I luv you, Renderosity!

Okay, maybe not loving the slinky female outfit quite so much but the rest of it is looking good. I’ve been on a dieselpunk kick lately, along with the art doll morphs. 😀

I wonder who the vendors are? 1971s? Cofleck-gnorg?

I have AntFarm’s flying car apparatus, which attaches to other vehicles, and quite a few of Petipet’s retro vehicles, but the more the merrier!

Maybe I could do a dieselpunk theme. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like that on the blog.

I bought MEC4D’s Unshaven 2 for the G2M yesterday, mainly for the African textured beard — there is nothing like that in any other beard set — but the specular setting are frustrating me. Black beards shouldn’t look gray. Even toning down the materials setting didn’t help much, and I hesitate to mess with the light’s specular setting because then the skin looks flat. Argh.

This was the specular values toned down, which was an improvement but still…

Also bought the 200+ Face Morphs for G8F. I really wanted the RareStone’s morph set, but they weren’t on sale so I’ll have to wait. I already have the G8M version of those (but not the 200+ G8M; who needs consistency??) Ha! Went on sale today; now mine…

I took the newly downloaded Dawn clothing clones for a test drive on a new dial morph character I’ve been working on. Pleased with these; straight renders with no postwork. A few issues — I didn’t do much tweaking beyond adding mesh smoothing — but good results at first try.

Used G3F stuff (except the jeans.) Tra La La Hair, Hayley Outfit, and Riot Girl. The skin textures need help; I’m still working to get them to look the way I’d like.  FWIW, G2F poses work pretty well on Dawn. Some adjustments are needed and the hand poses don’t transfer, but considering the paucity of Dawn-specific content for DS, I’m willing to do a little extra work.

I’ve had time for rendering again, yay! Been doing more art doll inspired character projects, am working on a face morph recreating Akhenaten, did some renders with a new 3DL light set I bought a little while ago — Light Up the Dark — because lighting night scenes are a pain, and also played around a little with the Rim Light Rig. Marshian has some fun light sets for 3DL; I just need to better learn how to use them to their full potential. I also bought Popobawa for Genesis 1, along with the Sculptural Genesis Ultra Fun Kit which looks indeed like it could be fun.


Redid an old M4 project with the Light Up the Dark lights. Some G2F art doll morphs with various textures — including an Aiko 3 oldie! — and a teeny crown from a set of teeny crowns I completely forgot I had. Eyelash fail on the one V4 texture on G2F though, hmmmm. A few more variations on the recent Genesis 1 dolls — I love those Afro Pops! Rim Light Rig on a dead M4 astronaut, Popobawa with the G3F’s delightfully hooked-nose Ceridwen, and my first go at Akhenaten, using the G2M because even though the outfit is for G3M I have no appropriate G3M textures. :/  I ended up using Sol Elite for M4 because I wanted a face with some years on it and most of my G2M textures don’t have that, though maybe I should take another look at Leo 7. Last one’s the bookish MilCat I want to re-crop and make into a bookmark. 🙂


House on the Rock – Santa Invasion

Husband, me, and my parents went to the Christmas-themed House on the Rock this past weekend.

Probably makes the list of strangest places in the world, if anyone is keeping track. So strange that Neil Gaiman had to include it as some kind of dimensional portal in his book American Gods.

I had no idea they also do a Halloween-themed event there. Told the husband we are definitely going back for that. This bizarre, dark, and delightfully kitsch-y place is perfect for Halloween.

My mom was putting in tokens like crazy, making the animatronics move, the self-playing instruments play, etc.

I wish I could’ve taken better pictures but it’s pretty dark inside. There was a car covered in what looked like bathroom tiles (I’m sure far too heavy to drive) and an awesome steam-powered hearse right out of some steampunk novel. (I have no idea if it’s real; a lot of the stuff in the place is fake.)

The giant plaster (concrete?) whale is nightmare-ish, if in a kinda hilarious way. And all those wooden angels dangling from the roof in the giant carousel room. I just…gah!

Anyway, the Christmas theme involved a bazillion Santa/Mrs Santa figures littering nearly every square inch of the place, even festooned over suits of armor. There were also Christmas trees, including an upside down one in the Infinity Room (which I don’t go in too far as I have a fear of heights and there are no supports on that thing.)

Everyone had a good time, though all the walking was a bit hard on my dad, whose knees don’t work like they used. Lots of stairs and ramps.

Dawn/Dusk SE Clones

I completely missed these DAZ Studio utilities when they were first posted at ShareCG:




Much more useful than the ones I posted some time back, as these not only work better for V4 and M4 but also include clones for other Genesis line figures.

Posting in case anyone else missed them — and also because DS-related Dawn and Dusk stuff doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Hope American visitors to the blog had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday (I ate entirely too much!)

Despite the “ate-entirely-too-much” thing, I’m starting my holiday baking tasks tonight, which just means starting to make dough and freezing it for baking closer to the holiday. Last year I did everything all at once in a single day and — while sort of fun in a grueling marathon baking kind of way — it’s not something I intend to do again.

Fall Stock photo freebie

Design Cuts has a pretty — and rather large — set of fall stock photos. You have to register at the site to get the freebie, but it’s worth it because they frequently offer resources DS/Poser users might find useful.

You can find the set here.

Halloween season is heeeeere!

Always my favorite holiday. Maybe because it arrives during my favorite season, fall.

Spent a little money during the recent DAZ PA sale, though not a lot. My favorite “score” was the Mei Lin 6 Geisha Bundle (wondering what a girl with a Chinese name is doing with a Japanese geisha outfit.) The prop set alone was worth the price for me; the fans and head gear are gorgeous. The kimono is nice too and comes with a number of useful pose presets for G2F and the kimono. Finally started work on a render idea I’ve been wanting to try for a while:

And…still no joy re: creative inspiration. In a funk in that regard. Happens sometimes. When I’m feeling stressed, I’m tired all the time and have trouble concentrating on things. So I’ve just been doing simple stuff for myself, although even my usual stress-buster — gardening — was kind of a wash this year because the weather was so weird. Really cold and rainy for a long time, and even when the rain stopped it wasn’t a very warm summer. Tomatoes were the only garden crop that did well. We have an insane amount of tomatoes, both Roma and cherry tomatoes. We’ve been eating a lot of homemade pasta sauce!

I do have one little Halloween-ish freebie, related to my recent binge of art doll-inspired dial morphs. This one is for Genesis, though I’ve been hopping all around various figures, new and old (except Genesis 8; don’t have much for that figure yet.)

Very niche-interest, I know, but I have fun doing these.

Download here (DS only)

A few previews inside. You’ll need the Genesis Head Morphs, Genesis Body Morphs, Genesis Head Morphs Resource Kit 02, and DieTrying’s free V4 Morphs for Genesis.

She’s tiny with a big fat head, ha! So parent hair props to her head and manually adjust to aforementioned big fat head. Fitting/Autofitting will just mess up the hair props, unless maybe they’re very short hair props. I didn’t try any of those.

After applying the shaping preset, add the smoothing modifier to the Genesis figure. It helps smooth out some of the more extreme areas of the morph.

In case any folks missed the other free dial morphs I posted at Renderosity recently (I got $5.00 in credit!), here’s a lineup:

Available at my Renderosity Freestuff. Nunzia isn’t an art doll inspiration, just a morph based off actress Sofia Boutella.

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