Theme: Steampunk Fairy Tales


A mash-up theme inspired by…I have no idea. It just popped into being. I think I’ll have some freebies for this one too. First, though, a listing of commercial and free items that I own and have installed. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but I hope it’ll spark a few ideas. (See Steampunk Kit-Bashing Central for more resources.)

SPFT_Beauty+Beast SPFT_Prince_Charming SPFT_The_Huntsman SPFT_Beauty+Beast_Detail

I included a number of commercial products that are no longer available for sale. Mostly to jog the memory in case these have gotten as lost in your runtime as they have in mine (and sometimes vendors may be willing to sell a discontinued item if asked; it doesn’t hurt to politely inquire.)

Modes of Transportation

vehicles_pc-steam-house vehicles_pc-steam-aircraft-dragon vehicles_pc-spirit-of-punk vehicles_rmp-steam-coach vehicles_arc-steam-dodo

Steam House || Steam Aircraft Dragon || Spirit of Punk || Steamcoach (not available) || Steam Dodo (not available)

Notes: Maybe these props are what inspired the theme!

Knights in Shining Armor, Gallant Steeds, and Menacing Dragons

m4cl_aremar-steam-armor animals_osk-hell horse textures_solaris-soul-nexus-bonus animals_pc-steam-dragon

Steam Powered Armor (no longer available) || HellHorse || Bonus texture from Soul Nexus Armor || Steam Dragon.

Notes: The HellHorse is a bit of a PIA to use in DS because its materials are Poser-only, but I’ve managed to get some decent results.

Thematically-Related Textures

m3cr_samil-anu-blue-rust mil3cr_maskedit_xtreme-skins-1 v3c4_samil-fime v3cr_samil-naiya-october-rust v3cr_sydd-gloria-industrial-age m3cr_sydd-industrial-age m4cr_raw-tin-man v4cr_samil-ina v4cr_rdna-mechanica-5-bundle v4cr_mrl-adena

Anu Blue Rust (not available) || XTreemeSkin 1 (not available) || Fime (not available) || Naiya October Rust (not available) || Gloria Industrial Revolution || Industrial Man, Tin Man || Rusty Dreams || Mechanica No. 5 || Adena

Notes: I didn’t want ordinary looking princesses, princes, or evil witches and queens, so I went digging around for some of my weirder character textures.

Extra Details

eyeware_cybten-steampunk-implants peoplebits_ant-sp-airman headware_jonnte-sp-mask eyeware_jonnte-steampunk-goggles headware_jonnte-steampunk-tophat headware_smay-steam-pilot props_faveral-nautical headware_arcebus-torpedo-hat headware_traveler-breathless peoplebits_samil-eyez-v4

Steampunk Implants || SP AirMan || Steampunk Protective Mask || Steampunk Goggles || Steampunk Top Hat || Steam Pilot || Dive helmet from Nautical Bric-a-Brac || Torpedo (no longer available) || Technophilia – Breathless || V4 Eyez

Notes: I have lots of other goggles and steampunk-ish headware that came with various outfits, but didn’t include them here.

Scene-Setting Props

scene_cyberten-steampunk-castle scene_1971s-Hydrogen-Station scene_daveo-steampunk-wall scene_1971s-rock-house scene_af-never-home scene_pc-steam-works scene_lukea-clock-tower tech_trav-electro-apparati scene_dm-inertia backdrop_AF-base-camp-vol-1

Steampunk Castle || Hydrogen Station || Steampunk Wall || Rock House || Never Home || Steamworks || Steampunk Clock Tower || Electro Apparati || DM Inertia || and the cog base from Base Camp Vol 01

Notes: Castles, towers, throne rooms, hovels where witches plot the destruction of princesses, and general scene-setting props. I have more scenes similar to these — including the entirety of AntFarm’s Never series — but these are a pretty decent representative selection from my runtime.

Mechanical Soldiers, Dwarfs, Huntsmen, & Fairy Godmothers

figures_af-work-bot figures_pc-steam-mech figures_1971s-miss-pannikin figures_jonnte-steampunk-guardian

WorkBot || Steam Mech || Miss Pannikin || Steampunk Guardian

Notes: I didn’t have a lot of “Mechanicals,” but I’m sure there are others that would work equally well.

