Halloween Shabby Chic Backgrounds

They’re up for download, yay — and obviously I’m excited about the release of my own freebies, ha! You can download them here.

And because I’m in a background mood this Halloween, there will be bonus backgrounds (in addition to the cornfield stuff I’m playing with.)

For the folks not so enthused about backgrounds, I also plan on uploading the room texture files I’ve been using in these images. They’re mostly Richabri’s free Floors-N-Walls from Renderosity’s Freestuff. I’m rather fond of the bug wallpapers.

3000×3000; click to view full-size image and download. Okay for commercial use.

Does anyone remember where the wire/cage version of Littlefox’s Dress Form came from? I bought that product while it was still at RuntimeDNA, and I’m thinking it might have been a holiday freebie?

Retro SciFi Pulp Poses

Very late with these, and so far only M4 and V4. I do intend to convert them to other figures, but it could be a while. (Feel free to convert them yourself, if so inclined, rather than waiting for my tardy arse to get them done.)

Download here: Retro SciFi Pulp Poses for M4/V4

Let me know if there are any issues with the zip file. I did throw this together in a bit of a rush. I’ve kept Will waiting for far too long. 😛

A few previews, for references:

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

And to keep this post holiday-themed, a cornfield background image! I did have a chance to get this idea done. (I did NOT get a chance to play with the new DS shader, but I have two forum topics bookmarked, have read both PDF manuals, and will get to it soon.)

Click to view the full image (3000×3000) and then save. Commercial renders allowed.

The only freebie I used in that one is the wooden sign by Powerage, and commercial render use allowed per the readme file.

Christmas in July: Southwest Backgrounds


An idea I wanted to explore, but ran out of time. All I ended up with were a few 3000 x 3000 backgrounds. 😛 Right-click-save-as etc.

Xmas-Cactus-01A Xmas-Cactus-01B Xmas-Cactus-02A Xmas-Cactus-02B

Okay for commercial use.

The terrain was a Renderosity 2014 Christmas freebie by Vikike’s (Little Desert Scene; no longer available), with Cybrea’s Holiday Light Bulb string, a cactus from RDNA’s Cacti Mega-Pack as well as their old Dead Grass freebie, one of Noggin’s Crows, and Mada’s 2014 Christmas Gecko freebie.

Stocking Stuffers #07: Winter Scenes


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: More backgrounds! I guess I was inspired to do something to compliment the Snow Days pose sets. The snow props in the backgrounds were all textured with the same seamless tile used for the snowball in the pose sets, so matching them to the backgrounds should work okay. Feel free to use the tile texture any other snow props you use.

Again, links to all the props I used are in the readme file.

Up next? I’m still workin’ on it…