Shopping, dial spinning


Don’t know if the upcoming “March Madness” sales will be a bang or a bust, and while I’m trying to hold off on any impulse spending until I see what’s shaking out, I did impulse-buy these two delightfully goofy things the other day:

They were in Fast Grab. I already have the DAZ Monstrosities Undead Fiend, so I’m only missing the Behemoth. Not sure I’ll use them much, but if nothing else I can borrow the skins for my various Genesis creature creator sets.

And that parasite critter is perfectly retro kitsch. The promo ad with it attacking the teddy bear made me laugh.

Not doing much lately, though I’ve been in the mood to play with Dawn’s morphs. Curious to see what I can do with the only the official sets — starter morphs, head morphs, and head morph resource kit (edited to add: and the creature head morphs set.) I finally got around to learning how to make the morphs into a single dial setting so I can now mix and match my own morphs. Yay me!

Might also make them a little easier to share with other DS users, though I’m not sure there would be much of an interest in them.

Some of these faces I’ve posted before.

Used a V4 outfit on the green fae. First time ever rendering it — it looks decidedly uncomfortable and impractical — and first time I’ve used one of Biscuit’s hairs — this one is Unseelie Hair. Basically the’re all separate prop parts you kit-bash together. I like that concept.

The fae body was a mix of a freebie body morph, RawArt’s Dawn Heroine body, and Ken’s Body Type 5. Still working on her face. I used a bit of the werewolf morph and it’s causing a ridge in the brow (at least I think that one’s the culprit) and not sure if I can minimize it or not.

I think I’ll try and see if I can get a convincing looking morph of an woman from India next. The general eyes, mouth, and face shape shouldn’t be a problem but I’m thinking the nose will pose a challenge.

Weather here has been awful. Lots of snow, then freezing rain, then even more snow. Ugh. I’m ready for spring…

WIP for Dawn and a little more shopping


Another WIP I’ve been working on for many months now. It’s a texture tone set for Dawn, mainly so I have a wider variety of tones to use. Still fiddling with textures and settings but I’ve managed to get everything more organized and standardized.

The basic set with LIE brows, LIE subtle makeup set, and a bit of LIE freckles.

I’ve been improving my LIE usage. As usual, learned some things the hard way. Such as not to make LIE presets until I’ve finalized the name of the basic texture files. Changing the name of a texture map means either making new presets or editing the older ones (which I did.)

The layer image editor is a godsend for managing texture bloat for characters. Plus, you can edit the layers even after they’re applied and do lots of mix-n-match stuff.

My only real frustration with the LIE results is that black eyebrows get more reddish-brown with SSS values. I made a SSS map with black brows and that helped, but it’s still problematic when increasing SSS to 50% or above.

Some options, including a preset to add more sheen to the skin. Also made a few presets changing diffuse color to get darker skin tones as well as fantasy-related tones. Not photo-realistic, true, but they work for what I need them to do.

This is Jayne in the “Deathly Pale” option. She would like you to know she has a bit of an Orc nose morph and a bit of a Troll Head morph in additional to her other dial morphs.

The “Devilish Red” option.

I even started to work on iray settings, which is tricky for me since I so rarely use iray. Not quite there yet…

She’s a little too washed out, color-wise and her black brows are more reddish than they should be. But it’s a start…

And about shopping, I probably should have anticipated the Dusk sale right after the Dawn one. Good chance Baby Luna follows?

Anyway, I bought a few things for Dusk during the “Feel the Love” for Dusk sale (ends tomorrow.)

Dusk’s Mid-Length Hair (numerous morphs; I especially like the “hat” and “crown” adjustments), Dusk’s Creature Head Morphs (only need Luna’s to complete the set), and Sculpted Dusk (handy for dialing up a variety of bodies.)

What I wish was in the creature set — I realize these are head only; just sayin’ — are claws. My scary folks need claws.

I don’t do much with creatures but sometimes those morphs can be mixed a little with other ones for interesting results, like with Jayne up there.