Stuff I don’t have, but wouldn’t mind acquiring if I suddenly won the lottery

DM Clockwork, DM Eclectica, Steam Outpost, Steampunk Cryo Chamber (for Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, of course), Steampunk Office Equipment, Steampunk Shop Clutter, Steampunk Explosives, War Unicorns, Steam Pirate (Captain Hook!), a huge Steam Sword for the equally huge Steam Powered Armor, Steam Betty (she’s fantastic; why don’t I own her?!), ClariceRagnorok Mask, Mechanical Doll Wings, Druid Wings, Tube Long Skirt, and Caged for Imprisonment (which I own.)

Free Stuff??

While I don’t have lots, there’s enough for a mini-theme. This time the freebies are listed inside…

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Christmas in July: Some DIY Stuff

Re: props and accessories, there were a few ideas I focused on and others that didn’t lend themselves as readily to the freebie making process. So here’s a DIY post. But first, the Tiki Christmas Tree I made for Eepo’s t-shirt. Free to use for other t-shirts (or whatever.)


The tropical Christmas trees and sand snowmen are a few of those ideas I played around with but I think it’s easier to DIY with whatever’s on hand. Here are a few of my inspirations, culled from Google searches:

2_Image3 2_thumb_tropical 9_OW33109

For the snowman made of sand, I ended up going with the snowball prop I used for the Snow Days K4 and Snow Days Sadie & Sam pose sets. Accessories to use with sand snowfolk include leis, sunglasses, straw  hats, palm fronds for arms, and shells and pebbles for eyes and noses. Here’s a selection of other freebies and non-freebies for sand snowfolk and a potted palm Christmas tree:

holidays-xmas cleatus holidays-xmas snow baby daz_seasons-greetings headware-birds nest hat eyeware-vila sunglasses + hat v4cl_wab-hula dancer hivewire_hawaiian-dusk hivewire_hula-v4 xthumb_hulagirl_sadie  nature_pc-tropicals nature_lb-hibiscus nature_lb-tropicals ii nature_rdna-tropical plants pack 1 lgp_pc-potted palms animals_dna-sea critters 1 animals-beach creatures animals-conch nature_exenem-shells k4cl_mada-merbabies 3 naoko-hair-props-plus-2 dp_day1_ornaments_az4_thumb

Cleatus Snow || SnowBaby || Seasons Greetings || Bird’s Nest Hat || Vila’s Sun Hat || Hula Dancer V4 || Ken’s Hawaiian/Hula set for Genesis, M4/V4, and Dawn/Dusk || Lei from Hula Girl for Sadie || Lisa’s Botanicals – Tropicals || Lisa’s Botanicals – Hibiscus || Lisa’s Botanicals – Tropicals II || Tropical Plants Mega-Pack || Lisa’s Botanicals – Potted Palm || Sea Critters – Starfish || Lo-Mesh Beach Creatures || Conch Shell || Seashells || Props from K4 MerBabies || Naoko Hair Props || Ornament hooks from Gothic Tree Ornaments

I’ve listed a few toon snowmen here and here. As for ground props, I listed some here. I used the Simple Sand Prop most often because it gives the impression of foot traffic. The Morphing Snow Pile also works great as a sand dune. The 70s Hat2 and Tuco Hat, featured in Ye Olde Tropical Hat Shoppe, are a couple good choices for sandfolk hats as well. Some free sunglasses props are listed here; there are plenty other non-freebies that come with various outfits for figures as well as entire sets of sunglasses. DAZ has a cute, multi-figure set.

Inside, other inspirations for tropical holidays scene-setting

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Christmas in July

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa’s little tropical hideaway

Because some parts of the world don’t have snow during their holiday season. This theme kicks off in July, but one gift grab bag is a little early.

Edited to add: Last year’s Summer Solstice freebie lists have a lot of beach-related props and clothing that would be useful for this theme.

Credits: Aged for V4/M4, Stylin M4, All Time Hair, Mitch Hair, top from Shirt Set for V4, Kirwin’s Shorts V4 (no longer available), FB Add-On hat and sandals, Rustic Shack, Palm Trees, Tropicals, Hanging Plants, Lawn Ornaments, DNA Multi Wreath, Santa Hat, Holiday Lights, Holiday Bulbs, Flagstone Paths, Grass One, Picket Fence Kit, Mil Cat, Letters & Numbers, Rocking Chair, and curtains from an old DAZ Christmas PA Freebie, Holiday Room, which is no longer available. Background image from Pixabay.

