Limited Time Freebie: String Lights Clipart

Design Cuts has a nice freebie, available until Jun 15 2018 (registration required)

It’s a nice set of backgrounds and png images for DIY backgrounds too.

Not around recently due to just not being in the mood. 😦

Some might recall me mentioning I have a couple of elderly cats, and a few weeks ago I took one to the vet. She had a small lump in her jaw. I was hoping it was a tooth abscess — her sister had this some years back — but it was a tumor. On top of her kidney disease. Sigh. Poor little thing. In the last week or so the tumor has grown quite large; she’s having trouble eating with her jaw so misshapen.

We have an appointment for Tuesday afternoon for the vet to come by for euthanasia. Dreading the moment, yet relieved we can do it at home.

Some folks deal with things like this by keeping busy as a distraction, but I’m not one of them. The sadness will fade — and she’s been sick for a while so I’ve had time to prepare — but I’m still going to feel this way for a while longer yet. She’s been a part of the family for 18 years…


A few retro theme related freebies

Fog overlays for your noir projects and transparent night sky star patterns, both from PixelBuddha.

20 Mysterious Fog Overlays:

Night Sky Patterns:

Whoops! Forgot to add freebies by jojo-ojoj. I’m not going to include all of them here, but here’s one that’s retro chrome friendly:

!Metal seamless textures


Design Cuts Friday Freebie, Arabella 7

Design Cuts – Shells Vintage Color Illustrations

Pretty! These are free for a short time only. Registration required.

Operation Isabella 7, Part 02! Got her lips to look less goopy so now I have a material preset called No Goopy Lips. I also think I like her more in someone else’s skins. I gave her a test in 5 Days of Ravage V4, which I picked up some time back, and also the newly acquired Endora V4:

Also, I’m delighted to see that my dial morph Oksana V4 ended up in the Renderosity newsletter, and a couple of my renders made the HiveWire newsletters. 😀 Squee!!!

I’ve been thinking about uploading to Renderosity galleries again. It’s been years since I’ve done so, but now there are reward points for uploads and my Rendo wishlist is two pages long…

Back to the retro tech and robots post I’m working on — it takes a little while to assemble all this. And invariably, I find something I missed that should go in the previous listing post, ha!