others. But they’re at least decent starting points for your parasol-toting ladies.

I used the parasol from Edwardian Accessories for G2F but any other parasol or umbrella will work with a few adjustments to the prop and hands.

If your lady has a poofy hair prop or is wearing a wider/lower hat, just bend the right hand to move the parasol farther away from her head.

Gender-neutral clothing

Male content notoriously lags behind female content. I don’t grumble about it much anymore and just try to work with what is available, including female outfits (or their separate parts) that are gender-neutral enough to try running through autofit clones.

For the most part, I don’t mind doing this, though autofit doesn’t always provide usable results. There are helper morphs for sale to fix some of these issues, little tricks in DS to try to minimize them, and when all else fails, there’s postwork.

Most frustrating is when the conversion is almost perfect…except one area. Case in point, Yura’s Space Suit for G8F.

So, so close; there’s even no crotch crunch! But the chest deforms just enough that the backpack’s air hoses don’t properly align. The backpack itself deforms if autofitted to G8M (as does the helmet) so I scaled/translated it and then parented it to the G8M’s chest. Those patches where the hoses “attach” to the top shrank too much and it’s almost impossible to align the hoses to get them to look like the G8F’s version.

I really like this space suit because it’s non-sexualized and gender-neutral. I wish the vendor had made a male version of it.

The only thing I can think of to get around this problem is to do two renders, one with the helmet and backpack autofitted and one with them parented and not deformed, and then combine the two renders and erase/fix the problem parts. It would not be first time I did something like this.

I have Yura’s Soldier 2 for G3F and it converts almost perfectly to G3M — and there is a G3M version of the outfit, which I didn’t buy precisely because the female one fit the male so well. Figures; and I just know me not buying the G3M version is why Yura didn’t make the G8M space suit. This is all my fault… 😛

As it so happens, G3F’s Soldier 2 works great on both G8F and G8M:

There is a tiny bit of crotch crunch on G8M, but if all auto conversions worked as well as this one, I’d be overjoyed.

Because I like doing dieselpunk projects I’m always on the lookout for something that will work with male figures and doesn’t require me to haul out M3 and his old Daedalus Sky Mercenary outfit. So I picked up Oskarsson’s Blitz Girl Uniform for G8F with my 20% off coupon. It’s not dforce, yay! Conforming outfits are nearly extinct these days.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed is that the skirt isn’t separate so it has to be made invisible (if it hadn’t been a separate material zone I’d have been really annoyed.) Then I went hunting for boots and pants to match the top. I have a few outfits that would’ve worked but settled on Military Uniforms for M6. Ended up with this:

I really like the way it turned out, but there was some serious deformation with G8M’s crotch and chest, especially that middle button. Everything else looked pretty good, though, so I put PSP’s mesh warp, push, and clone brushes to work.

Much better. Postwork would probably be okay for this outfit since I’d texture it with a solid-colored fabric texture. Solids make it much easier to fix even bigger crunches, but I’m fairly certain more active leg poses would make the deformation bad enough that even postwork couldn’t fix it. The only way to deal with a majorly mangled mesh is to hide it behind hands, other figures, or props.

I’d use casual wear male outfits on female figures more often if it weren’t for the differences between buttons and zipper flaps. Why does fashion have to be so dumb about things like that?

Last Survivor G8M on the G8F:

I wear men’s shirts a lot and so I figure my female characters can as well. My favorite pair of shoes are men’s shoes too. No men’s zippered pants though; there’d be hip size issues.

The loose shirt on this set hides most of the zipper. Pockets deformed noticeably on her chest, even with breast fixes. It might be less noticeable with a plaid or stripe texture. I hid her feet and toes; I forgot to check if there was a foot pose for the boots that might’ve helped them fit better. Used the push modifier at 0.25 strength on her shirt as it was clinging a little too closely to her hips.

Hmmm…I probably have much more gender-neutral clothing. I’ll have to check and see what else I can find.

Anyone have outfits to recommend? I check the stores a lot but I still miss quite a bit.


Free hair for Baby Luna

The ever-generous elleque has created a (much needed!) hair prop for Baby Luna, for both Poser and DS users: Baby Thin Hair for Baby Luna

What a cutie!

For DS users, the Renderosity December freebie is kinda fun and weird — a SciFi Carriage

I can see a scifi Santa in this…

And the annual Renderosity holiday giveaway should be starting soon, as per a moderator over at the forum.

I’ve been picking up a few good deals here and there at DAZ and finally cleared out my wishlist of Genesis 2 core figures. It took a good long while, but bought Belle 6 for $2.99 and now I have all the ones I’m interested in (though if Keiko 6 and/or Cory 6 should end up in a free deal I’d probably pick them up.)

I have not done any holiday renders. Busy, busy…and the new season of The Expanse just dropped in Amazon Prime Video so I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation looks interesting so I’ve probably check that out too, as well as the new season of Lost in Space. I didn’t totally love the Lost in Space reboot, but thought it was entertaining and I do like the reboot’s take on the robot.

I have been working on a Victorian-ish scene. I needed a Victorian greatcoat with a cape and nothing exists so I had to kit-bash one. So close, but still not quite right. All the parts were M4 clothes — Wanted Dead or Alive M4 coat, shirt, and vest; Regency M4 pants and boots, Witch Hunter M4 Cape, Tuxedo M4 walking cane, and AgeofArmor’s hat from Skullduggery — so I just used M4 with the Genesis 2 Female, as she has lots of great period dresses; I picked up the Penny Dreadful Dress a few weeks back.

I’m figure-agnostic; whatever figures work best for the scene are the ones I’ll use.

I also hauled out the very, very old Baker Street Construction set from the now defunct RuntimeDNA store. It’s so old it doesn’t even come with bump maps! But it has potential all the same. I need to make either normal or displacement maps for at least the street, curb, and sidewalk textures though, because simulating a wet pavement will look a lot better if there’s an illusion of surface depth rather than a mirror-like flatness.

And I’m still playing with the fstop settings. Since it takes 3 hours to render — using Marshian’s Above the Fog set, which slows things down — these test render take a while, lol!


Winter holidays are here again

Seriously, where does the time go?!


The new kitty kids don’t seem too curious about the newly-erected Christmas tree and ornaments, but they could just be waiting until we go to bed tonight to explore in a cat-appropriate fashion. Here’s to hoping they don’t knock it over…

And Fantasy Attic’s 2019 Advent Calendar is up and ready for its daily download(s)!

I wonder if Renderosity and DAZ will do anything freebie-ish this year?

Edited to add: Yup for the DAZ PAs Holiday Giveaway! Glaseye over at the DAZ freebies forum is keeping track of various advent calendars.

(That free base giveaway at DAZ yesterday was nice too! I now have Edward 8; Mabel 8 and Floyd 8 up next!)

Now that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff is over, I can report I didn’t spend much though I did hit all my regularly shopped stores.

From DAZ:


Edward 8 and the Jungle Girl textures were freebies. Finally picked up Ubersurface2! And I’m giving those puddles a try in a render project today. I don’t have much in the way of puddles in my content so this was a useful addition.

Edited yet again; there was another nice giveaway at DAZ: up to $30 in DAZ Originals for free. I picked up Matilda Hair for G8F. Classic bob styles are always good to have around and this one comes with a few styles I really like, especially the tuck-behind-the-ear options:

From Renderosity:

Clothes_G3M GaoDan School Uniforms 01

GaoDan’s School Uniforms for G3M. I have the G3F version, and now I have a matched set. Could be useful for more retro fashion projects.

From Hivewire:

A cute pose set with props for the HW Big Dog and the Friesian breed/texture set for the HW Horse. Pretty!