Shopping binge for Dawn


Hivewire is having a sale: “Feel the Love” for Dawn. Good through Jan 22 2019. I picked up a few things and took several of them for a test drive:

Featuring the newly bought Go Go Boots, Faces of Africa for DAZ Studio texture set, Hands for Dawn and Dusk, and Perfect Pelvis (not that you can see it since she’s dressed.)

I also recently picked up Big Afro Hair for Genesis when it was on sale (or part of a promotion; I can’t remember…the DAZ sales all kind of run together.) Spex for Genesis as well.

The dress is a G3F freebie but I can’t remember where I got it, except that it was a Japanese site. It’s called Witch One Piece (the DAZ Poser freebie wiki has a link for it, but I don’t have an account for the site they’ve listed so I wouldn’t have downloaded it there.)

Edited to add: New dial morph I made for Dawn last night with the starter morphs, face morphs, face morph resource kit, body morphs, and the Perfect Pelvis utility. I’d love to see more morphs for the HW figures but I’m getting handier with the ones I have.


And here’s one of Dusk I did not too long ago:


(I’m always putting these figures in black turtlenecks!)

This one was a test render; working on basic skin settings for the Marcello character, which is Poser only.

Post holiday indulgences


Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Since I acquired a little fun money from various Santas, I knocked a few more things of my wishlists at various stores.

Ali’s annual sale at Mankahoo has started and I picked up several hair props. Also noticed that, in addition to Dawn fits, the newer ones have fits for G3F and G8F. I merrily swap hairs between all sorts of figures, so fit presets are always appreciated to save me a little time and effort.

Hr-178, Hr-188, Hr-201, and Hr-212. A very long, stylized hair style, a retro updo, twists, and messy braids. The various hair shader utilities I have work pretty well on these too.

Over at Hivewire, I picked up the new puppy, its free LAMH preset, and the tack conversion kit for the HW Horse.

I’m not entirely sure yet how the MilHorse parts will work on the DS version of the HW Horse, but I have the readme files to refer to if I get stuck.

I’ll be working on buying more textures for all the HW animals. Just added the calico texture set for the cat to the priority list, to replace the tack conversion.

At Renderosity, I finally picked up the Cat Saddle for the MilCat and Shrouded for V4. I’m not crazy about most of the poses in the shrouded set — sexy nudes and pinups are just not my thing — but I can get something to work more along the lines of weird or spooky, because that is more of my thing. 🙂

I also bought a cute pair of sandals for G3F; Walking Flats 1:

I have a lot of high-heeled sandals that have come with various outfits, but not so many flat heeled ones. It was an impulse buy, but a good deal.

Replacing the Cat Saddle and Shroud V4 are these two products:

Pulp SciFi Spaceship and a Retro LP prop/pose set. I sense a retro theme…

At DAZ, I completely indulged myself and bought Stonemason’s The Gothic Library and also the pose mixer utility. My Holiday Loyalty Reward discount helped a bit…

The pose mixer utility is the more practical of the two, but that library set is gorgeous. It does come with a 3DL version, though only the Iray version has lights/camera presets. Maybe I’ll sit down and create some lights and cameras myself. Other 3DL users might find those a useful freebie.

Also, for non-DS users, an obj option is available. I didn’t download that one, but it’s nice that Stonemason includes it.

And…those two products have now been replaced on my list by these:

The Eastern Dragon is a lot of trouble to pose. I thought I had all of its poses, but I somehow missed this set. And considering how DAZ has been purging older products, I figured I’d better bump it up in the queue.

Why, yes, I did match the dragon texture to her outfit! Not sure where that outfit came from — probably a Mei Lin 6 related bundle I acquired for free or on the cheap — and while it’s not something I would have bought, it is kinda cute.

Posing the dragon was a pain, even though I started with a pose preset. That thing’s got a ton of bones.

As for the outback set, I have zero desert environments. Must rectify that! Also, a post-apocalyptic Santa render idea is still percolating and I’ll want a desert environment like this for it.

I have to finish up my pose conversions first, though. I’m trying to be more organized rather than flitting from project to project as the mood strikes me.