Dawn SE: a few more dial faces

Still haven’t felt motivated to do much, but there was some dial spinning today as I worked on a mature woman and then a tween/young teen.

I rendered with iray for this one; you can tell because it’s grainy. I’m still experimenting with a few iray light sets I bought but with these renders taking nearly two hours to complete, the experimenting is…slow-going. No freebie morphs with this one, just the sets from the Hivewire store.

And an “artsy” kid. Used some of my free Dawn morphs for her.

Now I’m wondering if I can get something similar out of Dusk and his morphs.

Random Renders: Crone for Etta HD for Edie 8

One thing I’ll say for DAZ’s Genesis 8 characters is that quite a few have added much needed diversity and originality to the lineup, especially in regards to older and quirky fantasy characters.

I don’t own many G8 core characters, but I had to have Edie 8 and Ollie 8 and took advantage of several good sales to acquire them within my budgetary needs. Got the Edie 8 Starter Bundle for $20 and the Ollie 8 character for $10.

(I now have Victoria 8 because she was free and I snagged Michael 8 for $10 in the same sale I got Ollie 8. The other G8 core characters in my wishlist are Alexandra 8, Edward 8, Mabel 8, Floyd 8, Mrs. Chow 8, Mr. Woo 8, Sanjay 8, and Kala 8…and OMG I’m still not done collecting Genesis 3 and Genesis 2 core characters!)

After getting Edie 8 I decided I needed Etta HD for Edie 8 and the Crone add-on for Etta, which were all on sale at the same time I bought Edie. Major budget wrecking ensued. March Madness at DAZ was mostly a bust but April and May had a few great sales that didn’t involve me having to buy something I didn’t want in order to take advantage of nice discounts.

Edie 8; Etta HD for Edie 8; Crone for Etta HD

Anyway, I love these characters; they’re just so unique and fun — extra points to Crone for a bit of ethnic diversity.

Alas, HD morphs take forever to begin rendering on my old computer, so I do small and simple projects when using them. The Crone render above took a while — not sure exactly how long because I gave up waiting and went to bed but it was more than three hours and less than six. 😀

I worked a little on Etta’s materials. The 3DL materials for most of these newer characters just don’t look nice when I render them. Usually far too dark and orange-ish. I’ve been making 3DL material conversion to Ubersurface for days now — Victoria 2 through Victoria 8 — just to get characters to a starting point where I can work with them and experiment with different settings.

For Etta, I’d like to get a little more sheen on her skin and lips, but HD effects have been a bit of a challenge for me. Too much specular and they look really, really plastic. Not enough and the skin looks flat, like above. I have the same issue when using ZevO’s aging HD morphs and still haven’t found a solution I’m completely happy with.

Despite that little quibble, I’m having lots of fun playing with my new toys.

And the new kittens, of course! Both are zonked out right now after a morning of strenuous kitty chase-and-ambush games. They really like the dust ruffle on the daybed in my office. Great for ambushing…gotta love those comical little butt wiggles before the dramatic pounce.

Random Renders: Dragon Slayer

That dragon skeleton’s SKU is 712. It’s an oldie!

I was playing with the smoothing modifier and collision to see what effect it would have if I slightly buried the skeleton (and helmet and broken sword pieces) in dirt. Using a terrain ground plane with a modeled irregular surface helped.

Stymied a bit by not being able to flatten down the rib cage though. Each bone moves, but it moves the entire chest, not just the single rib bone. Ah well.

I didn’t make any attempt to scale it up to monster dragon size; kept it at its default setting.

First time I ever used the skeleton. And the sword and helmet as well.

Rendering some snowy pine trees

Just a quick render…and I even hauled out K4 from where the figure’s been hibernating in my content.

Our winter holidays looked nothing like this (it’s actually raining outside right now.) But hey! My DoF attempt turned out okay for a change. I even fiddled a bit with the f-stop settings.

Anyway, constructed this one out of the following products:


Flink’s Conifer 3 – Small Trees, snow path from Let It Snow, stars from the Space Sphere, DNA DeKay Concrete Slabs (no longer available) with the DA Let It Snow geoshells, moon light with snow presets from Light Up the Dark, candle bulbs with emissive shaders from Reflective Radiance for 3Delight, clothing from Winter Fun K4 and WinterBerry K4, and pose from Kiddies K4.

I scaled down the Let It Snow path prop and concrete slabs, then fit the slabs to the path and added the snow geoshells. I used the snow texture from the snow path prop on the geoshells as well as the snow on the trees, and matched surface settings on all the snow bits. I tried to get more reflective radiance but the snow was looking more metallic than icy, so I ended up just adding a little reflection to all the snow surfaces.

I might try rendering this one in iray; curious to see how iray emissive lights would look. I forgot that I bought this light set, which should work okay for the bulbs. I don’t think I’ve ever used those lights, either. 😮