Tropical Xmas Tiles

Plain fabric tiles; no cloth texture overlay. Okay to use as a resource to make free or commercial freebies. Do not sell or redistribute these tiles “as is” elsewhere; please just link to this page if you wish to share. Click to view the full size image, then save.

If you want to add some texture, here are a few other tiles to use for that purpose:



Above, bump map version of the first texture

fabric white 1


Click on the image to view full-sized, then right click-save. All were made in Filter Forge.

When I use these, I usually apply the texture pattern over the print tile as a new layer set to Multiply at around 50% (more or less; depending on the image used). Then I duplicate the original pattern tile as a new layer, move that layer to the top, and then change the layer settings to Dodge at about 10% – 15% (depends on the image.) Sometimes I use Overlay or Screen instead; again, it all depends on the image.

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