Dia de Muertos and Snowy Scenescapes

Several recent acquisitions, including Easy Environments: Winter II; Wolf 2.0 by AM, and SY dForce Capes for Genesis 8. As I don’t yet have the LAMH 2 Iray Catalyzer thing, the wolves only get furry in 3DL.

A number of Flipmode’s environments include both 3DL and Iray materials, and this one has a Poser version too. A vendor worth supporting, for all that extra work!

I do wish it had included a more gray storm sky dome for when it’s snowing, and also an option for animal snow prints. Polar bears, wolves, and snow leopards run around snowy environments too.

The LAMH free player works more smoothly for me now but not as quickly loading as the AM LAMH animals. I did notice a minor issue with the LAMH props on the wolf — after adjusting the paw poses, the paw parts of the fur add-on didn’t follow. When I adjusted the paw bend, then reversed it, the fur-add on snapped back into position.

The dForce capes are easy to work with and I like that it has both G8F and G8M versions. I didn’t do anything beyond loading up default G8F. I didn’t even put a texture on her, just converted her to a gray clay materials preset.

I didn’t think to see how the test scene would look with the AoA Atmosphere Camera — which is no longer in the store — but I’ll give it a try next time I use the environment. The fog layers should dull out the bright blue sky.

I used a snow overlay in postwork rather than the snow plane that comes with the environment prop. Not sure why. I’m sure my reasoning made sense at the time. 🙂

Older acquisitions newly rendered:

I frequently use Velvet Hair for V4, KPop Oufit for V4/Genesis (too bad it’s no longer available), Mall Girl for Genesis, and Ballerina Assembly Kit for Vr/Genesis.

I bought Catula and Silly Cat Things for the HW House Cat a while ago but hadn’t gotten around to using Catula before. It’s a whimsical little morph; I like it.

The Sugar Skull prop was in one of the Halloween Shabby Chic backgrounds I made but in a “blink and you’d miss it” way. Scaled this one up so big-headed dolly could strike a pose on it.

The character texture is maddelerium’s Audrey for V4, which I have used before, but not any of the Sugar Skull face options. (She’s one of the few character vendors I still buy from at Renderosity.)

First time use of the Sugar Roses for G2F.

The Studio Drapes-Base Pack is a newish acquisition. I’ve since picked up the dForce Studio Drapery set, but haven’t used it yet.

I guess I have a thing for dramatic drapery backdrops because I’ve collected a few of them over the last year or so: Flying Fabric – Artistic Flowing Cloth Pieces, JP Doris Curtain – Poses and Pros for Victoria 8, and Jepe’s Cinematic Poses and Props for Michael 8. I have some of the Jepe Shiny SheetZ products too; they have similarly dramatic flowing fabric but are wearables instead of accent props.

Now that I’ve canned/frozen/cooked most of this year’s garden fruits and vegetables, I can start thinking about Halloween stuff. I didn’t do much last year, but maybe I’ll get hit by the inspiration fairy this time around.

Tis the season (almost) for gothy renders

I’m trying (again) to render stuff I bought and keep learning how to (properly) use it all. Iray lighting is harder for me, except for portraits. For other scenes, especially interiors or my favorite type of lighting — dramatic or stylized or cinematic or whatever one would call it — 3DL is easier when it comes to controlling results. I’m sure the same results are possible in iray, I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

Anyway, newly acquired Gumdrops Dark Library and Cookie in her newly acquired Cookie Goth Gown. For DS users, the Dark Library doesn’t work very well, but Divamakeup created a scene subset. You can download it at Renderosity’s Freestuff.

I converted my version to 3DL.

Finally got around to using the old RDNA Thursday’s Child texture on Cookie. I have to work a bit more on the material settings for the gown though. My version doesn’t look anything like what’s shown in the product promos.

During that last Plat Club sale, the one with a bunch of products for sale at $0.99 or $2.99, there were quite a few music props and so I ended up with a piano, a cello, a flute, and — obviously — a violin.

