Gadgetry freebies, Retro-friendly


Just signal boosting for a nice set of freebies by Ghastly that are great for retro science fiction stuff, toony or a bit more steampunk/dieselpunk.

Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity) Ghastly’s Gizmo-trons (ShareCG / Renderosity), and UV Guides for Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity)

Parts come assembled but stand-alone versions are also included for assembling your own retro tech stuff. None have materials but they are UV-mapped. Perfect for all those materials and shader sets acquired over the years.

DAZ Studio only, but Studio is free to install and it’s not difficult — just tedious — to export the duf files as obj files.

Random Gizmo-tron example:

Gizmo-tron with plain diffuse coloring; toon-ish

Same but with bump maps textures

Gizmo-tron with maps and shaders, more steampunk or dieselpunk

Same, but postworked with random text gibberish (too late last night to make texture maps)

Also made 3DL materials for the Crone for Etta HD for Edie 8…quite the long descriptor there! 😛 The eye materials make use of some odd UV mapping that doesn’t work in 3DL (as far as I can tell) and I ended up swapping the eye materials with Edie 8’s. The iray eyes render okay in 3DL but attempting to convert them to 3DL makes a bit of a mess. I also had problems with I tried applying different iray eye presets; things got weird-looking.

If anyone wants 3DL versions of the base skins, let me know and I can zip them up.

(top middle and bottom right are Edie 8 eyes)


Halloween Link Potpourri


Halloween 2016 – “Brooms are so last year….”

Going to sticky this post in anticipation of more 2016 Halloween goodies, here as well as elsewhere. While the bountiful Halloween freebie fests of past years are mostly a fond memory for us old-timers, there are still places to peruse:

👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃

Honored blog visitors! Did you find any Halloween treasures from last year — or even earlier — that you’d like to share? DS/Poser, textures, backgrounds, PS filters, fonts, etc. Let me know in the comments and I’ll add links to this post.

I downloaded these:

props-toon-pumpkin scene_evil-tree-scene figures-halloween-junky-jack

Tweety’s Pumpkin Toon (about halfway down the page; click on the little pumpkin image), Luxxeon’s Evil Tree Full Scene, and elleque’s Junky Jack.

There may have been more, but this is what I remember at the moment.

👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃

  • Sep 27: Will suggests RenderCandy’s free Halloween-ish textures for V4/A4: Ghoul and Kiko. Kiko comes with several zombie poses and a freaky expression. A couple quick renders:

ghoulv4 kikov4

I quite like Ghoul. 😛 She comes with a second makeup option and Kiko also comes with a normal skin tone as well as quite a few makeup and eye color options.

New Halloween freebie at Renderosity: Hell-O-Ween Candy, which includes candy corn and gummy worms!


The Jack-O-Lantern shown is also in the freebies section. FYI, the file paths for the textures were incorrect (an extra file folder was added) and will need to be corrected.

Scaled up the candy corn for Yweeb to do some interpretive dance thing:


With this prop, perhaps I can kit-bash my own version of a zombie candy corn

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More updates inside:

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Sanzi’s Momilita


I forgot to mention this before, but Sanzi has a new toony doll freebie: Momilita. Includes the figure, outfit, poses, and hair. The figure has a “cat” morph that is dialed in for the ears, whiskers, and tail. I took her for a test in DS4:


Applying the smoothing modifier slightly distorts the hair around the ears, so I didn’t do it for the cat morph. The style poses for the hair’s front bangs don’t work in DS, but the bang parts are all separate object files so all you need to do is manually hide/unhide them etc. to get the different looks. The twin tail style morphs work fine. (The hair also has a fit for Sanzi’s free toon cat, Momimomi.) The cat tail isn’t poseable, as far as I can tell, but it comes pre-posed.

She comes with a number of expression morphs too.

Cute free outfit for classic Sadie


Over at Renderosity: Tempest for Sadie


jumper and headless Hester not shown 🙂

According to the description, it was a PA product at the DAZ store and is now free! (I wish more PA’s did this with old products.) It includes an outfit, character texture and morph, and a headless doll prop.

It’s a cute outfit, but it’ll need a little work after downloading. The file paths are wrong, a problem which is easy enough to fix. There are no textures included, but plenty of material zones for all the objects except the headless Hester doll. She’s only a single material zone and so that one will need texturing work beyond quick-n-easy seamless tile material presets.

Here’s the template for Hester:


body, legs, arms, neck and skirt

The rest inside…

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