WIP: Dusk dial morph 02



Still fiddling with this one, but mostly there. Requires the Dusk starter morphs, head/face morphs, and head morphs resource kit, just like the Dawn dial morph WIPs I recently posted.  He’s wearing Tempesta3D’s Marcello texture, with Aram Hair by Joanna/StudioArtVartanian (missing her very much.)

Below is the first attempt test render, which I did while playing with the Alex Hair M4 by Lady Littlefox. Having trouble with this hair prop; getting file errors for the main duf file (hazards of changing file locations!) and OMG it takes forever to render! But I was so excited to see it because I immediately thought: “Ooooh, now I can do Alex Row fan art!” I’m not really into fan art, but still fangirly over Alex Row.


Oddly, my autofit no longer works as it used to after I reinstalled the DS-updated Dawn/Dusk/Luna files. 😕 Usually DS asks what’s being converted — pants, shirt, boots, gloves, skirt etc — and I no longer get that option. Argh!

Anyway, I wasn’t happy with his mouth so I worked on it a little more — and continue to be frustrated that there is no morph dial to lower or raise the nose. (There are a number of face morphs I wish were available, but working with what’s available here.)

Probably the final version, wearing 3D Universe’sAxel texture:


Axel’s skin is a bit more painterly, so it’s the next best thing to a no texture render. Then I gave CWRW’s Taka texture a try:


There’s some texture stretching under the nose, unfortunately, that makes the stubble look more like a thin mustache.

In the end, I guess he’s kind of the Dusk version of Hugh M4 (which, I realized much later, looks an awful lot like my old college boyfriend):


Going to do one more face dial, then get to work transferring the parameter values over to Poser.


Late night dial spinning


Working on some of the Dusk dial face morphs. I apologize in advance for the textures; I just don’t have enough for this character. I realize tinting a texture a darker color is cheating, but it’s all I’ve got for the moment.


I probably should’ve used the brown texture for Omri Hair to match the eyebrows, but this is good enough for a test render.

I also hauled out V4 and took the old girl through a few humorous dial spins:


She looks so friendly! Like a grandmotherly ogress in a hot babe outfit (first time I’ve ever used this outfit, btw.)

Then I felt guilty for ignoring G3F and tried to do something with her too:


She looks like a Martina to me and so that’s what I named her. Anybody interested in her preset? You’d need the G3F Head Morphs and V7, as she uses a bit of V7’s head shape.

V4/M4 still win, hands down, in regards to the ease of creating lots of interesting and diverse dial morph characters. The G3F Head Morph set doesn’t have nearly as many dials as the old Morphs++ sets.

But she’s a pretty figure, this G3F, even if harder to dial morph. I’ve considered buying that 200+ Head Morphs set that’s at DAZ, but there’s no male equivalent as far as I can tell and I’m not really interested in having the one without the other.

Edit to add: Look who I finally bought! Lee 6, woo!


Squee Tree Decorating Poses


the decorating was not progressing as planned…

DOWNLOAD: DS 4 (Squee, Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dawn, Dusk, Star)
DOWNLOAD: Poser (Squee/M4/V4)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Squee the Little Fae Dragon for DS/Poser, round bulb from free Gothic Christmas Ornaments, and any of the free broken bulb ornaments from here or here.

Info: A small set of tree decorating poses for Squee the Little Fae Dragon. Many Squees can decorate a tree!

There are bonus matching poses for various figures: V4 and M4 (Poser format pz2) and Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dusk, Dawn, and Star! (DS duf format.) The poses were first made for M4 and V4, then converted to other figures. I don’t know how to make poses for Poser weight-mapped figures from within DS 4.8, but the M4/V4 poses convert okay and mostly need adjustments to the hands and feet.

The poses make use of a free ornament and a free broken bulb prop. Other ornaments will work too, with a few adjustments.

Parent the ornament or broken bulb to Squee before moving the figure. If you need to move the figure/Squee/prop group, parent everything to a null or group first. Minor adjustments to the poses may be needed depending on clothing or the figure’s morphs.

No expressions this time. Or mirrored poses — those are easy enough to do in DS; if anyone has a question about that, I’d be happy to explain how it’s done.

The Squee poses:


Poses for M4/V4:

prev_squee-xmas-02 prev_squee-xmas-03

The other pose previews inside…

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Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dusk



DOWNLOAD: DS4 || Poser

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dusk Casuals

Info: Just a few holiday items from me this year, as I continue to feel a lack of inspiration.

I made these textures last year…and then forgot about them. Rediscovery comes just in time for Dusk to experience one of the most time-honored traditions of the holiday season: the ugly Christmas sweater. (He missed out on the dancing reindeer, after all.) Files are DUF and MC6.

I made two other textures for the top and one each for the jeans and shoes. Preview inside…

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Axel for Dusk (DS)


Spent my monthly budget already. I was holding off, waiting to see if anything interesting would show up during the DAZ PA sale, but then HiveWire released Axel for Dusk and that was that. So my pretties for this month:

Characters_Dusk Axel 1

Figures_G1 Kimberly Clothes_G2F Victorian Gown Clothes_G2M Eldritch Seeker

Axel is a great deal! For a little less than $15 (I had reward points), I got a character morph, a nice skin texture, jeans, t-shirt, sandals, and hair — and 3Delight and Iray materials for everything. Now that’s the way to sell a new character, imo, not the over-priced-to-push-the-bundle-not-the-single-character strategy DAZ employs these days.

And everything in the Axel bundle is 100% useful for me. The hair prop is especially appreciated; there aren’t a lot of everyday hair props for the guys.

Poser users are probably a bit frustrated because he’s DS only right now, but at least they know a Poser version is in the works. This is what I really like about HiveWire; the products from the core group are almost always dual-platform — even if there is a time lag — which is great customer service.

Not to be ragging on DAZ, but a newly released character over there is twice what I paid for Axel, and what do I get? A skin texture and a morph. These may be quality skin textures and morphs, but eh…at those prices, I can live without them.

I’m not boycotting DAZ or anything like that, but I just don’t spend as much as I used to. Not even during the big sales. I did pick up Kimberly for Genesis, so Konrad would have a companion in hijinks, finally bought the Victorian Gown for G2F, and then added Eldritch Seeker for G2M, yet another great Luthbel outfit for the guys.

There were a few Oskarsson things I’d considered picking up if DAZ did a grand finale sale — The Nook, Duffle Dream, and Kamrat — but those will have to wait for another budgeted shopping spree. Sigh.

Apropos to nothing, this is one of my favorite DAZ promo images; it makes me laugh every time I see it. The look on V4’s face:


Oh, and before I forget, I did a couple test renders with Axel’s 3Delight and Iray mats. The latter took nearly an hour, but I don’t have a high-end Nvidia graphics card.


3Delight Axel, saying “What? I’m just borrowing Teen Justin’s poses, not stealing them.”



Iray Axel, thinking, “The RedEyeCat person gave me a boring M5 pose in a boring Iray render…why does she hate me?

Yeah…not too savvy in Iray renders, but he looks pretty good anyway.