Art Doll 02 for Genesis – Version 2

DOWNLOAD: Art Doll 02 for Genesis V. 2

Expanded version of the dial morph in this post. I’ve added separate presets for three heads and two bodies, with a couple fix presets for the eyes.

The bodies are mostly the same except the second one has a slightly slimmer neck and minor adjustments to the limbs. The faces are also similar but with various small changes to the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  1. Load the “Basic Child” Genesis figure
  2. Add a head and body preset, turning off limits when prompted
  3. Add the mesh smoothing modifier to the figure (optional, but recommended)

Same batch of morphs required for these: Genesis Evolution: Head & Body MorphsGenesis Head Morph Resource Kit 2, and DieTrying’s 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis (free.)

Please let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Credits: The old Art Corner 2 backdrop and free MF Chair. The dollies are wearing textures from The Candy Factory for Hitomi and eyelashes from Dolled Up for V4/G1/G2F. Hair props are JenaDe Hair G1, AfroPops Hair G2F, and Two Phase Bob Hair G2/3F. Clothes are Urban Survivors G2M/F, hoodie from Mall Girl G1, Casual Wear Overalls G2F, shoes from Casual Autumn G1, and Duffle Dream G2F.

More inside…

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Halloween(ish) textures for the G3F Princess Line Dress


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: G3F Princess Line Dress

Info: A set of textures for wilmap’s free Princess Line Dress for the G3F. A bit more “classic” goth, in the Wednesday Addams mold of “classic.” The textures, except maybe one, can be used for non-Halloween purposes too.

Dress material presets as well as a few others to switch around the trim/collar colors.

Previews inside…

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Squee Tree Decorating Poses

the decorating was not progressing as planned…

DOWNLOAD: DS 4 (Squee, Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dawn, Dusk, Star)
DOWNLOAD: Poser (Squee/M4/V4)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Squee the Little Fae Dragon for DS/Poser, round bulb from free Gothic Christmas Ornaments, and any of the free broken bulb ornaments from here or here.

Info: A small set of tree decorating poses for Squee the Little Fae Dragon. Many Squees can decorate a tree!

There are bonus matching poses for various figures: V4 and M4 (Poser format pz2) and Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dusk, Dawn, and Star! (DS duf format.) The poses were first made for M4 and V4, then converted to other figures. I don’t know how to make poses for Poser weight-mapped figures from within DS 4.8, but the M4/V4 poses convert okay and mostly need adjustments to the hands and feet.

The poses make use of a free ornament and a free broken bulb prop. Other ornaments will work too, with a few adjustments.

Parent the ornament or broken bulb to Squee before moving the figure. If you need to move the figure/Squee/prop group, parent everything to a null or group first. Minor adjustments to the poses may be needed depending on clothing or the figure’s morphs.

No expressions this time. Or mirrored poses — those are easy enough to do in DS; if anyone has a question about that, I’d be happy to explain how it’s done.

The Squee poses:


Poses for M4/V4:

prev_squee-xmas-02 prev_squee-xmas-03

The other pose previews inside…

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Genesis 3 Male

I downloaded the Starter Essentials for the G3M early this morning — about 3AM; I was up watching Rocky on Netflix. 😛 I picked up the head morphs a short while ago and took him for a test drive. The G2M autofit works pretty well, aside of some crotch distortion (fixed in PSP.)


First impression? He looks really young.

I autofitted Horror Survivors – Marius G2M to him, along with Basic Hair G2M. Just dialed a few extra facial features in. There are no separate Iray/3Delight materials for the base materials; he loads for 3Delight. I rendered him in 3DL, DS 4.8. There’s an Iray render setting included, the same one that came with the G3F base.

The included content is nice: a new hair prop and basic wear. Both of those have separate 3DL and Iray materials.

I availed myself of the Gen4 content sale, since I picked up the new head morphs, and also bought Beautiful Bends V4, M4 Dynamic Jeans, Women’s Dynamic Jeans and Top, and Windwhistle Road V4. I almost bought Stratton Elite M4, as that’s the only elite skin for M4 I don’t have yet — I have his companion, Katie Elite — but I wanted Beautiful Bends V4 more.

Also, and maybe it’s just me, but I thought the sale message to Poser users seemed a little…odd. It was like, “Congratulations! Buy something you can’t use in your new Poser and you can buy some old content real cheap!”

Why I love the original Genesis

It’s because I can do this:


I really dislike skimpwear, and DAZ is pretty bad when it comes to the store’s continual objectification of the female form. One of the best things about Genesis is that it allows me, with very little effort, to put great male outfits on the female shapes. Edited to add: and the results look nicer than when I was converting between M4 and V4.

I picked up Luthbel’s Vendetta for the G2M yesterday when DAZ ran a couple flash sales by way of apologizing for the sudden disappearance of the product download library. BTW, does anyone know if this is one of those game-inspired outfits? I ran it by my game-obsessed son; he didn’t recognize it, but thought maybe it had a Castlevania look.

Anyway, first thing I did was test it out on Hiro 5 and Hitomi, since they’re more extreme body shapes. Had a little poke-through on the boots for both, and Hitomi had a masculine-looking crotch bulge I had to paint out. 😛 Other than that, the outfit looks pretty good on her, even with her little bubble boobs.

It looks pretty good on G2F’s Olympia too…and, of course, on G2M’s Darc…though using long-ish hair with the cloak is a bit of a challenge. The belt had some issues with Olympia’s hips, but considering the size of her hips this isn’t terribly surprising. Ended up changing the collision from G2F to the Kilt. Had to paint out her crotch bulge too.


I appreciate that DAZ provided clones for both G2F-to-G2M and G2M-to-G2F clothing, even if nothing I have for G2F would look appropriate on G2M. For all my grousing about the DAZ store’s fixation on pretty white girls in skimpy clothes, credit is due for providing a sensible solution for those of us not into the ol’ NVIATWAS.

I love Luthbel’s work; I own practically every outfit he’s made, though I’m still working my way through the older Mil3 ones. The materials on this outfit look kinda metallic to me and it also has a more painterly effect than a number of his other sets, although this works nicely with the Topaz Clean filter for a more illustrated apperance.

Osaka Hair is a pain in the ass to fit on Hitomi. It’s a Genesis hair prop, so I don’t know why it’s such a problem. And I completely forgot I’d bought Piratess Hair, sheesh. It looks nice with that  hat!