Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Retro Clothing

retro kit-bash quickies!

L to R: Genesis 1 wearing G1 Skating Dress, Genesis Tights, G1 Thigh Boots, gloves from Genesis Winter Outfit Accessories, Morphing Wide Belt, Fantasy Collar V4, and weapon/head gear from Rock-It V4. M4 and V4 wearing the M4 T-2 / V4 T-2 without the armor, weapon/head gear from Rock-It V4 and hoses from Breathless. Lee 7 wearing Super Hero Suit G2M, shoulder wings and arm gauntlets from Evilson M4, belt from Golden Age M4, helmet from Paranoia V4, and weapon from Classic Rayguns. G2F wearing G2F Bodysuit, G2F Stap Boots (socks hidden), Little Dyvil V4, gloves from V4 Bodysuit Expansion Pack, and helmet made from primitives.

more kit-bashing quickies, the Dawn and Dusk edition

Dusk is wearing the Flyboy top and SciFi head cowl from Golden Age M4, pants and boots from Desert Pathfinders G2M, gloves from Western Outlaw G2M, and head gear from Midnight Rocketeer V4. Dawn is wearing the V4 Mach Bodysuit, boots from Dawn’s Free Style, skirt, top, and headpiece from Gothic Muse V4, one of the props from Neck Allure V4, and two ear pieces from XO SWAT Weapons Unit A3.

Most of the clothing references I found for women looked modest even when tight-fitting. Maybe these looks were considered racy for their time? There are no bare butt cheeks, high-cut legs, bare midriffs, and not as much bare cleavage as I’d expected. The torpedo boob effect was de rigueur though. Triangular elements and wings/fins also popular.

Commercial clothing I own:


01. M4 Bodysuit; 02. V4 Bodysuit; 03. Toolboi M4; 04. Space Dweller M4; 05. Evilson M4; 06. Space Dweller V4; 07. Space Defenders: Commander M4; 08. Space Defenders: Security Officer M4; 09: Space Defenders Bundle V4; 10. Paranoia V4; 11. Kamrat G1 (M4 / V4); 12. Future Wilderness G1; 13. Super Hero Suit G2M; 14. Super Hero Suit G2F; 15. Force Field G2F; 16. Doctor Outfit G2M; 17. Cyber Chic V4; 18. Pin-Up Gynoid Phase 8 G3F; 19. Gothic Muse V4; 20. Callie Outfit V4; 21. Club Dress V4; 22. Denim Jacket Outfit G3F; 23. AeroDoll A3 (no longer available)

Going for a genuine retro effect? A bodysuit, leotard, or swimsuit with multiple material zones is a must.

Space Dweller for M4 has triangular details; the shoulder parts of Evilson M4 similar.

Want to add that clear plastic baggie wear look to retro space suits? The Force Field G2F should do the trick. Same for the Paranoid outfit, if worn over a second skin.

Short flared skirts with a second skin or bodysuit is another typical retro pulp look (finally a use for all those skimpy dresses acquired in various bundles over the years!) Any old-timers who have AeroDoll for A3, the outfit is nicely retro as well.

Clay version of Future Wildnerness for G1 better shows the head gear. Clay version of the Force Field outfit; it doesn’t have separate material zones. AeroDoll A3 material zones.

Commercial clothing I don’t own (yet):


01. Retro Space Suit G2M; 02. Starlight G2F; 03. Leather Bodysuit G2F & G3F; 04. Space Heroine G3F; 05. Space Hero G3M (requires Android Phase 1 G3M); 06. Retro SciFi Bodysuit G2F; 07. Eclipse Outfit G3F; 08. Retro Future G2M; 09. Space Corps G3M; 10. Super Bodysuit G3F; 11. Super Bodysuit G3M; 12. Superhero Add-On for G3F Super Bodysuit; 13. Stylized Helmet, Airboard for G3 Super Bodysuits; 14. Genesis Supersuit; 15. Galactic Force Bundle G2; 16. G-Suit 2 HD G2F; 17. Anti Gravity G2F; 18. Galaxy G1; 19. Space Suit Outfit G8F; 20. Space Dock Bundle; 21. Starship Crew Uniform G2M; 22. G.I.S. Genesis; 23. G.I.S. Empress Genesis; 24. Space Welder G3F; 25. Weldergirl V4; 26. Astrid V4; 27. Suzi Moonbeam V4; 28. Galacta Kiss V4; 29. Silicon Planet V4; 30. Sci-Fi Outfit V4; 31. Roboserver_3000; 32. Gynoid Nextgen Four G3F; 33. Spaced G3F; 34. Kitbashers Tops 12 G3M; 35. Kitbashers 6 G3M; 36. Goon Squad 03 G3; 37. Space Goddess G8F

A few of these are deliberately retro. Others would look more pulp-like if their helmet or headgear were replaced by a bubble/fishbowl helmet or at least a helmet with fins of some sort. The “Kitbashers” vendor has a whole bunch of products of this sort; worth checking out for more options or ideas. Same goes for EdArt3D, though his products are primarily pinup style and sexier than their historical inspirations.