Judging by my wanderings around Pinterest, violins, ruins, crows, and girls in dark goth gowns is a thing. So I did a goth violinist.

I initially wanted to do this one in iray but couldn’t get the right balance of lighting. I tried a few HDR presets, added supplemental spots and rim lights, but I couldn’t get a render I liked. I also tried this pose with a dForce gown but the results were less than lovely, so I gave up and redid everything in 3DL and conforming. I ended up using a combination of lights, including Light Up the Dark and the Rim Light Rig.

Clearly, I need to keep practicing to get dForce clothing and iray lights to work in scenes that aren’t static, portrait-style ones.

Anyway, Genevieve 7, Delphi Hair for G3F/G8F, Party Gown for G3F, The Steps to Erewhon, and The Flock Gulls and Crows. Postworked.

Took the big ornate throne freebie for a test drive, with one of my Genesis big-headed dollies and clothes from the Odd Bundle for Genesis and Genesis Dress Shoes.

Again, I was going to try this one in iray — the backdrop is from the BOSS iray light set — but I couldn’t get Miho Hair to look decent. No matter what I did, the black hair didn’t look properly black, was too shiny, or not shiny enough. I have three iray hair shader products; I thought at least one of them would’ve given me decent results without an excess of fiddling, but guess not.

So I gave up and switched to 3DL. But it’s a challenge; one I accept and will eventually conquer. I hope.

Off to see what else I can attempt and then fail, lol!

Alert toon aficionados!

Last day for the Runtime DNA $1.00 (for PC members, $2.99 for non-members) sale at DAZ — lots of great deals on older toon stuff like Cookie/Chip, Gumdrops, and original flavor Star.

I cleared some six or seven products out of my wishlist (yet it never falls below 8 pages, sigh) and bought a few others just because. It’s been a while since I used Star — and didn’t remember acquiring all those iray materials for her. So anyway, all that buying inspired me to take her out and play with her again.

She’s wearing the old Aero Doll outfit for Aiko 3 — I wish Mada would remake this for G8F; I’d buy it again. Oh, and I applied Fabiana’s Glitter Plan glitter shaders to just about everything. First time I’d used it since I bought it quite a while ago.

Also, before the Great Zap happened, I’d meant to post a heads-up for toon users that elleque’s Pranx 2 had moved to a new home at ShareCG. I’d never purchased anything from ShareCG before but the figure was 50% off at the time and I decided to go for it.

It’s a lovely little figure, with both Poser and DAZ Studio versions, and includes clothes, hair, and poses. Elleque provides a range of great freebies for the figure at his site (you have to join; instructions on the page) and Treasure Chest has lots of freebies for Pranx 2 as well.

Edited to add this little cutie:



And some 3DL testing

Oh happy day! The 3DL renders are faster too! It took a little over six minutes to finish; probably the fiber mesh hair slowed things down a bit.

Nix 8 and Babina 8, wearing G3 textures.

This one was more of a challenge to light. Needed enough brightness to separate him from the black room backdrop but not so much that I’d blow out her pale skin. Might’ve made Commander Hair a little too shiny, but I had a hard time getting the hair to not disappear.

Black, white, and red…a favorite color palette. 🙂

I think I tried out six or seven evening gowns, looking for one what would at least look okay from the back. And I needed a gown with a plunging back line, which further limited my choices. I would’ve liked to have had more of her back exposed but this was the only gown I had that even came close to what I wanted.

Most gowns for G8F are dForce and would explode with the pose I was using. I had a number of pretty gowns for G3F, but floor-length dresses don’t autofit well if the legs are posed even a little. I ended up using a G3F dress that wasn’t dForce but it was one of those that’s modeled with the bottom hem spread out on the floor plane — it broke really bad from the knees on down, so I just cropped that mess out.

In retrospect, I probably should’ve used a G3F character instead of Babina. Sigh…