Christmas in July: Multi-Figure Muffin Top Textures

L to R: Aiko 3, Victoria 4, Victoria 3, and Cookie

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Muffin Top for figure of choice.

Info: Three textures for the Muffin Top: white pineapple, white Santa flamingo, and white Santa/seahorse prints.

The V3 version is NOT in the download; I just included it to show other texture possibilities using the REC Tropical Holiday Materials.

BTW, the V3 version is distorted when it loads (for me, anyway.) To fix this, select the Muffin Top from the scene tab and then, from the parameters tab, click the little arrow at the top to open the menu and select “Zero Figure.”  Screenshots (click to view larger):

muffintopfix1 muffintopfix2

Then fit the top to V3 and carry on, my wayward renderers.

Halloween Treat #09: Multi-Figure Halloween Glitter Nails

prev_halloween-glitter-nailsDOWNLOAD: Genesis 1/2 & Dawn DUF *** Other Figures DSA/PZ2 & Dawn PZ2

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: We Got Nails (for Cookie only)

Info: A set of totally frivolous novelty nails for your figures’ Halloween shenanigans. Covers all the Mil3 figures, V4 and her various morphs, Kids 4, Cookie, Sadie, Dawn, and characters for Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Pretty much all of the figures with fingernails/toenails that I have installed.

Set includes 5 colors: Devil/Blood Red, Pumpkin Orange, Frankenstein Green, Witchy Purple, and Midnight Black. There are also duo-color version: Black-Green, Black-Orange, Black-Purple, Black-Red, and Purple-Green.

Genesis 1/2 materials may need the secondary specular channel turned on or off, depending on what lights you’re using. Also, the textures work best when the nails aren’t too long, otherwise there’s some glitter stretching (which makes the glitter fairies very sad.)

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, for those newer to DAZ/Poser, that the A3/V3 materials will work on all other Mil3 characters, including Laura and Maddie.

Credits: REC June (a slightly modified version,which I should probably upload) with the Elite Ariana V4 texture, Midnight Hour Hair V4, and Skeleton Outfit V4/A4/G4.

REC Cinco de Mayo Freebies

And, finally, some downloads! I wasn’t sure how to pack these up, but eventually decided it would be easier to make a bunch of little zips than several large ones with everything lumped together. This way folks can download only what they want and install things where they’d prefer. The links to all the outfits and props are in the readme files as well as the main Cinco de Mayo Freebies post.

All presets for DS3 + and Poser 5 + — with the usual caveat that Poser users will probably need to tweak the surface material settings because I do everything in DS3 and then use a materials converter to make the pz2 files.

Click on the mini-thumbs to view larger previews. Also, this was a lot of zips to package up in a few days. I tested them, but please let me know if there are any errors.

prev_cinco-skirt-01 prev_cinco-skirt-02 prev_cinco-skirt-03
Download textures: Fantasy Dove || Crinolines I Dress 02 || Crinolines II Tiered Skirt

prev_cinco-tops prev_magical-girl-op-top prev_cinco-tsu-scarves
Download textures: Fae Top || Magical Girl One Piece || Trad Sailor Uniform Scarf

prev_cinco-still-life-h3 prev_cinco-m4cowboy prev_cinco-urban-wear-m4
Download textures: Still Life H3 || M4 Cowboy || Urban Wear M4

prev_haniwa-pinata prev_mexican-flag-morphing prev_mexican-flag-prop
Download textures: Haniwa Pinata || Mexican Flag MDC || Mexican Flag MAB

prev_cinco-de-mayo-seamless-cottons prev_cinco-de-mayo-ribbons
Download Cinco de Mayo Seamless Tiles and Ribbons

Inside, a few additional notes…

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Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Holidays 01

And now the non-toon listings, beginning with people add-ons for the holidays. Not every part of the world has snow during winter, but it seems to be the more popular view — and so clothing links are pretty much cold weather outfits, elf-ish wear, and pajamas.

