Dieselpunk/Retro Futurism: Weapons & Transport

Spacey Sadie with the Lab108 raygun

Commercial weaponry I own:

01. Classic Rayguns; 02. XO SWAT Weapons Unit; 03. WWII Submachine Guns

Okay, so I only own one raygun set but it’s perfectly classic!

One I don’t own:

Grease Monkey Weapons

There are lots of old military-style weapons, free as well as commercial, but probably should be more rayguns. These are often included in commercial outfit sets, which is a whole ‘nother post, but let me know if I’ve missed a stand-alone set.

Breaking down the transport into flying and non-flying, with a few reference images first:

Flying Machine Transport I own:


01. Vacuum Zeppelin ; 02. Retro and Junkyard Jetpacks; 03. Air-Worlds; 04. Rocketship Mongo (not available) ; 05. Steam Aircraft Dragon; 06. Zeppelin Star; 07. Skyship Avrora; 08. Greyling UFO

The Vacuum Zeppelin is on clearance at Renderosity, so it could disappear at any time. Rocketship Mongo was an old Platinum Club rocket that’s been vaulted, but included here for those who might’ve forgotten they bought it. That Greyling UFO used to be free at RDNA. 😕

Non-Flying Machine Transport I own:


01. 1920s Motorcycle; 02. Air Bike; 03. Pickup Dred; 04. Quad Tank; 05. The Drill Tank; 06. A Curious Bus; 07. R75 Motorcycle; 08. Spirit of Punk; 09. Bus Rex; 10. Car Victoria

That Quad Tank almost qualifies as a battle mech. All those cars, trucks, and buses are are included for use with this product:


Anti-Gravity Lift – Attaches to most vehicles, with length and width adjustments. DS Iray only, but it’s a prop so easy enough to adjust surface materials to 3DL.

Flying transport I don’t own (yet):


01. Toon Rocket and Moonscape; 02. Anti-Gravity Office Space; 03. DieselPunk Caravan Food Truck; 04. DieselPunk Gas Station; 05. DieselPunk Space Aola; 06. Airship Cabin; 07. Airship Hull; 08. Skycruiser Albatross; 09. Pulsar Hover Rod; 10. Lamda State Wagon; 11. Old Dakota; 12. Fokker DR; 13. Flying Wing; 14. Rocketship; 15. Grumman Goose; 16. German-D; 17. UFO; 18; Retro Rock-It; 19. Art Deco Airship; 20. Sparrowhawk Gunboat; 21. Kalinin K-7; 22. Rocketship X1; 23. Dirgible Perun; 24/25. Scrapper Vehicle

The Technophelia Retro Rock-It comes with bubble space helmets and rayguns. The Daedalus Scrapper has hood ornaments! I’m not 100% certain they’re separate object files, but if they can be swapped around, they probably are. If so, they could even be scaled up as building ornaments.

Non-flying transport I don’t own (yet):


01. Bus Pegasus; 02. Motorbike ZAZ; 03. Bus Maxis; o4. Immortal Elegance; 05. 1936 AM Sedan; 06. Tram Line; 07. Hiawatha Train for Vue; 08. ATSF Super Chief Bundle; 09. R75 Motorcyle Plus

The Hiawatha/Super Chief train vendor has lots of old vehicles; check out the Tucker! I don’t own Vue so am unlikely to buy the Hiawatha, but including it for folks who do use Vue. The R75 Motorcyle Plus is a prop add-on for the motorcycle.

I mostly included stuff that’s in my wishlist or seemed particularly interesting. Old-ish vehicles and weapons are popular, and there are way more products available than I can link. Please take a look at the catalogs of these vendors for more ideas:

* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/coflek-gnorg
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/Cybertenko
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/pamawo
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/1971s
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/Simon-3D
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/kanaa
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/adh3d
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/3DClassics
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/DreamlandModels
* https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vendor/BlueTreeStudio
* https://www.daz3d.com/the-antfarm
* https://www.daz3d.com/moebius87
* https://www.daz3d.com/nightshift3d

Again, I’m sure there are vendors I’m missing; suggestions welcome!

Freebies inside…

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Dieselpunk/Retro Futurism: Scenes & Props


Buildings, environments, and general decor props in this post. It’s not a huge listing and I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so if there’s something not listed that you think should be, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.

First, commercially available stuff I own (separating owned/not owned in case someone would like to see a render.) Click to view full image:


1. Nouveau Vignette; 2. Old Industrial Interior; 3. Fantasy Voyage; 4. Project Xion 1; 5. Project Xion 2; 6. Technopolis; 7. Space Base; 8. Greeble City Blocks 2; 9. Mynastropole 2; 10/11. Classic Deco; 12. Deco Redux Furniture; 13. Fifties Dinette Set; 14. Sixties Dinette Set

There’s also a Project Xion 3, which I don’t have, but it’s much the same as the previous two. The Mynastropole set is more fantasy medieval, but the plain building facade works okay — add a stylized eagle or gargoyle head.