Doll Additions and Bridal Stuff

I missed a few things (my runtime is too big!)

dolls_clothes-milbaby3 buttercup H2014-cookie-ragdoll dolls_clothes-cookie sugar plum dolls_shoes-geta dolls_props-baby crib dolls_props-crib dolls_props-princess bed dolls_props-high hair props dolls_props-pippin feeding time dolls_props-pippin tableware dolls_props-rocking chair dolls_props-baby buggy dolls_props-dollhouse dolls_props-pacifier dolls_props-books and shelf

Buttercup Outfit Mil3 Baby || Cookie Rag Doll || Cookie Sugar Plum || Geta || Baby Crib || Crib for Baby or Kids || Princess Bed || High Chair & Props for Toon Baby || Pippin Feeding Time || Pippin Tableware ||  Rocking Chair || Baby Buggy || Dollhouse || Pacifier || Old Books & Shelf

Notes: The Buttercup dress works okay on Scary Cherry, with some scaling and translation adjustments. Kid props can be used for dolls too, and Pippin Basket comes with a bunch of extras that would work well for other baby doll figures. The Rocking Chair comes with several cute polka-dot textures. The baby buggy’s cover can be removed. The doll house has no textures, but that can be fixed. The Old Books Set comes with a shelf prop for displaying a doll collection.

Bridal Freebies

dolls_clothes-chip tuxedo dolls_clothes-cookie princess dress dolls_clothes-i2 stylish jacket dolls_Clothes-Toon Baby Bride dolls_Clothes-Toon Baby Tux dolls_Clothes-V4 Wedding Dress dolls_v4cl-Cho's Crinolines 1 dolls_v4cl-chos crinolines 2 dolls_v4cl-fantasy romance2 dolls_v4cl-regal times dress dolls_v4cl-gothic outfit dolls_h3cl_still life2 dolls_headware-desert rose veil v4 dolls_headware-v4 bridal veil dolls_Textures-Crinolines2 dolls_Textures-Rose Bride dolls_textures-mfd textures 01 dolls_textures-mfd textures 02 dolls_textures-mfd textures 03 dolls_food-toon cake

Tuxedo for Chip || Cookie Princess Dress || Stylish Jacket for Ichiro 2 || Toon Baby Bride || Toon Baby Tuxedo || V4 Wedding Dress || Crinolines 1 (also here) || Crinolines 2 (also here) || Romance Fantasy Dress (different from the one at ShareCG) || Regal Times V4 || Gothic Outfit V4 || Still Morning H3 || Desert Rose Veil V4 || Wedding Veil V4 || Lace Ruffles for Crinolines 2 || Wedding Texture for Fantasy Romance || MFD Wedding Dress #01 || MFD Wedding Dress #02 || MFD Wedding Dress #03 || Delicious Cake

Notes: Chohole’s wedding texture for the Fantasy Romance dress does not work on the dress from ShareCG; you need to download the one linked here via Chohole’s page. The uv mapping for the Gothic Outfit presents some challenges, although it would look nice with satin shaders (I have some for DS here.) The Delicious Cake  could be tiered by stacking multiples of the same prop, progressively scaled down. Turn the Desert Rose Veil into a wedding veil by hiding the coins and adding flowers or a tiara (as shown here; though I need a better netting material.)

Commercial Products, Owned

m3cl_BAT-formal pack m4cl_pc-tuxedo d3cl_pc-edwardian suit Clothes_V4 Victorian Innocence v4cl_esha-rococo countess v4cl_esha-Rose Dress v4cl_fabi-noctia v4cl_niki-ball gown v4cl_niki-lilydale gown v4cl_pc-happily ever after v4cl_pc-mfd 2d_MyInmortalBeloved

BAT’s Formal Pack M3/V3 || M4 Tuxedo || Edwardian Evening Suit D3 || Victorian Innocence V4 || Rococo Countess V4 || Rose Dress V4 || Noctia V4 || Ballgown V4 || Lilydale Gown V4 || Happily Ever After V4 || Morphing Fantasy Dress A3 / V3 / V4 / G1 / G2F (also the train/veil from the MFD Expansion Pack 2 for V3 / V4 / G1 / G2F) || My Immortal Beloved

Notes: Transform the dresses into bridal gowns with some re-texturing and/or kit-bashing (the MFD has a few bridal textures, most of them freebies.) I haven’t seen much in the way of bridal-appropriate texture resources. There’s a nice white satin tile and some laces in Sew and Sew L’Amore. FrozenStar’s Delicate looks like it has a few bridal-like textures, but I don’t own it so I can’t say for sure. My Immortal Beloved is a set of backgrounds and hand-painted gowns, each with a clean/bloody option. I bought my copy at Renderosity, but it’s not for sale there any more.

