Installing Older Content

There are lots of oldies but goodies freebies available, but sometimes they’ll take a little work before they’re useable. This is especially true for use in DAZ Studio, which is picky about file paths. A few handy utilities to make life easier:

Correct file paths should look like this for the obj files:


Correct file paths for textures:


Best advice: Always unpack ZIP and RAR files into a temporary directory, and then check out everything before installing the freebies into the runtime.

Sometimes an unzipped freebie file will unpack everything — obj/mtl files, texture files, props files, material poses etc — in a single folder named anything but ‘runtime.’ I sort these files into separate folders in Geometries, textures, and libraries, and then edit the cr2/hr2/pp2/pz2 files accordingly. I put obj files in a folder called “misc” in Geometries and image maps in a folder called “misc-freebies” in textures, but it’s okay to put obj files in the main Geometries directory and image maps in the main textures directory.

Older files often have incorrect or incomplete file paths, so I check the cr2, pp2, hr2, and pz2 files after I unzip the freebie and before installing it to the runtime. Notepad ++ can do a search-and-replace in all open documents, which speeds things along considerably when a couple dozen mat presets need correcting.

Because DAZ Studio allows its users to move any and all file types around the Poser runtime — for example, I can put a cr2 clothing file, its pp2 prop files, and its pz2 mat files all in one subfolder in the Character folder — the presence of pmd files can be a minor a problem. The pmd file won’t work if the original subfolder has been moved and/or renamed. I fix this by moving pmd files to either a “misc” subfolder in the Morphs folder (in “libraries”) or I move it to where its associated obj file is located. Then I edit the prop file to correct the file path(s).

Those huge bmp files for Poser 4? Convert them to gray-scale bump maps in PS/PSP/Gimp, save in jpg format, and then edit the files to replace .bmp with .jpg. Some freebie providers will provide both a bmp and a jpg bump map, in which case I just delete the bmp file(s).

Older freebies sometimes include rsr files with the obj files in Geometries. It’s okay to delete those.

Some freebie providers put templates in the Geometries folder and others put them in the textures folder along with the rest of the textures. I have UV-Viewer, so I rarely save templates — and these can be huge files. I’ve deleted some that were well over 50MB in size.

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