Pulp poses, Genesis


Converted from the M4/V4 set, for original flavor Genesis. Download here.

Made with the base male and female shapes, so adjustments will likely be necessary for larger or smaller figures, bustier figures, more muscled figures, etc.

I’m about halfway through converting the Genesis 2 version. Slowly making progress!


Holiday renders #04 (plus some little freebies)


A render for the cat people. Another inspiration from Pinterest.

Hivewire House Cat contemplating more mayhem. Most of the decorations were from RDNA holiday freebie fests, but a couple are DAZ products: Yuletide Joy Ornaments and Christmas Tree Ornaments. I think I might have got them as freebies though.

I do sometimes buy holiday products, even if it doesn’t seem that way, ha!

And…I created a static card prop with mat poses for DS and Poser. Images for the front only, no interior. The card is sized more for display on a shelf or table but I also added a resize preset to make it more human hand friendly (middle card.) If you want to make your own card front, crop images to around 700×900 pixels.

Download: DAZ Studio (duf, dsa) and Poser (pp2, mc6)

Also, I saved the cat pose. It’s not fine-tuned so feel free to improve upon it. 🙂

Pose Preset: Click and Save Link As:

HW Cat – Sitting Mischief.duf

Thumb: Click Save As

Hopefully the contents of the zip file work okay — please let me know if something goes amiss! I included both the DS and Poser content libraries in one zip file because I’m feeling lazy. Just delete whichever one doesn’t suit your needs.

Also, I didn’t make any iray presets but converting them with the basic uber looks fine to me:



Retro SciFi Pulp Poses


Very late with these, and so far only M4 and V4. I do intend to convert them to other figures, but it could be a while. (Feel free to convert them yourself, if so inclined, rather than waiting for my tardy arse to get them done.)

Download here: Retro SciFi Pulp Poses for M4/V4

Let me know if there are any issues with the zip file. I did throw this together in a bit of a rush. I’ve kept Will waiting for far too long. 😛

A few previews, for references:

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

And to keep this post holiday-themed, a cornfield background image! I did have a chance to get this idea done. (I did NOT get a chance to play with the new DS shader, but I have two forum topics bookmarked, have read both PDF manuals, and will get to it soon.)

Click to view the full image (3000×3000) and then save. Commercial renders allowed.

The only freebie I used in that one is the wooden sign by Powerage, and commercial render use allowed per the readme file.

2018 Weekly Render: Week 03 #3


Meeting the New Baby — a big baby, but a baby nonetheless. 🙂

I wanted to crop this one more tightly but the tail posing abilities of the Long Snouted Dragon are a bit limited. It’s an old figure, but still one of my favorite dragons. The little one is the Milennium Subdragon LE which is free with DAZ Studio. Never used it before; it’s quite small in comparison. Being free, it comes with no morphs or add-ons and so featuring only its behind worked out pretty well. Its tail was better at posing though.

One of these days I should pick up the newest DAZ dragon, unless HiveWire puts one out that tempts me more.

Dawn with the MST DRed texture, Dawn Fantasy Ranger Outfit, and Helios Hair, which I picked on the cheap during one of those Renderosity $3.50 clearance deals. Also made use of the very old Traveler Props Pack with these texturesGrassy Grounds Megapack for the ground.

I wondered what the grass props would look like from the camera top view and it’s pretty decent. I like the AoA Grass Shader but up close the grass effect looks less convincing and I suspect a top view would look odd.

Grass poke-through was pretty bad on her legs and boots so I did two renders — one with grass and one without — and combined them in postwork. The lines on the dragon’s tail spikes aren’t grass, just damage/scars to the spikes.

And here’s a right-click-save Dawn relaxing pose:


Adjust as needed, of course. 🙂

Unrelated to weekly render stuff, does anyone know if it’s possible to adjust the strength of a normal map in DAZ Studio? I’m working on making DS materials for a Xurge3D outfit but the normals look too strong to my eye. There isn’t a bump map and the displacement map looks like it’s intended to enhance clothing folds and wrinkles, not add surface detail.

It looks decent from a distance but close up less so. I did a quick google search and nothing turned up, so I suspect it’s either not possible or else requires tinkering beyond my skills.

Alternatively, I suppose I could try to blur/soften the normal map and see if that tones down the effects. Is it possible to convert a normal to a regular bump and/or displacement map?

I feel kind of ambivalent about normal maps and clothing. Luthbel is relying on them more frequently and I don’t always care for the results — this outfit has been in and out of my wishlist numerous times because there’s just something off to my eye. It’s not awful or anything, and I love that it’s for both the G3M and G3F and that is has 3DL materials, but I still can’t bring myself to buy it even though I want to support the male/female and 3DL stuff.

2018 Weekly Render: Week 03


This one was frustrating but got it done. Will likely revisit it at some point because I’m not entirely happy with it.

“Guardian of the Forgotten (or maybe “Koit’s Impossible Love…”)

I couldn’t get the fog camera to behave; maybe there wasn’t enough in the scene itself to show the effects of the camera. I finally gave up and used a haze filter from Filter Forge. The 3DL shader emitter light looked underwhelming and required a boost in postwork. Lighting darker scenes always drives me crazy: how to keep important details while still having a convincingly darker feel.

Included a lot of old stuff, like parts from the Plat Club’s Lost Temple. That set has probably been sitting unused in my runtime since at least 2008 — it’s so old that it’s no longer in the store!


Also used one of Nursoda’s older figures, Koit. Character morph from Otherworldly Wonders- Equinox (have no idea what happened to all the other promo images for that one), outfit is Svana V4 with the hair from Oskarsson’s Mahogany. Wings from V4 Creature Wings. Lantern is from the Lighting Collection Prop Set, a freebie picked up during the recent fall sales.

Naturals include the Maple Tree Pack, Plants Pack, Pebbles, and a big rock.

The statue shader is from Magical Granite Shader. I almost used this one, but the granite shader is a newer acquisition so I wanted to give it a try first.

I made the statue poses for V4 (DS4 and Poser), G1, G2F, G3F, and G8F. Zip files includes all of ’em in one folder; put them wherever works best. These were not lovingly created from scratch for each figure. Converted from V4 to Genesis/G2F, G2F to G3F, and G3F to G8F. Conversions pretty close, for the most part. Thumbs might need a little extra tweaking. Any lantern should work okay (left hand), with minor adjustments.

Left to Right: G1, G2F, G3F, G8F, V4, Dawn

Edited to add: Ack! I forgot Dawn! Not redoing the zip file but another thumbnail/duf file right-click-save:

http://www.redeyecat.com/Statue – Dawn SE.duf

Also made DS4 materials for Koit; thumbs and duf files: Right-click-save-as:

http://www.redeyecat.com/Koit – Base.duf

http://www.redeyecat.com/Koit – Hat & Hair.duf

Those should work. Let me know if there are any issues though.