Glitter for water globes


The free Replicator script by Tofusan at ShareCG does a pretty good job of making glitter. I had this downloaded for a long time but it was the first time I used it.

It’s pretty easy — if I can use it, anybody can, ha!

Created a primitive plane, scaled it down to 2%, parented it to a primitive sphere, made the sphere invisible, then ran the script on the plane with the default values except I increased the number of copies to 150.

Then I saved it as a scene subset.

Loaded the subset twice with a prop, scaled and translated the invisible spheres to fit, rotated the second one, and then changed the instances to an orange color. Quickie test render (pls ignore the crappy glass materials):

Glitter, and no transmaps, yay!!!

I’ll make a rectangle one too, and maybe a square one as well. That should cover all my water globe glitter needs. 🙂

Oh, and Crystal Ball by Luxxeon.

Halloween 2019


Yeah, it’s Halloween season and I didn’t do anything this year but kit-bash Halloween snow globes because it seemed like a different, interesting way to use Halloween props.

I wish I could figure out a way to make my own “snow” so I could make something that looked more like glitter. I have the old Send in the Clones script and I’m wondering if I could do something with it using tiny primitive cubes. It’s been ages since I used the script; it has a random option but I’m not sure if there’s a way to contain that result in a way that would work in a glass dome.

I have the “snow” from this old set, but that’s a lot of transmaps, especially when I double it up so I can use two colors. One render had passed the 2-hour mark before I killed it in frustration. Maybe I could try scaled down leaf scatter props and maybe that old Bat Scatter prop I got for free from RDNA some years back. Hmm…

Anyway, Fantasies Attic has their annual Halloween Gift page up and running. And elleque uploaded a cute Halloween ice cream prop. Downloads for DS and Poser.

Oh, and this past weekend I finally got to “meet” Sue, the T. Rex at the Chicago Field Museum:

Sue is beautiful! But I’m okay with that giant murderbird being long extinct and not running around the U.S. like the rex in that last Jurassic Park movie.

The museum also has a life-size model of a Quetzalcoatlus, which is huge and delightfully frightful.  It looked to be a big hit with the selfie and camera crowd — when posing, folks tuck quite nicely between its folded wings. It’s like a horror hug!


Dawn SE: a few more dial faces


Still haven’t felt motivated to do much, but there was some dial spinning today as I worked on a mature woman and then a tween/young teen.

I rendered with iray for this one; you can tell because it’s grainy. I’m still experimenting with a few iray light sets I bought but with these renders taking nearly two hours to complete, the experimenting is…slow-going. No freebie morphs with this one, just the sets from the Hivewire store.

And an “artsy” kid. Used some of my free Dawn morphs for her.

Now I’m wondering if I can get something similar out of Dusk and his morphs.

Gadgetry freebies, Retro-friendly


Just signal boosting for a nice set of freebies by Ghastly that are great for retro science fiction stuff, toony or a bit more steampunk/dieselpunk.

Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity) Ghastly’s Gizmo-trons (ShareCG / Renderosity), and UV Guides for Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity)

Parts come assembled but stand-alone versions are also included for assembling your own retro tech stuff. None have materials but they are UV-mapped. Perfect for all those materials and shader sets acquired over the years.

DAZ Studio only, but Studio is free to install and it’s not difficult — just tedious — to export the duf files as obj files.

Random Gizmo-tron example:

Gizmo-tron with plain diffuse coloring; toon-ish

Same but with bump maps textures

Gizmo-tron with maps and shaders, more steampunk or dieselpunk

Same, but postworked with random text gibberish (too late last night to make texture maps)

Also made 3DL materials for the Crone for Etta HD for Edie 8…quite the long descriptor there! 😛 The eye materials make use of some odd UV mapping that doesn’t work in 3DL (as far as I can tell) and I ended up swapping the eye materials with Edie 8’s. The iray eyes render okay in 3DL but attempting to convert them to 3DL makes a bit of a mess. I also had problems with I tried applying different iray eye presets; things got weird-looking.

If anyone wants 3DL versions of the base skins, let me know and I can zip them up.

(top middle and bottom right are Edie 8 eyes)