Commercial Accessories I own:


01. Head gear from Midnight Rocketeer V4; 02. Fairy Needs V4 Genesis 1; 03. Finishing Touches: Headpieces Vol 1 V4; 04. Rock-It V4; 05. Technophilia Retro – Halon V4; 06. The Dress Headpiece V3; 07/08. V4 Bodysuit Expansion Pack; 09. Fantasy Collar V4

The fairy head prop set includes several styles of antennae for those green girls and boys. The Technophelia Retro Halon head props are all separate; apply to head gear as desired. The Fantasy Collar — available for a few other figures too — is good for covering open necks and/or adding a helmet base to an outfit.

Commercial Accessories I don’t own (yet):


01. SciFi Adventure Expansion V4; 02. SciFi Adventure Set V4; 03. Mobile Mental Enhancer M4; 04. Kitbashers Mask 5 G3M; 05. Steampunk Helmet M4; 06. Morphing SciFi Helmet G3F; 07. Crown Circlets for Any Figure ; 08. Martian Princess Accessory Set V4; 09. Classic Fantasy Warrior Princess V4; 10. Fantasy Headwear V3; 11. Celestal – HelmetHair V4; 12. Devonic – HornHair V4; 13. Morphing Wings Earrings G3F; 14. Go Go Boots for Dawn; 15. Gatling + Rocket Bra V4

The steampunk elements on the steampunk helmet are separate; leave them off and add a nice gold or chrome shader and it’s Rocketeer retro. Some of these are more fantasy than scifi, but included them anyway — there are ear wings/fins!

And yes, I included a gun bra. Just chrome it up and shoot laser beams instead.

Skin Textures:

01. Second Skin Bodysuit M4 (V4 version); 02. Silver Textures for M4; 03. Silver Textures for V4

The M4 bodysuit works fine in DS after surface adjustments. Genesis 1 can wear M4 textures and later later versions of Genesis can do so with UV swapping utilities. The silver skin textures are nice; tint them to suit. (Lots of alien character and texture sets available but didn’t feel this needed a listing.)

Quick reminder: a bubble/fishbowl helmet can be cobbled together with primitives:

Sphere, cylinder, and torus — scaled along the various X, Y, and Z axis to make the neck rim, helmet, antenna, and earpiece. Parent all the primitive parts to a null or group, then parent that to the figure’s neck or chest (whichever works best) and good to go.

Freebies inside….

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Experiments in Kit-Bashing Dieselpunk

Ophelia 7 wearing the shirt, gloves, and elbow pads from Soldier 2.0 for G3F; pants from Veteran War Dog M4; free boots from Kireta 1 M4; elbow pads from Tango Down V4; aviator headgear from Vintage Aviator G2M with the hair bangs from Steam Pilot V4; Shoulder Bandage M4, cigar from Steam Cowboy M4; ammo belts from Western Outlaw G2M, dog tags from V4 Air Crew and bullet necklace from one of Chris Cox’s free jewelry sets. Stand is one of AntFarm’s Base Camps and the barrel is from DM’s Port DM 07.

The ammo belts were a pain to work onto a female figure, even after smooshing her breasts down and trying to simply parent and scale. The bullets were hugely distorted. I tidied them up some in PSP but they’re still sad-looking. The shoes are separate right and left foot props, so I just parented them to Ophelia’s feet and posed them from there. Autofitting did an awful job on them.

Edited to add: I also applied a Push Modifier to each boot — I think at 0.35 — to accommodate the baggy pant bottoms. The boots have morphs to move the sides in or out, so that helped too.

Not much kit-bashing with Dusk. He’s mostly wearing the Panzer Crew M4 outfit, with the free bag from Messenger M4 and Dusk’s Combat Boots. The aviator goggles were an old RDNA freebie — so old they were fitted for M2. He’s posing with the free Corporal Hydra Motorcycle (still working on the surface materials for that one.) Free base by Cybrea (Rendo freestuff.)

Okay, the last one isn’t exactly kit-bashing. I just wanted to show Michael 3 in a recolored version of the Daedalus Sky Mercenary outfit. All I did was take the textures into Paint Shop Pro and convert them to black and white, with a few adjustments for contrast. Dawn is wearing the hat from V4 Air Crew and the Elegant Dress for G3F. I think the heels were an RDNA freebie too. An AntFarm Base Camp base again, this time less shiny.

