Buried Treasures

A separate page for a few freebies that are downloadable, but their original posts were either lost when the forum was archived or are so deeply buried in an archived forum that they’re really hard to find. These are all for older figures. Some so old that they’re no longer in stores, like Michael 2 and Victoria 2.

diamond-unicornUnicorn Expansion for Diamond (Requires Diamond)

sir-rufus-expansionSir Guy Expansion (Requires Sir Guy)

!figure-v2 roxanneRoxanne for V1/V2 (Requires Victoria 1 or Victoria 2)

!figure-m2 borisBoris for M2 (Requires Michael 2)

Toon-Generations-Bunny-GirlBunny Girl for Toon Generations

Front Tails for Sadie (ignore the bun hair prop part; free textures here)

Boy Cut Hair for Sam (NOT winter hat hair…)

There are also a few hair props for Nana and Chip; see here for the download links. Edited to add example renders of Riley Hair for Chip and Winter Hat Hair for Nana:

prev_chip-riley-hair prev_nana-winter-hat-hair

Found a buried treasure? Please let me know!

4 thoughts on “Buried Treasures

    • Older figures deserve some love too! Diamond’s the only toon horse I have at the moment (though I want the one from Hivewire) and the Sir Guy expansion is just cute.

      All of these, except the lollipop, were commercial products at one time. I admit to wishing Capsces Digital Ink would release the Little ‘Uns morph set for the Mil2 kids into the wild, as she did with Boris and Roxanne.

      I bought my copy of Little ‘Uns from the old Faerie Dreams store shortly before it closed down, and it’s a really useful utility to have for the Mil2 kids and preteens, especially since DAZ has vaulted the preteen’s morph packs.

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