More St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

Leprechaun M4: 182 Morphs for V4, Morphing St. Pat Hat, Leprechaun texture for 18th C Suit, Pot of Gold from St. Pat’s Day Props, Morphing Rainbow, Forget Me Not, Vikkie’s Ground 01, Clay Pipe, Hero Hair, Mil3 Males Beard, Curtis M4 texture, and the Wizard Staff

DOWNLOAD Leprechaun M4 (requires free 182 Morphs for V4)

DS materials for Pook Ale

DOWNLOAD DS MATs (requires Pook Ale)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: I made the M4 morph because I wanted to see what I could do without my usual battery of morph packages from DAZ. He turned out okay. I didn’t have much trouble fitting clothes to him with morph follower, but I’m not sure how he’ll work in Poser; I seem to remember some issues about scale?

The mats for the Pook Ale…well, I tried. I’m not all that great at glass materials, but at least these will allow the props to be used in DS. Plus, there are options for dark ale (root beer?) and green beer. The original materials called for a reflection map that wasn’t included in the zip file, and so I included one in the download file. The beer/foam/bubbles are just diffuse color values, so adjust as needed for lighter or darker looks.

A few more details for Leprechaun M4 inside…

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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Incognito


Creator: Faerie Dreams

Download: Incognito — now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”

A Favorite Because: It’s just silly and cute.

What I Did With It:

Incognito glasses, refits for K4, M4, and V4
Diabolical Genius, TB Sam fit

Download: Incognito Xtras for DAZ Studio and Poser

Notes: The download set includes quickie refits of the glasses for K4, M4, V4, and Sadie & Sam, which will probably need some tweaking depending on any facial morphs that are added. These are in pz2 format. The material files — all except for the default Poser materials — include both dsa and pz2 formats. There’s an extra couple colors for the glasses and the noses.

Credits: Bell V4, Pure Hair Darling V4, Black Alyss V4, Trey M4, Evan Hair, Bad Guy M4, Tayisha K4, Bambini Girls Clothing, and Hr-064. Also, bokeh textures by joannastar-stock.

Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Anko

Creator: 3574 (ex-Aziqo)

Download: Anko Base || Anko Clothing Set 01 || Anko Clothing Set 02
(Password required; instructions are at the top of the blog. The site includes adult content.)

A Favorite Because: Anko is a cute, unisex toon with a great little wardrobe.

anko1 anko2

temp-anko 07

Download: DS 3.1 + mats for Anko
Download: Poses for Anko (pz2 format)

More info and previews:

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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Mike’s Tiki Bar

Mike’s Tiki Bar, RDNA

Creator: Traveler

Download: Mike’s Tiki Bar (no longer available, sorry)

A Favorite Because: It’s a really nice set of props with a theme that’s a little different.

What I Did With It:

The Tourists (postworked a bit)

Download: DS 3.1 + Mats for Mike’s Tiki Bar

Another version:

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