Commercial products I don’t own (yet):


1. Tram Line; 2. Deco Vignette; 3. Deco Loby; 4. Gatsby Dance Hall; 5. Deco Club Exterior; 6. Deco Club Interior; 7. Deco Diner; 8. Paragon for Deco Club Exterior; 9. The Paragon for Deco Club Interior; 10. Tycoon Office; 11. Deco Hallway; 12. Bauhaus Hotel 13. Grand Hotel; 14. Deco Hotel; 15. i13 Art Deco; 16. Future Cityscape Density Blocks; 17. Vintage Lounge Furniture; 18. Classic Deco: Eclectic; 19. Art Deco Cabinet; 20. South Beach Deco Bar for Art Deco Cabinet; 21. Seat Bundle

The Tram Line is an acknowledged homage to the image I included in this post. A number of these are pretty old but retexturing is always an option.

Check out DreamlandModels at Renderosity. A lot of his city blocks have a vintage vibe.

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Dieselpunk & retro futuristic, basic aesthetics

Been a long time since the last content theme at REC. This one has similarities to the steampunk theme, but while steampunk has a distinct Victorian industrial aesthetic, dieselpunk and retro futuristic are a little harder to pin down. Dieselpunk can have apocalyptic or noir-ish crossover appeal and with retro futuristic, how retro is retro? Does it end with the 40s/50s? The 60s/7os? Also, both are more global in scope.

This does a pretty good job of sorting things out, I think:

“Raypunk” and “Atompunk” are what I’ve been calling retro futurism. “Cassette futurism” is something I’ve not heard of, though the Guardians of the Galaxy movies have shades of this going on. Personally, I’d ease dieselpunk back to WWI, even if it most often leans toward WWII.

I collected a few images to file away in an “aesthetics” folder. Hardly comprehensive, but they get across an overall “feel” of things, and several have nearly identical 3D analogs at Renderosity and DAZ:

As I’m big on color usage, I also collected a few color palettes:

It’s a start! Up next: scenery and props.

More women on swings

Experimenting with a few simple postwork effects. Thought it might be worth sharing for those interested in various illustrated-style looks for renders.

First, render saved as a png file with a sepia-ish color background added and then run through Topaz Clean with the Edge Boost preset. I cleaned up some of the halo artifacts.

Base G2F with the Victorian Gown, Nimue Hair, floral crown from Mada Hair, and the free Modualz Floral Swing from RDNA that apparently didn’t make the transition to DAZ. I even used a subsurface shader preset on the leaves and flowers. Not sure it did much, but I hadn’t used any of those presets before so it was worth a “let’s see what this does” moment.

I really like Nimue Hair. It’s beautiful and has several nice styling options, but the back shows a distinct line where the base of the skull meets the neck. I had a hard time easing out that valley. I might retry this and simply parent the hair to the figure and see if it fixes this small defect.

(( Image, btw, inspired by a sketch I found on Pinterest. I’m always trawling Pinterest for render ideas and various inspirations. ))

There are a couple of presets from PostworkShop (now Photo Donut) I use frequently: Architect from the Graphic Arts/Illustration group and Classic Drawing 1 from the Drawing/Pencil group.

The render from the Architect preset was applied to the original image at 50% opacity, then several frame/texture overlays applied:

Did two with the classic drawing preset. For the first one I copied the original image and pasted it over the drawing render with the layer set to color (legacy) at 100%, then added a frame/texture overlay:

Ran the second classic drawing preset through BW Styler for diffusion filter, processing, and color tone effects before adding a frame/texture overlay:

Three different looks, none complicated to pull together. The plugins and PostworkShop/Photo Donut are not free, but comparable results can probably be had from free resources like FotoSketcher, Xero Graphics, or Topaz Simplify which is now part of the free Topaz Studio. (Or other resources I don’t own, of course!)

I used fairly light frame/texture overlays so most were applied to the image as new layer set to Multiply at 100%. Easy enough to dial down for a softer look.

FWIW, I’d advise keeping to solid colors or simple patterns that don’t distort when rendered. Anything too fussy or busy might lead to odd looking results with illustration-like postwork.

Curious about something? Questions? Happy to try and help, though I’m hardly an expert at this sort of thing.

Dawn/Dusk SE Clones

I completely missed these DAZ Studio utilities when they were first posted at ShareCG:




Much more useful than the ones I posted some time back, as these not only work better for V4 and M4 but also include clones for other Genesis line figures.

Posting in case anyone else missed them — and also because DS-related Dawn and Dusk stuff doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Hope American visitors to the blog had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday (I ate entirely too much!)

Despite the “ate-entirely-too-much” thing, I’m starting my holiday baking tasks tonight, which just means starting to make dough and freezing it for baking closer to the holiday. Last year I did everything all at once in a single day and — while sort of fun in a grueling marathon baking kind of way — it’s not something I intend to do again.