For Kettu, Dawn’s Small Shoulders morph examples

Hope this helps!

Arms down 100%, L to R: Default, Small Shoulders +50%, Small Shoulders -50%, Small Shoulders -100%


Arms down 100%, Small Shoulders -50%, side and back views


Arms down 75%, forward 50%, Small Shoulders -50%, front/side/back views


Arms (whoops; typo!) down 75%, Back 50%, Default/Small Shoulders +50%


Arms up 75%, forward 50%, Small Shoulders -50%, front/back/side views


Arms up 75%, Back 50%, Default, Small Shoulders +50%, Small Shoulders -50%


Small Shoulder morph +50% on modified Dawn body, V4 autofit clone results (last one is actually Dawn clothing!)


Small Shoulder morph +50% on modified Dawn body, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 autofit clone results

As mentioned earlier, the -100% setting is into “creature territory,” but obviously the morph isn’t intended for this kind of usage. Also, the vendor mentioned it’s mainly intended for “arms down” type of poses. I don’t think it looks too bad with arms up, but some of those examples have arms in positions I personally wouldn’t use much.

For its intended purpose, I think it’s an excellent product and well worth the investment.


Speaking of Dawn…

Narrow Shoulders for Dawn

A really nice utility, for both Poser and DS users.

I was wondering if there would be any issues using it with the various autofit clones I have for Dawn and so I gave it a try:

No problems at all.

Applied at 65% strength on my Angie preset, and she has a more slender build than the default Dawn. Outfit is Riot Girl for G3F.

(( The stockings work fine too but I can never seem to get stockings to render without leaving blotches all over the legs. Very annoying. ))

HiveWire Sale thru Mar 09

A decent sale for expanding the Dawn/Dusk/Luna character resources: Who are you? Who do you want to be?

I picked up a few textures, some eyelash transmaps, and a LIE makeup set. All the character sets I bought came with DS materials, though some need a bit of tweaking. Among the sets I bought were Sora and Vanessa.

Sora is a nice pale skin tone and Vanessa a nice mid-brown skin tone. Vanessa’s materials are DS defaults and looked better after I adjusted settings.

Working on the next theme post but I’ve been distracted by playing with a bunch of newly acquired content.

2018 Weekly Render: Week 03 #3

Meeting the New Baby — a big baby, but a baby nonetheless. 🙂

I wanted to crop this one more tightly but the tail posing abilities of the Long Snouted Dragon are a bit limited. It’s an old figure, but still one of my favorite dragons. The little one is the Milennium Subdragon LE which is free with DAZ Studio. Never used it before; it’s quite small in comparison. Being free, it comes with no morphs or add-ons and so featuring only its behind worked out pretty well. Its tail was better at posing though.

One of these days I should pick up the newest DAZ dragon, unless HiveWire puts one out that tempts me more.

Dawn with the MST DRed texture, Dawn Fantasy Ranger Outfit, and Helios Hair, which I picked on the cheap during one of those Renderosity $3.50 clearance deals. Also made use of the very old Traveler Props Pack with these texturesGrassy Grounds Megapack for the ground.

I wondered what the grass props would look like from the camera top view and it’s pretty decent. I like the AoA Grass Shader but up close the grass effect looks less convincing and I suspect a top view would look odd.

Grass poke-through was pretty bad on her legs and boots so I did two renders — one with grass and one without — and combined them in postwork. The lines on the dragon’s tail spikes aren’t grass, just damage/scars to the spikes.

And here’s a right-click-save Dawn relaxing pose:

Adjust as needed, of course. 🙂

Unrelated to weekly render stuff, does anyone know if it’s possible to adjust the strength of a normal map in DAZ Studio? I’m working on making DS materials for a Xurge3D outfit but the normals look too strong to my eye. There isn’t a bump map and the displacement map looks like it’s intended to enhance clothing folds and wrinkles, not add surface detail.

It looks decent from a distance but close up less so. I did a quick google search and nothing turned up, so I suspect it’s either not possible or else requires tinkering beyond my skills.

Alternatively, I suppose I could try to blur/soften the normal map and see if that tones down the effects. Is it possible to convert a normal to a regular bump and/or displacement map?

I feel kind of ambivalent about normal maps and clothing. Luthbel is relying on them more frequently and I don’t always care for the results — this outfit has been in and out of my wishlist numerous times because there’s just something off to my eye. It’s not awful or anything, and I love that it’s for both the G3M and G3F and that is has 3DL materials, but I still can’t bring myself to buy it even though I want to support the male/female and 3DL stuff.