Another PSA: PoserAddicts Closing

For those who might not have received the email announcement:

It is with sad hearts that we must close PoserAddicts down due to Server changes, and the store will be taken down permanently as of June 15, 2020.

We have therefore reduced all prices of all products on all of PoserAddicts to 60% off, until the store closes down.

Products made for Victoria 4, Michael 4, Aiko 4, Hiro 4 etc can all be converted now with tools found at Daz3D if you use Daz Studio, and items at PoserAddicts will no longer be available after the store closes, anywhere else.

FemaSu2011 our flagship alien figure works beautifully with the new Poser 11 and Superfly, and we will attempt to take her to a new store which will open up in the Fall of 2020.

We hope everyone who has been a loyal customer of PoserAddicts will remain safe and healthy through the Covid-19 Pandemic and we wish you all the best in the future with your 3D Art endeavours.

The store will shut down on June 15th, at the discretion of our Provider based in California.

Thanks to all our
assistants and vendors since our opening in 1998.

Farewell everyone!

Antonio, Paul, Allen, Roni and Marc.
PoserAddicts LLC

So if there are things there you want, now is the time to get them.

A late PSA: New breeds for the HW Big Dog

Over at the Philosopher’s Egg. I got the newsletter last week(ish) and wanted to post the info in case some folks might have missed the announcement.

I’d just dropped some $$ at DAZ so I only picked up the Chug this time:

A quickie test render, though I wish I’d rotated this good boy around a bit more to show off its curly tail. Iray render, as I recently picked up new iray light sets and have been testing them.

I also splurged on the new Howie Farkes UltraScenery and its Harpwood Trail add-on. This is a really nice utility, and according to the vendor’s commercial topic over at the DAZ forums, more add-ons are coming. I won’t be re-installing Carrara, since the only reason I’d bought it was for Howie’s nature scenes. This also led to culling a few Flink products over at Renderosity (about half my wishlist there, OMG!)

Still have to re-install Hexagon though.

There are way more light sets for iray than there were for 3DL; it’s a bit overwhelming. I looked through a whole bunch and ended up getting iRadiance Pro Series 16k HDRIs – Rain City Chicago, iRadiance – Light Probe HDR Lighting for Iray – Expansion 4, Click N Render IBL Set, Perfect Portrait Lights, and Theory of Light – The Heavens. This seemed a good starting point to find what I like and then learn more about iray lighting from there.

I bought a few sets way back when iray first came out, but mostly used a couple light probes from a PA holiday freebie.

Tested these (mostly) new purchases on Nix 8 with Short Wet Hair and the wet geoshell that came with the hair.

Out of the box results; I’ve not been brave enough to do much experimenting with settings.

For me, iray renders take much more time than 3DL ones. Testing/experimenting eats up a lot of hours that I’d much rather spend rendering, but learning stuff is kinda necessary too. I just wish I were quicker at it.

This week I’m also going to play around with the extra layering features that are available for 3DL’s Ubersurface 2. This could be fun for making materials, and I do love making materials…