Holiday renders #04 (plus some little freebies)

A render for the cat people. Another inspiration from Pinterest.

Hivewire House Cat contemplating more mayhem. Most of the decorations were from RDNA holiday freebie fests, but a couple are DAZ products: Yuletide Joy Ornaments and Christmas Tree Ornaments. I think I might have got them as freebies though.

I do sometimes buy holiday products, even if it doesn’t seem that way, ha!

And…I created a static card prop with mat poses for DS and Poser. Images for the front only, no interior. The card is sized more for display on a shelf or table but I also added a resize preset to make it more human hand friendly (middle card.) If you want to make your own card front, crop images to around 700×900 pixels.

Download: DAZ Studio (duf, dsa) and Poser (pp2, mc6)

Also, I saved the cat pose. It’s not fine-tuned so feel free to improve upon it. 🙂

Pose Preset: Click and Save Link As:

HW Cat – Sitting Mischief.duf

Thumb: Click Save As

Hopefully the contents of the zip file work okay — please let me know if something goes amiss! I included both the DS and Poser content libraries in one zip file because I’m feeling lazy. Just delete whichever one doesn’t suit your needs.

Also, I didn’t make any iray presets but converting them with the basic uber looks fine to me:



Cards from primitives

Primitive planes can be made into cards, so if anyone happens to like the holiday renders I’m posting in (more or less) card ratio, feel free to grab them for cards in your holiday renders.

I loaded two primitive planes, grouped (parented) #2 to #1, scaled them down to 15% all and then further reduced the X-axis scale down to 70%. Then I fiddled with translation dials and more rotation to get them to look like a card displayed on a shelf or table. After I finished, I grouped both planes to a null so it’s easier to move them around.

Halloween Shabby Chic textures for Floors-N-Walls

A little late for Halloween, I know. Let’s just say it’s really early instead. 😛

Download Halloween Shabby Chic texture for Floors-N-Walls (182 MB!)

Required: Floors-N-Walls (free)

Info: DAZ Studio only duf format; I haven’t gotten around to making any other material files. The textures for the Floors-N-Walls are all image map based though, so Poser users could add these textures manually.

There are a bunch of mix-n-match presets for the wall, panel, floor, and trim. Some are purely Halloween-related, others more neutral. There are plain wood and plain plaster presets, including “tintable” options.

Edited to add: These are basic DS default materials. They’re very simple and should convert fine to iray, ubersurface, or other shaders of choice.

Again, I made these for the free background set for the Fantasy Attic’s 2018 Halloween Gift Page (Day 10) and the bonus background here.

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial renders.

Bonus texture; no image maps just tiling so this one is DS only. You’ll need the free Kamelian Wall Megapack.

Also, for a little extra variety you can add this architectural detail prop to the Floors-N-Walls:

It’s free; download it here: Base and Crown Molding

It’s not texture-map friendly because of the scaling requirements but it looks pretty good with just plain old diffuse coloring.

And one more

Monique 6 gets a little witchy. For some reason, this year I’m into witches wearing old-fashioned dresses. Plopped an exaggerated witch hat on her traditional African headwrap. Mixing up Victorian, African, and toony, ha!

Anyway, it was an experiment to see if the textures/normals from the Epic Pumpkin Pack would work on Ethin’s free pumpkin, and they do. Saves me some time retexturing things when I want a pumpkin with morphs.

The little round box she’s holding is from a set I forgot I had: Magic Containers. Nice props in that one; a little unusual too.