Visions of the Future – Free NASA “Tourist” Posters

Related to the current blog theme — free posters to download.



Bronze Age freebies


So now I have a G3M texture, yay! Ragnar was in the FastGrab for $6; don’t have Gianni 7 or the G3M Body Morphs, but that’s okay for now.

So if one has an Achilles, one might want to trot out some Bronze Age props! Not that there are very many of them, but Gazza at Renderosity’s Freestuff has a Boar Tusk Helmet and Tower Shield. Alas, it doesn’t look like he ever got around to making armor like the Dendra Panoply, but one takes what one can get when it comes to the Bronze Age.

I fell in love with The Iliad when I was fourteen, and so the Bronze Age and Trojan War has always been a thing for me. Even after all this time. 😀

Off-Site Holiday Freebies & Sales



Download – more free knitted Christmas textures!


Download – always useful for “wrapping” 3D presents…


Download – there’s more at the site; this is just the newest offering.

Store Sales

The PhilosphersEgg is running another holiday sale, with 30 – 40% off selected store items throughout December. I am seriously considering picking up this M4/V4/K4 bundle:


Snow Bears – it comes with the hats and scarves! 😀

Xurge3D is running a December 50% off sale as well, and the main page says PayPal is up and working again.

Still waiting for ali’s annual sale at Mankahoo. If I recall correctly, the sale usually starts a little later in December.

Theme: Steampunk Fairy Tales


A mash-up theme inspired by…I have no idea. It just popped into being. I think I’ll have some freebies for this one too. First, though, a listing of commercial and free items that I own and have installed. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but I hope it’ll spark a few ideas. (See Steampunk Kit-Bashing Central for more resources.)

SPFT_Beauty+Beast SPFT_Prince_Charming SPFT_The_Huntsman SPFT_Beauty+Beast_Detail

I included a number of commercial products that are no longer available for sale. Mostly to jog the memory in case these have gotten as lost in your runtime as they have in mine (and sometimes vendors may be willing to sell a discontinued item if asked; it doesn’t hurt to politely inquire.)

Modes of Transportation

vehicles_pc-steam-house vehicles_pc-steam-aircraft-dragon vehicles_pc-spirit-of-punk vehicles_rmp-steam-coach vehicles_arc-steam-dodo

Steam House || Steam Aircraft Dragon || Spirit of Punk || Steamcoach (not available) || Steam Dodo (not available)

Notes: Maybe these props are what inspired the theme!

Knights in Shining Armor, Gallant Steeds, and Menacing Dragons

m4cl_aremar-steam-armor animals_osk-hell horse textures_solaris-soul-nexus-bonus animals_pc-steam-dragon

Steam Powered Armor (no longer available) || HellHorse || Bonus texture from Soul Nexus Armor || Steam Dragon.

Notes: The HellHorse is a bit of a PIA to use in DS because its materials are Poser-only, but I’ve managed to get some decent results.

Thematically-Related Textures

m3cr_samil-anu-blue-rust mil3cr_maskedit_xtreme-skins-1 v3c4_samil-fime v3cr_samil-naiya-october-rust v3cr_sydd-gloria-industrial-age m3cr_sydd-industrial-age m4cr_raw-tin-man v4cr_samil-ina v4cr_rdna-mechanica-5-bundle v4cr_mrl-adena

Anu Blue Rust (not available) || XTreemeSkin 1 (not available) || Fime (not available) || Naiya October Rust (not available) || Gloria Industrial Revolution || Industrial Man, Tin Man || Rusty Dreams || Mechanica No. 5 || Adena

Notes: I didn’t want ordinary looking princesses, princes, or evil witches and queens, so I went digging around for some of my weirder character textures.

Extra Details

eyeware_cybten-steampunk-implants peoplebits_ant-sp-airman headware_jonnte-sp-mask eyeware_jonnte-steampunk-goggles headware_jonnte-steampunk-tophat headware_smay-steam-pilot props_faveral-nautical headware_arcebus-torpedo-hat headware_traveler-breathless peoplebits_samil-eyez-v4

Steampunk Implants || SP AirMan || Steampunk Protective Mask || Steampunk Goggles || Steampunk Top Hat || Steam Pilot || Dive helmet from Nautical Bric-a-Brac || Torpedo (no longer available) || Technophilia – Breathless || V4 Eyez

Notes: I have lots of other goggles and steampunk-ish headware that came with various outfits, but didn’t include them here.

Scene-Setting Props

scene_cyberten-steampunk-castle scene_1971s-Hydrogen-Station scene_daveo-steampunk-wall scene_1971s-rock-house scene_af-never-home scene_pc-steam-works scene_lukea-clock-tower tech_trav-electro-apparati scene_dm-inertia backdrop_AF-base-camp-vol-1

Steampunk Castle || Hydrogen Station || Steampunk Wall || Rock House || Never Home || Steamworks || Steampunk Clock Tower || Electro Apparati || DM Inertia || and the cog base from Base Camp Vol 01

Notes: Castles, towers, throne rooms, hovels where witches plot the destruction of princesses, and general scene-setting props. I have more scenes similar to these — including the entirety of AntFarm’s Never series — but these are a pretty decent representative selection from my runtime.

Mechanical Soldiers, Dwarfs, Huntsmen, & Fairy Godmothers

figures_af-work-bot figures_pc-steam-mech figures_1971s-miss-pannikin figures_jonnte-steampunk-guardian

WorkBot || Steam Mech || Miss Pannikin || Steampunk Guardian

Notes: I didn’t have a lot of “Mechanicals,” but I’m sure there are others that would work equally well.

Stuff I don’t have, but wouldn’t mind acquiring if I suddenly won the lottery

DM Clockwork, DM Eclectica, Steam Outpost, Steampunk Cryo Chamber (for Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, of course), Steampunk Office Equipment, Steampunk Shop Clutter, Steampunk Explosives, War Unicorns, Steam Pirate (Captain Hook!), a huge Steam Sword for the equally huge Steam Powered Armor, Steam Betty (she’s fantastic; why don’t I own her?!), ClariceRagnorok Mask, Mechanical Doll Wings, Druid Wings, Tube Long Skirt, and Caged for Imprisonment (which I own.)

Free Stuff??

While I don’t have lots, there’s enough for a mini-theme. This time the freebies are listed inside…

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