Postwork Resources

PS/PSP Plug-Ins and Filters

  • Filter Forge – Useful for making textures, but also for postwork image effects
  • Filter Forge Freebies – I use the the Photo Effects and Frames freepacks a lot, and they’re free-standing programs. You can use them without having either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Filter Forge discontinued these. Boo!
  • PhotoDonut – Formerly PostworkShop. Lots of great effects. The blog is also useful for tips and ideas.
  • FotoSketcher – Similar to PostworkShop, but with less effects. On the plus side, it’s free.
  • Xero Graphics – I use Improver, Illustrator, and Caravaggio a lot. The website is gone but you can still download the zip sets here.
  • Topaz Labs – Most of my “toony” effects are made using Topaz Clean. Download Topaz Studio for free!
  • Plugs ‘N Pixels – A good source of plug-ins, both commercial and free. They have a free newsletter and also frequently have discounts for various commercial products.
  • B/W Styler – One of the best black-and-white effects suites; I’ve been using it for years. The site also hosts a few freebies.
  • Flaming Pear – I use Flood a lot. Also a few freebies; Kyoto Color is worth installing.
  • Ultimate Collection of Useful Photoshop Plug-Ins – Big list…

My Favorite Stock Image/Vector Sites

  • istockphoto – It’s not as cheap as it used to be before Getty Images bought it out, but it’s still pretty reasonable
  • Free Images (was stock.xchng) – Good selection; usage rights less straightforward than most commercial sites.
  • Dreamstime – Another reasonably-priced collection of stock photos.
  • Morgue File – A nice selection of royalty-free stock photos.
  • CG Textures – Great for texturing your personal 3D projects, but most of them cannot be redistributed.
  • Unsplash – Creative Commons/Public Domain images.
  • Little Visuals – Creative Commons/Public Domain images.
  • Gratisography – Creative Commons/Public Domain images.
  • New Old Stock – Vintage Public Domain images.
  • Pixabay – Public Domain images.
  • Shorpy Historical Photo Archive – Vintage images, reasonable usage fees.
  • Vecteezy – Free vector images, many of them CC licensed.
  • Vector Me – A good selection of freeware and CC licensed images.
  • Free Vector Archive – Smallish collection, but nice.
  • Dezignus – Lots of vector art, much of it CC licensed.

* Tip for Paint Shop Pro users: The .ai file format isn’t readable in PSP, but changing the file extension to .pdf will often allow the file to be read in much the same was as an .eps file. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth trying. Also, you can convert .svg files to .png format using this online converter.

Textures, Image FX, and Elements

And, of course, DeviantART in general.

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