Sparkle Star Shader Materials for DS



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. Also okay to use for other projects, commercial or free.

Info: These aren’t strictly Christmas materials, as they cover other holidays too, but Christmas seems to inspire sparkly stuff from me. What can I say?

I made these a while back for a pair of wings (above) that used Poser procedural materials. There are probably DAZ Studio shaders for sale now that will do something similar, but it was easier for me to fall back on my reliable old Filter Forge.

There’s an “Add Ambient” preset to make the stars and sparkles glow more. Just simple materials. No Iray version, but they looked okay to me when I used the Uber Iray shader to convert them.

Again, while Poser can’t read the DS files, the seamless tiles can be used in the program like any other tiling material.

Previews inside…

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REC Holiday Materials for DS


DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio Presets || Textures (75K)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. You can also make freebies with them to share with others, as well as use them for commercial products.

Info: Big set of material presets for DAZ Studio (dsa format.) While the presets won’t work in Poser, the tiling materials can be applied in the program like any other tiling resource.

Most of the tiles are 1024 x 1024, though some are smaller, and are themed in colors of red, green, silver, and gold. (I added a few black colors as an afterthought, for those with inclinations toward Gothic Christmas styles.) Knits, denims, fleeces, leathers, quilts, flannels, satins, metals, velvets, netting, furs, sparkly stuff…and stuff I have no idea what it might be useful for, but it looked pretty and so I included it.

There are over 100 tiles plus corresponding bump maps (where applicable.) The materials were made using the Shader Baker base tiling preset, so it is possible to change the tiling ratios as well as the tiling angle. A few presets for this are included.

Re: the netting, I forgot to include a way to change colors. Just remove the diffuse image map and then change the diffuse color to whatever you’d like. Also, it may be necessary to alter the tiling ratio of the horizontal and vertical tiles to prevent vertical stretching of the image.

The reflection map presets are intended for use with small objects — buttons, buckles, jingle bells — rather than large ones, as they’re kind of busy looking.

The Shader Baker base preset is a little buggy with bump maps. Sometimes it affects the mesh in the same way displacement would (which shouldn’t happen) and it can also cause poke-through. I have no idea how to fix this, so I adjust accordingly whenever it happens.

Credits: I used a few non-Filter Forge resources that are all okay for commercial work: the Classic Santa Clip Art from, snowflake block from HG Design’s Holiday Brushes set, and plaids created in Tartan Maker.

For the image, that’s K4 Lexie wearing the Elvira texture, Velvet Hair, Gift Bag Ribbons (tag hidden), REC Glitter Nails, K4 Ballet, M4 Renaissance Ruffles, RDNA’s old freebie ornaments (scaled down to 15%), North Pole sign (don’t think it’s available any longer), and large gift box from a toon Christmas Scene set by Artemis (pretty sure it was a Rendo holiday freebie a while back.) The dress and skirt use the green velvet preset and one of the netting presets — for the ruffs, I had to scale the tiles at something like 24 x 24! The ornaments use one of the red glitter tiles and the gift bag ribbons uses the gold sparkle texture. Background from Pixabay.

Any questions, please let me know!

Previews inside…

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Xmas Sparkle Hair Materials for Star!


DOWNLOAD: DS4 || Poser

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use

Info: A small set of sparkly holiday hair textures for Star! There are DS4 (duf) and Poser (mc6) presets for the material zones “Hair” and “Bangs” for Star!’s hair props. If the hair has both those material zones, you can mix the colors.

The DS version also comes with shader presets so the textures can be used on other toon hair props.


This is a basic material shader; the tiling ratio is set 1 x 1, so you may have to adjust that ratio depending on the hair prop. Suzy Hair (left) is 1 x 1, and Penny Hair (right) is 1 x 1 and then 2 x 2. Mix-n-match sparkly colors as you wish (and material zones allow.)

Let me know if there are any issues with the zip files, or if you have any questions.

REC Steampunk Materials


prev_sp-materials-02 prev_sp-materials-03 prev_sp-materials-04

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. May also be used as a merchant resource for commercial and free projects.

Info: Over 100 material presets for DAZ Studio 3 or 4, along with tiling utility presets and a few others for bump maps, displacement, and specular settings. I added the REC Uniform materials to this set (these were tiles only and didn’t include any presets.) There are also a number of plain textures, which can be colored for matching purposes, as well as a few grunge metal materials. The latter were part of a larger collection I made for myself ages ago — before DS could even handle tiling materials! — and so that’s why those are larger files than the rest.

Poser users won’t be able to use the material presets, but the tiles themselves will work if applied manually.

With the exception of the damask print from Pixabay (public domain resources), everything was made in Filter Forge, so it’s okay to redistribute these in any projects, including other material preset projects. Feel free to colorize or alter the tiles.

I haven’t had time to make images for a preview gallery, and while I’d like to get around to it eventually, I also didn’t want to wait to link the download file…which is 120 MB! Maybe I should’ve broken it down in two parts? If you’re having trouble downloading it, let me know.

The larger preview was rendered in DS3 and the other three in DS4, all in 3Delight. I haven’t had time to really do anything with IRay; sorry. But I don’t think these would be too hard to convert with the Uber Iray shader. There’s nothing complicated about them, they’re basic Shader Baker settings.

I checked to see if it was possible to apply the grunge overlays from the two Gentlemen Adventurers sets. The presets worked, but reset tiling ratio to the old default. 😕 I really have to update those — I need more hours in my days! — but it’s not too difficult to just change the tiling ratios back to what they were.

Any questions or problems, please let me know.

Edited to add preset previews inside…

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DS Materials: REC Gentlemen Adventurers


Download: GA Rustic || GA Courtier

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Resurrecting a couple products I had at Renderosity ages ago. I think they’re a pretty good fit with the steampunk fairy tale theme.

While old, they probably still have some life left in them, and they’re not doing much good just sitting in my hard drive. These were made before DS could properly tile all linked textures — diffuse, bump, displacement — via the Shader Baker base tile, as well as rotating and scaling.

I’m working on updating the presets with the Shader Baker base. Shouldn’t take me too long, in theory, but in the  meantime the original presets should work for most projects because the material files are pretty large.

Poser users won’t be able to use the .dsa format presets, but the textures themselves work like any other tiling materials.

Original (slightly edited) description from way back when:

Mix-N-Match material surface presets to outfit your historical/faux historical/fantasy characters in leathers and woven fabrics. Each coordinated texture is 3000×3000, with bump maps and displacement for the stitches detail on the striped leather textures and for the tooled leather preset options. Grunge overlay presets provide a touch of grubbiness for all your renegades and rogues, highwaymen, and adventuring men (and women!)

There’s no substitute for a great texture add-on for any outfit, but matching textures can be a challenge for those who like to create new outfits from bits and pieces of other outfits. Whether you wish to re-texture an entire outfit set or only selected parts, pull together pieces from many different outfits, or give separate male and female sets a unified look, GA Inc’s Rustic will provide a useful starting point. The textures should work on most of the outfits, but results will depend on the object’s UV mapping — no guarantees the presets will work perfectly 100% of the time.

Displacement affects anything layered over it, so you may need to adjust for that. Specular settings should be increased when displacement is used in order to bring out the raised pattern. The overlays are intended to dirty up the outfits. They don’t tile, but this usually isn’t an issue. I’m not sure if I can get these to work in the Shader Baker base; I don’t recall there being a setting that allowed for an overlay.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Edited to add: They work fine for regular steampunk projects too (and maybe some Gothic Victorian ones):


Mechanic, by Michael Dashow

Resurrected the original promo images too. They’re inside…

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