Character Morphs/Textures

xmas-cr-m4-elias xmas-cr-m4-m02 xmas-cr-v4-ami xmas-cr-v4-christa xmas-cr-v4-crystal xmas-cr-v4-irisall xmas-cr-v4-joy xmas-cr-v4-winter queen xmas-cr-v4-moreen-the-dryad xmas-cr-v4-fairy-gm xmas-cr-v2-grinchette xmas-cr-milgrl-elfie xmas-cr-boris-santa xmas-cr-roxanne-mrsclaus m2-boris v2-roxanne

Eilas M4 (morph) || H4 M02 (full) || A4 Ami (full) || V4 Christa (full) || V4 Crystal (full) || V4 Irisall (full) || V4 Joy (full) || V4 Winter Queen (full) || V4 Moreen the Dryad (full; comes with plain green skin) || V4 Fairy Godmother (morph) || V2 Lady Elf (full) || Mil2 PS Girl Elfie (morph; click on floppy disk icon, then on Lit’l Uns/Roxanne/Boris link; Lit’l Uns not required) || Boris Santa Claus || Roxanne Mrs Claus || CDI Boris and CDI Roxanne

Note: Mostly wintry women (why no wintry men?) and pointy-eared people. I included H4 M02 and A4 Ami because the textures and morphs are so doll-like. The Mil2 PS and PT figures can wear V2’s textures. Boris and Roxanne are on the old DAZ forum; pages load slooooowly. Speaking of Mil2, they are of course quite old and can’t compare with the newer weight-mapped figures. But they still have their uses, and when it comes to facial caricatures, CDI’s sets are lots of fun to play with.

Edited to add: If looking for a freebie green-skinned texture for M4, there’s one here. Still coming up empty on any icy M4’s to match the icy V4’s…

Edited yet again! If the old DAZ forum is being non-cooperative, here are the direct download links for Boris and Roxanne.

Clothing, K4/M4/V4

xmas-cl-k4-elf-outfit xmas-cl-k4-frilly-coat xmas-cl-k4-pajamas xmas-cl-k4-holiday-dress xmas-cl-m4-blouson xmas-cl-m4-down-jacket xmas-cl-m4-short-trenchcoat xmas-cl-m4-volgs-jacket xmas-cl-m4-sweater xmas-cl-m4-fable xmas-cl-v4-cape-coat-set xmas-cl-v4-coat-set-01 xmas-cl-v4-down-jacket-set xmas-cl-v4-FB-coat-01 xmas-cl-v4-winter-days xmas-cl-v4-jingle-dress-1 xmas-cl-v4-jingle-dress-2 xmas-cl-v4-essentials-sweater xmas-cl-v4-Knit-One-Pset06 xmas-cl-v4-long-knit-set xmas-cl-v4-wintere xmas-cl-v4-winter-pullover xmas-cl-v4-winter-time-set xmas-cl-v4-santa-dress-set

K4 Elf Outfit || K4 Frilly Coat || K4 Pajamas || K4 Holiday Dress || M4 Jacket || M4 Down Jacket || M4 Short Trench Coat || M4 Volg Jacket || M4 Sweater || M4 Fable || V4 Cape Coat || V4 Coat 01 || V4 Down Jacket || V4 Coat 02 || V4 Winter Days Coat || V4 Jingle Bell Dress || V4 Jingle Dress || V4 Essentials Sweater || V4 Knit One Set || V4 Long Knit Set || V4 Wintere DS/Poser (or here and here) || V4 Winter Pullover || V4 Winter Time Set || V4 Santa Suit

Note: MamoMamo’s clothing sets are often a full outfit, which may include pants, shoes, gloves, mittens, headware, and scarves.

Clothing, Mil3 and Mil 2 Figures

xmas-cl-a3-nightgown xmas-cl-a3-elf-dress xmas-cl-a3-santa-dress+hats xmas-cl-a3-short-coat-set xmas-cl-laura-nightgown xmas-cl-laura-red-dress xmas-cl-m3-jacket xmas-cl-m3-winter-jacket xmas-cl-maddie-playsuit xmas-cl-matt-maddie-sweater xmas-cl-milb-snowbaby xmas-cl-ps-boy-skater xmas-cl-ps-girl-skater xmas-cl-pt-cape-coat xmas-cl-pt-winter-casual-set xmas-cl-pt-elf-outfit