Commercial Products, Not Owned

Clothes_Chip Tuxedo Clothes_Cookie Wedding Dress Clothes_G1 Morphing Tux Clothes_G2F Trousseau Clothes_Koshini Clothing Pack 5 Clothes_V4 Bride 2012 Clothes_V4 Just Married Clothes_V4 October Bride Clothes_V4 Wedding Dress Headware_Wedding Crown Props_Wedding Bouquet Props_Wedding Cake 2 Props_Wedding Cake 1 Textures_Bridal Design Kit Textures_Bridal Design Kit 2 Textures_Bridal Design Kit 3

Chip Tuxedo || Cookie Wedding Dress || Genesis 1 Morphing Tuxedo || Trousseau for Gen2 Female (V4 version) || Betrothed for Koshini || Bride 2012 V4 || Just Married V4 || October’s Bride V4 || Wedding Dress V4 || Wedding Crown || Wedding Bouquet || Wedding Cake 1 || Wedding Cake 2 || Bridal Kit #01 for MFD || Bridal Design Kit 02 for V3 Flamenco & Accessories || Bridal Design Kit 03 for Flamenco Skirt Pack V3 & Add-Ons

Notes: Clearly I wasn’t interested in buying actual bridal outfits and props. 😛 Textures for the MFD and its extensions work on all MFD dresses except for SP3’s. The Just Married set also comes with props. The wedding crown and bouquet could probably be refitted to other figures.

Also mentioned earlier: the Party Princess Dress freebies for both K4 and Cookie, and the My Princess outfit from DAZ as well as the Snow Bride and Gothic Love outfits from RDNA.

Doll Resources

A few stock photos for image editing or resource guides. All are free to use in your projects, even commercial ones. However, I’d be careful about using any of the newer-looking dolls — some of which might be artist dolls — in commercial projects without first checking to see if they’re copyright-protected.

Stock Resources – Deviant Art

dolls_2d-doll-stock-02 dolls_2d-doll-stock-01 dolls_2d-doll-stock-03 dolls_2d-doll-stock-04 dolls_2d-doll-stock-05

Doll Stock 1 || Doll Stock 2 || Doll Stock 3 || Elegant Dolls Pack || Old Dolls Stock Pack

Notes: Please read usage info for each download.

Stock Photos – Free Images

dolls_2d-free-images-01 dolls_2d-free-images-02 dolls_2d-free-images-03

Dolls || Assorted Toys || Doll

Notes: Usage info for “Standard Restrictions” listed under each download link.

Stock Photos – Morguefile

dolls_2d-morguefile-01 dolls_2d-morguefile-02 dolls_2d-morguefile-03

Smiling Doll || Old Doll || Baby Doll

Notes: Usage terms here.

Stock Photos – Pixabay

dolls_2d-pixabay-01 dolls_2d-pixabay-02 dolls_2d-pixabay-03 dolls_2d-pixabay-04 dolls_2d-pixabay-05 dolls_2d-pixabay-06 dolls_2d-pixabay-07

Creepy Doll || Creepy Antique Doll || Doll Leg || Collector Doll || Old Japanese Doll || Creepy Ventriloquist Dummy || Girl Doll

Notes: Public domain images.

Vector Images – Pixabay

dolls_2d-pixabay-08 dolls_2d-pixabay-09 dolls_2d-pixabay-10 dolls_2d-pixabay-11 dolls_2d-pixabay-12 dolls_2d-pixabay-13

Sad Zombie Doll || Weirdly Cute Toy Doll || Kewpie-Like Doll || Kimono Doll 01 || Kimono Doll 02 || Kimono Doll 03

Notes: Public domain. Not sure if the Kewpie Doll look-alike would be okay for commercial images without further checking. Maybe it’s derivative enough to be okay as long as you don’t actually call it a “Kewpie Doll.” Not a lawyer…

Printable Paper Dolls


Vintage Paper Doll

Notes: I didn’t have a handy thumbnail to use, but there are also free printable paper dolls in PDF format here.

I think I may be inspired to do my next texture preview in paper doll format. 😛