I think the silver materials on his outfit could be a little duller though.

Might try a few more. DAZ Studio crashed on me when I was doing a Genesis and G3M kit-bash. RedZ hair sets are great looking but they’re temperamental. I accidentally deleted G3M and when I undeleted him the fiber hair prop somehow unfitted itself from his head. Then when I refitted the hair to G3M, DS crashed.

So I said some bad words and shut it all down for the day. 😛


Kit-Bashing: Evil Candy Corn


Freebies used:

kb_helloweencandy kb_zombieeconomics kb_rotteneggs kb_veryvictorianbelljars kb_morphingsandprop

The candy corn prop needs to be scaled up quite a bit, then inverted. It takes a little time to position the legs and arms of the other two figure props, but once they’re in place and parented to the candy corn you’re good to go. (BTW, I love the long nail morph on the Zombie Economics hands; I turned off the limits and made them into claws.) I used the sand prop instead of a rock but there are a ton of free (and commercial of course!) rock props as well as many styles of display props.

I tried an Iray render but it was way too grainy. Probably failed to adjust some setting. The glass looked very nice but the figure itself was too hard too see, especially at the bottom. I didn’t use any glass shader on the 3DL render; not sure if I have a decent one. Glass materials have always been a problem for me. Ugh.

Anyway, if anyone is so inclined to give this a try themselves, the candy corn texture is inside…

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Back home and kit-bashing

Well, it’s not a bad first effort, but must go through my oodles of content for better arms and legs.


I used the candy corn prop from the free Hell-O-Ween candy set, the legs from Rotten Eggs, a MortemVetus freebie, and the arms from AntFarm’s Tea Spirit figure. Face was a brush image I just slapped on in postwork.

Legs and arms don’t quite match style-wise, so yeah…back to the kit-bashing drawing board. 😛

Also, Kettu reminded me to add a freebie heads-up, for those who might have missed it: Genesis Scifi Starter Bundle, free for a limited time.


I had everything but the big gun turret and Scifi Bunny outfit (which I could live without, but it is free.)

SP Kit-Bashing – Multicultural Resources


Not lots of clothing and accessories for multicultural projects, and some of what does exist can come across as stereotyped. An advantage of kit-bashing, though, is the ability to eliminate or downplay anything that’s annoying or offensive.

Various Freebies

kb_free_mc_charmer-set kb_free_mc-turbans kb_free_mc-fez+turbans kb_free_mc-fur-cap kb_free_mc-renaissance-headgear kb_free_mc-fantasy-hemlet-v3 kb_free_mc-turbanv4 kb_free_mc-japanese-prop-sandals kb_free_mc-geta1 kb_free_mc-fans+pearls-v4 kb_free_mc-Goryeo-earrings kb_free_mc-hanbok-g2f kb_free_mc-kimono-v4 kb_free_mc-kimono-v4-textures kb_free_mc-yukata-a3 kb_free_mc-miko-outfit-mil2 kb_free_mc-amasuit kb_free_mc-chunli-v4 kb_free_mc-yago-m4-dynPOS kb_free_mc-Nagalingeswaran-dynDS kb_free_mc-burqa-dynDS

Resources: 1. Charmer Set for G2 Simon; 2. Soft Turban & Tribal Turban M4; 3. Turban, Turban Band, & Fez M4; 4. Fur Caps M4; 5. Balzo & Grillanda V4; 6. Phantasy Helmet V3; 7. Turban V4; 8. Japanese Prop Sandals; 9. Geta for Miki 2 & V4/A4; 10. v4 Free Pearls & Fans; 11. Goryean Jewelry #1 V4; 12. Hanbok G2F; 13. V4 Kimono; 14. Textures for V4 Kimono; 15. Yukata A3; 16. Miko Outfit for MG Preteen; 17. AmaSuit V4/A4; 18. Chun Li Dress V4; 19. Yagu M4 (Poser dynamics); 20. Nagalingeswaran Outfit M4 (DS dynamics), and 21. Burqa V4 (DS dynamics.)

Notes: The two turban sets for M4 have more options than are shown. The Phantasy Helmet for V3 resembles a Russian traditional headdress; a transparency map would hide the forehead part. The tops for the Chun Li Dress and AmaSuit could be worn with other pants or skirts. The Chun Li Dress also comes with a hair prop. Not sure how far one could steampunk a burqa, but I recently watched an Iranian movie featuring a skateboarding, chador-wearing vampire, so why not?

Image Labs has other dynamic outfits for Poser (all links now via the “download” button at the top.)

RDNA still has the newsletter freebie African Weapons. It didn’t come with a promo image, but it’s a shield, club, and spear.

Edited to add MEC4D’s Vintage Sari and Vintage Kurta!

Commercial products, credits this-a-way…

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