I’m rather embarrassed to see I haven’t posted since December!

At the moment, real life stuff continues to keep me from sitting down and doing anything much with my hobbies. I’ve hardly rendered much in these past few months and the well of inspiration for freebies continues to be a bit on the dry side. Boo!

Still, I’m aiming to at least come up with something to offer for my favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas.

Hope all the visitors to REC are enjoying the summer and being much more productive at rendering things than I am. ūüėõ

ISO: Heavily freckled male textures

I have Caleb M4/Genesis, Edinburgh M4, Ethnique Nathen (forgot him), and the V4 Male face from Bell A4, which I converted to M4, but none of them have freckles like this guy:


I was playing around with the male Bell texture on M4 and it really doesn’t even come close:


I’d settle for a female texture if it worked; I’ve adapted female textures to males before. So any suggestions?

Also, eyebrows are a pain in the butt. Why are male eyebrows so high on so many textures?

Kit-Bashing: Evil Candy Corn


Freebies used:

kb_helloweencandy kb_zombieeconomics kb_rotteneggs kb_veryvictorianbelljars kb_morphingsandprop

The candy corn prop needs to be scaled up quite a bit, then inverted. It takes a little time to position the legs and arms of the other two figure props, but once they’re in place and parented to the candy corn you’re good to go. (BTW, I love the long nail morph on the Zombie Economics hands; I turned off the limits and made them into claws.) I used the sand prop instead of a rock but there are a ton of free (and commercial of course!) rock props¬†as well as many styles of display props.

I tried an Iray render but it was way too grainy. Probably failed to adjust some setting. The glass looked very nice but the figure itself was too hard too see, especially at the bottom. I didn’t use any glass shader on the 3DL render; not sure if I have a decent one. Glass materials have always been a problem for me. Ugh.

Anyway, if anyone is so inclined to give this a try themselves, the candy corn texture is inside…

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HiveWire Halloween Sale

Currently HiveWire is running a Halloween sale on select products.

Also, saw this on the recent Xurge3D newsletter:

Effective September 22, 2016

All Products in the Store were permanently reduced by 20%.

Excludes Gift Certificates, RealTime Game Distribution Licenses and HellFish Studios Products.

Not sure what prompted this, but I can’t help noticing new releases have slowed down a lot. His products were primarily for Poser and for almost all the older figures, so I suppose sales aren’t as robust as they used to be.

Noticed today too that Pixeluna has removed all the freebies from her site. She mostly had poses and character sets. I did the usual strike-through of the link text but kept the links. Sometimes these are archived on the Wayback Machine.

I’ll have a few Halloween freebies this week! Too many projects on my plate and I’m so slow on finishing them; feel a little guilty about that. :/

Back home and kit-bashing

Well, it’s not a bad first effort, but must go¬†through my oodles of content for better arms and legs.


I used the candy corn prop from the free Hell-O-Ween candy set, the legs from Rotten Eggs, a MortemVetus freebie, and the arms from AntFarm’s Tea Spirit figure. Face was a brush image I just slapped on in postwork.

Legs and arms don’t quite match style-wise, so yeah…back to the kit-bashing drawing board. ūüėõ

Also, Kettu reminded me to add a freebie heads-up, for those who might have missed it: Genesis Scifi Starter Bundle, free for a limited time.


I had everything but the big gun turret and Scifi Bunny outfit (which I could live without, but it is free.)