Another freebie website gone

Ah, the ebb and flow — Chris Cox’s blog, with many interesting freebies, appears to be gone (thanks to Nik for the heads up!) The Wayback Machine has archived a number of the zip files here.


Did a little housecleaning

Deleted a few posts relating to limited time freebies so folks don’t continue to click on expired deals and have their hopes cruelly dashed! đŸ˜„

I’ll continue to post these, but will delete when the deal is over. I thought about moving the deals to a sidebar widget, but then no one get notified.


Happy Holidays!


I was going for a vintage 50s holiday card look. Here’s the stylized 50s V4 dial morph; you’ll need both Morphia and V4’s Morphs ++. There are two body versions: the first is shorter and broader through the chest (above) and the second is taller and thinner. Dial morph only, no textures, though I used the REC Toon Tones for Gen4.

A few places to haunt for holiday freebies:

Not free, but a pretty good bargain:


Mec4D’s Santa for Genesis. The TOU are more restrictive than most purchased content, but if you’re just messing around with stuff for yourself, it’s a nice and inexpensive Santa set. (There’s also a Dawn version, which I also own.) Fitting it to other shapes is hit-or-miss — the chest area folds can deform — but looks pretty good with a bit of extra effort and, if necessary, a little tweaking in postwork.


Her chest area required some postwork. 😛

And because I was in a holiday rendering mood, one more!


I wanted more gravity on the front part of the tree but will assume it just bounced up as the VW went over a bump in the road.

Oh, and I’ll have a few freebies over at Fantasy Attic for the HiveWire family.

Edited to add: A non-postworked preview of the 50s V4 stylized character, this time with the taller and thinner torso option:



Using the transfer morph feature in DS4 allows clothes to fit even the more extreme shapes to V4’s body. Adding mesh smoothing and subdivision to Morphia also improves the look of the figure. I forgot to mention that her eyeballs should be nudged forward a bit; I think I set the Z Translation dial to -0.10 for each.

Checking in

So visitors know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, since it’s been well over a month since I’ve posted anything. Real life has been cutting into my fun time, darn it.

Related to freebie stuff, the DAZ/RuntimeDNA merger and recent policy changes at Renderosity have left me a little frustrated. For totally self-involved reasons, because these lead to dead links on the blog, which are a pain to maintain in the first place.

I think most of the RDNA freebies listed here will be okay as long as their forum remains open. The Zero Price ones I’m not so sure about; like Mike’s Tiki Bar, which I recently used for freebie textures and poses.

At Renderosity, a number of freebie providers have deleted their stuff due to recent policy changes that I find both confusing and utterly ridiculous. From here on out I’ll probably be more selective in what I upload over there, though I’ve lagged way behind in uploads anyway.

Also, with all the new figures and the widening gulf between Poser and DS users, I’ve been giving some thought to where I want to focus my own rendering efforts and, consequently, how that would affect the type of freebies I offer here.

So many figures and renderers and different materials…it’s a bit overwhelming at times. For me, I think DAZ Studio 4.9 and Genesis 3 is the where I stop with DAZ. At least for now. There’s lots of support for Genesis 2 and Genesis 3, so I think I’ll continue to offer freebies for Gen4, Genesis 1, and Dusk and Dawn.

I’ve also been thinking lately that many older third-party figures still have a lot to offer and it would be fun to explore extras for those as well.

My learning curve for Poser continues to be tragically slow, but I am making progress. In my defense, I’m not particularly savvy with DAZ Studio either, and I’ve been using it since 2007! I figure I’m just one of those slow learners, but I’ll eventually reach at least basic competency. 🙂

I have some odds-n-ends I’m working on, including uploading the transparency images from my old Renderosity product Transmap-O-Matic, which dated back to the hoary days of yore before DS could do tiling. I also have a few bits left over from the recent girly-girl nerds theme, though mostly texture images.

So off I go to get myself organized and hopefully I’ll be back with something before much longer.