A cute V4 limited time freebie for Poser users

It’s in this month’s issue of DS Creative Magazine, so it’s something y’all might miss — and it’s available only through the end of the month. The link wasn’t working when I tried to download her — maybe it’s been fixed by now — so if you have trouble with the download, just copy the link from the promo image and open it in a new window.

v4cr-candy cayne

There actually aren’t any DS materials for this one, ha! But I took her for a test drive on Priscilla, and I’m kinda liking the pink make-up.


Oh, and there are bonus textures for the bikini bra and boys shorts from V4 Basic Wear.

Edited to add: She’s by 3DSublimeProductions and requires A4 and V4 Morphs++ for the included character morph.



Scary Cherry Xtras Add-On



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Scary Cherry (and Baby Hair for the Cherry fit preset)

Info: An set of textures in the same style as the Scary Cherry Xtras, but with four additional skin tones. Reminder: Poser users will need to adjust for the displacement settings since my DS to Poser converter doesn’t handle that.

I wanted to upload the dirty layer I’d used, in case people wanted to reapply it for an even more grubby effect, but apparently I did not save it. I saved the original texture PSD, but somehow failed to add the dirty layer to it. Dumb me. 😕

Maybe for Halloween I can come up with a new dirty layer and a bloody one as well.

Previews inside…

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Glitter Nails for Muggie, Cookie’s Free Nails, & V2


DOWNLOAD (Cookie Nails)



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Muggie, Finger Nails for Cookie, Victoria 2 and/or Millenium Girls.

Info: Victoria 2 is no longer available for purchase, though you can still buy Victoria 1. I think they’re the same figure, but V2 came with morphs. Edited to add an example using the Mil2 Preteen Girl:


The set for Cookie’s Finger Nails comes with an extra texture. It’s kinda gaudy but…well, it’s Cookie. She’s a toon and can get away with it.

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Halloween Treat #09: Multi-Figure Halloween Glitter Nails

prev_halloween-glitter-nailsDOWNLOAD: Genesis 1/2 & Dawn DUF *** Other Figures DSA/PZ2 & Dawn PZ2

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: We Got Nails (for Cookie only)

Info: A set of totally frivolous novelty nails for your figures’ Halloween shenanigans. Covers all the Mil3 figures, V4 and her various morphs, Kids 4, Cookie, Sadie, Dawn, and characters for Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Pretty much all of the figures with fingernails/toenails that I have installed.

Set includes 5 colors: Devil/Blood Red, Pumpkin Orange, Frankenstein Green, Witchy Purple, and Midnight Black. There are also duo-color version: Black-Green, Black-Orange, Black-Purple, Black-Red, and Purple-Green.

Genesis 1/2 materials may need the secondary specular channel turned on or off, depending on what lights you’re using. Also, the textures work best when the nails aren’t too long, otherwise there’s some glitter stretching (which makes the glitter fairies very sad.)

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, for those newer to DAZ/Poser, that the A3/V3 materials will work on all other Mil3 characters, including Laura and Maddie.

Credits: REC June (a slightly modified version,which I should probably upload) with the Elite Ariana V4 texture, Midnight Hour Hair V4, and Skeleton Outfit V4/A4/G4.

Halloween Treat #01: Jack and Sally for Bong/Bonga

Jack and Sally for Bong and Bona, for DAZ Studio and Poser (Character textures only, no clothing or hair included)


Usage: Should be used only for non-commercial projects because these are recognizable movie character likenesses.

Required: Bong and/or Bonga

Info: Two textures each for Bong and Bonga inspired by Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also included are a few fits for Bong (which also work on Bonga) for several free props.

If you own Bingo for Bong, you can use some of the morphs with the Jack and Sally textures. The mouth images do not line up with Bingo’s mouth morphs, though, so it’s probably best to avoid those.

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