And one more

Monique 6 gets a little witchy. For some reason, this year I’m into witches wearing old-fashioned dresses. Plopped an exaggerated witch hat on her traditional African headwrap. Mixing up Victorian, African, and toony, ha!

Anyway, it was an experiment to see if the textures/normals from the Epic Pumpkin Pack would work on Ethin’s free pumpkin, and they do. Saves me some time retexturing things when I want a pumpkin with morphs.

The little round box she’s holding is from a set I forgot I had: Magic Containers. Nice props in that one; a little unusual too.

A few seasonal renders

Waving good-bye to Halloween 2018 with several little renders inspired by images from Pinterest — if I see something I like, I wonder if I can get a close approximation in DS. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but always worth the effort (especially when it means I finally render stuff that’s been sitting around neglected for a long time.)

Applied a Topaz Clean filter on this one at 100% strength, something I don’t do very often. Used a few shaders to retexture an oldie — The Iron Gate — and it took a few tries to get the fallen leaves and the tree leaves to look closer in color to each other.

Picket Fence from another oldie — 3 Raven Court Expansion. Also finally used a few XFrog tree freebies I’d had sitting around for a while.

The old Toonimal Kitty returns! By now, I’ve accumulated a lot of witch hats…

Maybe I’ll try and get back to the weekly render thing. I kind of lost the drive after my kitty died, but it would be good to start up again.

Getting back to things

It’s been nearly two weeks since we said good-bye to Patches. I still get emotional about it, but I’ve always been one of those people who cries easily.

It was a peaceful end at home; no fear of a car ride and vet office visit for her last moments. The tumor was very aggressive, poor little thing. Her jaw was so malformed she couldn’t really eat. It was the right decision, but still a very hard thing to do.

She’s buried in the flower garden alongside the patch of woods in our back yard. We bought a cat wind chime to place by it, one of those that makes pretty tinkling sounds. I also sent her off with a couple kitty toys and a package of treats — told the husband it was an offering to Bastet, to watch over our girl.

I don’t believe in such things, of course, but it made me feel better.

My son turns 29 tomorrow — only one year until 30! Egads….

We went to see Solo last week. I thought it was okay. My favorite of these new Star Wars movies is still Rogue One.

The computer guy came by earlier today to check out my old beast of a machine and declared — not surprisingly — that updating it wasn’t a practical option. So we’re now looking into buying a new one that he’ll build for my purposes.

I haven’t been doing much with DS lately anyway, though I did take a stab at a few weekly renders. I just didn’t get around to posting them. Nothing particularly inspired but it’s a start.

Out of Gas, featuring Dawn and a pink VW/camper and my ongoing efforts to get the VW materials to look okay — also, first time using Stonemason’s Dirt Shader for DS (gas can, traffic cone)


Izanami G3F with the Ashen V4 texture (again) and head gear from the G2F Geisha bundle


“Darkness and Light” – an image effect experiment with the V4 double-sided morphing fantasy cloak on Hitomi


Indulged in a little budget wrecking re: the recent Victoria birthday sale at DAZ and a few nice sales at Renderosity as well. Mostly utilities, as I want to stock up on more shaders, converters, etc., but I also finally bought Monique 6! I have quite a few Genesis 3 base figures waiting in my wishlist but Monique 6 was the last of the Genesis 2 ones.

Still not buying much for Genesis 8, but a short while ago there was a very nice deal on Young Minto for G8F — a character as well as clothing and props — and so I picked it up. I wasn’t sure if I could use the dForce outfit, since dForce doesn’t work for me, but most of them are rigged. At a price that low, it was worth a shot — and it ended up looking pretty good. The character is nice too — since I don’t have any DAZ morphs or base figures for G8F I’m only considering characters that don’t require any of those resources.

The kitty glasses alone were worth the purchase (I don’t have much in the way of Iray lighting though…)

In addition to Monique 6, DAZ parted me from my money on a whole bunch of stuff: Treasury of Books; Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Genesis Pack; Genesis 3 UVs for Genesis; Genesis 3 Clones for Genesis Bundle; Wear Them All – Autofit Clones Expansion for Genesis 3 Male(s) and Genesis 3 Female(s); Genesis 2 Male and Female Base UVs for Genesis; David 3 for Genesis; V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis; Kenzi Outfit for Genesis; Dynamic Casuals for Genesis 2 Male(s); Sebastian Hair Bundle; V5 Shoe Pack; Handy for Genesis; Genesis Evolution: Muscularity; Toon Amy for Genesis (Bundle); TreadZ for Genesis 2; Mary Janes and Socks for Genesis 2 Female(s); Mavka Starter Bundle; SY Clothing DeMuscler And Waistband Fixer for Genesis and Genesis 2 and 3 Male(s); Clothing Smoothers for DAZ Genesis 2 Female(s); Advanced Wood And Metal Shaders Bundle; Zena V4, and SG Head Dresses for Genesis.

Mostly Genesis and Genesis 2 stuff. I also acquired a decent assortment of freebies: Sci-fi Desks and Chair; Warrior Maiden Tanwen; Garden Escape Well; V5 Summer Set; Commercial Hallway, and Medieval Castle Tower Interior.

In comparison, the budget wrecking at Rendo was much more modest: The Cuddler Chair Set; Luca for Genesis 3 Male; Dante78’s Medieval Manor; Love Me Bows, and Pd-Dirty Pretty Daz Studio Shaders.

Gotta install all that. Also gotta get back to my pose project, as it has been quite neglected!

Weekly Renders: Week 18

Ah, very busy this past week. Falling behind on all my scheduled fun stuff, boo! And I have to take one of the cats to the vet in a few hours. Not my favorite task (or hers; she’ll howl the entire 15 minutes of the trip from within her little kitty carrier.)

This one is because I bought a bunch of V4 things at Renderosity — those 60% – 80% off sales, plus grab bag deal, were too hard to resist.

So Ashen for V4 on my Art Doll morph for V4. I messed with the skin settings to get her pale rather than pinkish. Also used the Sheriwyn Hair that had been at RDNA — it’s old, but I still like it — and Lily Nymph V4 with a shader from Phoebe’s Fancy – Shaders for DS and Poser.

Today’s weekly render brought to you by the color red!

Weekly Renders: Week 17

Past time for a render with a male figure.

Not sure what the problem was with this one, but it took forever to render. I wanted to do a larger version, but it would’ve taken hours and hours and I just don’t have the patience for that.

It was probably all those leaf transparency maps. I used the Nature’s Variance shaders but, alas, it didn’t have an option to turn off ambient occlusion. It also loses the diffuse map detail; even with bump maps added, it doesn’t work real well with closeups. The original maps come with “tints” for the leaves, but they didn’t look quite right to my eye. Maybe I should experiment more with the surface settings.

ANYway, did this one because I recently bought Poseable Trees with Ivy. It was a lot easier posing the tree branches to work with the character than the other way around, so in that respect the weekly render was a success. Really like this tree prop.

G2M wearing the Troubadour outfit, Midnight Prince Hair M4 and the V4 male face version from the Bell V4/A4 texture, converted to M4 in TC2. Also used the Autumn Leaves prop.

I also really like that Troubadour outfit; will have to find more projects for it.