WIP for Dawn and a little more shopping

Another WIP I’ve been working on for many months now. It’s a texture tone set for Dawn, mainly so I have a wider variety of tones to use. Still fiddling with textures and settings but I’ve managed to get everything more organized and standardized.

The basic set with LIE brows, LIE subtle makeup set, and a bit of LIE freckles.

I’ve been improving my LIE usage. As usual, learned some things the hard way. Such as not to make LIE presets until I’ve finalized the name of the basic texture files. Changing the name of a texture map means either making new presets or editing the older ones (which I did.)

The layer image editor is a godsend for managing texture bloat for characters. Plus, you can edit the layers even after they’re applied and do lots of mix-n-match stuff.

My only real frustration with the LIE results is that black eyebrows get more reddish-brown with SSS values. I made a SSS map with black brows and that helped, but it’s still problematic when increasing SSS to 50% or above.

Some options, including a preset to add more sheen to the skin. Also made a few presets changing diffuse color to get darker skin tones as well as fantasy-related tones. Not photo-realistic, true, but they work for what I need them to do.

This is Jayne in the “Deathly Pale” option. She would like you to know she has a bit of an Orc nose morph and a bit of a Troll Head morph in additional to her other dial morphs.

The “Devilish Red” option.

I even started to work on iray settings, which is tricky for me since I so rarely use iray. Not quite there yet…

She’s a little too washed out, color-wise and her black brows are more reddish than they should be. But it’s a start…

And about shopping, I probably should have anticipated the Dusk sale right after the Dawn one. Good chance Baby Luna follows?

Anyway, I bought a few things for Dusk during the “Feel the Love” for Dusk sale (ends tomorrow.)

Dusk’s Mid-Length Hair (numerous morphs; I especially like the “hat” and “crown” adjustments), Dusk’s Creature Head Morphs (only need Luna’s to complete the set), and Sculpted Dusk (handy for dialing up a variety of bodies.)

What I wish was in the creature set — I realize these are head only; just sayin’ — are claws. My scary folks need claws.

I don’t do much with creatures but sometimes those morphs can be mixed a little with other ones for interesting results, like with Jayne up there.

Holiday renders #04 (plus some little freebies)

A render for the cat people. Another inspiration from Pinterest.

Hivewire House Cat contemplating more mayhem. Most of the decorations were from RDNA holiday freebie fests, but a couple are DAZ products: Yuletide Joy Ornaments and Christmas Tree Ornaments. I think I might have got them as freebies though.

I do sometimes buy holiday products, even if it doesn’t seem that way, ha!

And…I created a static card prop with mat poses for DS and Poser. Images for the front only, no interior. The card is sized more for display on a shelf or table but I also added a resize preset to make it more human hand friendly (middle card.) If you want to make your own card front, crop images to around 700×900 pixels.

Download: DAZ Studio (duf, dsa) and Poser (pp2, mc6)

Also, I saved the cat pose. It’s not fine-tuned so feel free to improve upon it. 🙂

Pose Preset: Click and Save Link As:

HW Cat – Sitting Mischief.duf

Thumb: Click Save As

Hopefully the contents of the zip file work okay — please let me know if something goes amiss! I included both the DS and Poser content libraries in one zip file because I’m feeling lazy. Just delete whichever one doesn’t suit your needs.

Also, I didn’t make any iray presets but converting them with the basic uber looks fine to me:



Halloween Shabby Chic textures for Floors-N-Walls

A little late for Halloween, I know. Let’s just say it’s really early instead. 😛

Download Halloween Shabby Chic texture for Floors-N-Walls (182 MB!)

Required: Floors-N-Walls (free)

Info: DAZ Studio only duf format; I haven’t gotten around to making any other material files. The textures for the Floors-N-Walls are all image map based though, so Poser users could add these textures manually.

There are a bunch of mix-n-match presets for the wall, panel, floor, and trim. Some are purely Halloween-related, others more neutral. There are plain wood and plain plaster presets, including “tintable” options.

Edited to add: These are basic DS default materials. They’re very simple and should convert fine to iray, ubersurface, or other shaders of choice.

Again, I made these for the free background set for the Fantasy Attic’s 2018 Halloween Gift Page (Day 10) and the bonus background here.

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial renders.

Bonus texture; no image maps just tiling so this one is DS only. You’ll need the free Kamelian Wall Megapack.

Also, for a little extra variety you can add this architectural detail prop to the Floors-N-Walls:

It’s free; download it here: Base and Crown Molding

It’s not texture-map friendly because of the scaling requirements but it looks pretty good with just plain old diffuse coloring.

Halloween trans maps for tablecloths

More bits and pieces for an elegantly spooky Halloween scene. I made a few transmaps for tablecloths that, alas, are now unavailable:


Still, a few folks probably have these installed so decided to share anyway.

The first is an old RDNA Real Deal set, the second is a DAZ Holiday PA freebie from a few years back, and the third — Decor Throws — is an old freebie that’s long gone. The Real Deal tablecloth and decor throw set might work okay with any round or square cloth prop. I can’t use dForce on my machine, but again the transparency maps should work okay on anything that’s round or square.

Click to view the full-size image and save:

RDNA Real Deal Round Tablecloth

Holiday End Table Runner

Square Cloth – Spider Lace

Square Cloth – Spider & Web Lace

Square Cloth – Web Lace

What they look like in use:


Just plug them into the transparency channel at 100%. You can use them with a diffuse color or with a texture. The examples above were rendered with velvet fabric I made in Filter Forge. (Doesn’t work with tiled textures though; I’m not aware of any way to decouple the tiling ratios for diffuse and transparency maps in DS.)

Last minute Halloween costume



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Most Digital Creation’s Sign Prop

Info: Pretty much self-explanatory; previews of the sign textures in this post.

As previously mentioned, the prop loads roughly in the right hand area and you’ll have to make a few translation and/or rotation adjustments to the sign after posing the figure.

Poser and DS files in the Poser runtime; move around as suits your needs.

It took me so long to upload the zip file because I couldn’t figure out why my scaling pose for the prop didn’t work in Poser. Worse still, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t even save the scaling preset in Poser itself. I tried everything and was baffled as to why I wasn’t getting that little “+” to save the file.

Finally, it occurred to me to search for issues re: prop poses and I discovered that sometimes prop poses don’t work unless there’s a figure loaded into the scene. I think this is very strange and can’t imagine why anyone thought it was a good idea, but at least I finally figured it out…

No poses, though I still might give it a try later.

As always, please let me know if there are any issues with the zip files.