A3 Nightgown || A3 Elf Dress || A3 Santa Dress (and accessories) || A3 Short Coat Set || Laura Wendy Nightgown || Laura Little Red Dress  (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || M3 Winter Coat || M3 Winter Jacket || Maddie Play Suit (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Matt and Maddie Sweater and Hat || Mil Baby Snowsuit || PS Boy Skater Suit || PS Girl Skater Suit || PT Girl Cape Coat || PT Winter Casual Set || PT Elf Suit

Note: If downloading the M3 Winter Jacket, be sure to also download the other version, which has the textures. The Maddie Play Suit also works on Matt — hide the frill and the bow — and it can double as pajamas. The snowsuit is for the older Mil Baby, but with a little patience it can be used on the Mil3 Baby even without a clothing converter. Parent the suit to Mil3 Baby, hide all the figure parts except for the head and neck, and pose the snowsuit instead of the baby. Adjust head/ hood as needed. It’s not perfect, but works in a pinch.

Textures, Free Clothing

xmas-tx-a3-babydoll-xmas xmas-tx-a3h3-ode-babydoll-winter xmas-tx-h3-adz-mix-xmas xmas-tx-k4-holiday-dress xmas-tx-m4-fable-elf xmas-tx-milb-snowbaby-fun xmas-tx-ps-boy-skater xmas-tx-ps-girl-skater

A3 Babydoll Christmas (the dress is here) || A3 Babydoll Winter and H3 Ode Winter || H3 Adzan Mix Christmas || K4 Holiday Dress textures || M4 Fable Christmas Elf || Fleece for Mil Baby Snowsuit || PS Boy Skater textures || PS Girl Skater textures

Note: You can find Adzan’s clothing for Hiro3 at ShareCG.

Textures, Commercial Clothing (all from the DAZ store)

xmas-tx-k4-bambini-xmas xmas-tx-m4-journey-scout-winter xmas-tx-m4-puck-xmas xmas-tx-m4v3-urban-warrior+mcd xmas-tx-mfd-xmas xmas-tx-mfd-xmas-wench xmas-tx-pspt-storytime-xmas xmas-tx-v4-far-journeyer-winter xmas-tx-v4-gaia-xmas xmas-tx-v4-mariea-xmas xmas-tx-v4-pixiedust-xmas xmas-tx-v4-pumpkinave-xmas

K4 Bambini Christmas || M4 Journeyer Scout Winter || M4 Puck Christmas || V3 Red Beaded MCD and M4 Urban Warrior Christmas || MFD 2009 Christmas || MFD Christmas Wench || PS PT Storytime Christmas || V4 Far Journeyer Winter || V4 Gaia Christmas || V4 Marie Antoinette Christmas || V4 Pixiedust Christmas || V4 Pumpkin Avenue Christmas (comes with new stand)

Note: Textures for the Morphing Fantasy Dress (MFD) can be used for all figure versions — including Genesis — except the SP3 version. Chohole has a bunch of Christmas-themed textures on this page, for both free and paid-for outfits. Definitely worth checking out.

Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Jewelry, Etc.

xmas-gloves-m4 xmas-scarf-v4v3 xmas-cl-a3-scarf xmas-cl-m3-scarf xmas-hr-jingle-bells-v3v4 xmas-hw-knit-cap-v4 xmas-hw-sakura-skater xmas-h2-multli-harper-beanie xmas-hw-elfama-hat xmas-hw-hats-etc xmas-hw-holly-wreath xmas-hw-k4-beanie xmas-hw-m4-robin-hat xmas-hw-v4-jingle-hat xmas-hw-v4-santa-hat-1 xmas-hw-v4-santa-hat-2 xmas-hw-v4-winter-cap xmas-sh-k4-frilly-boots xmas-sh-ps-boots xmas-sh--ps-skates xmas-sh-v4-crystal-boots xmas-jw-novelty-xmas-earrings xmas-jw-snowflake-jewelry-1 xmas-cr-v4-frosted-tips

M4 Gloves || V3V4 Scarf || Scarf from A3 Go-Go (or here) || Scarf from M3 Set (site has adult content) || Jingle Bell Hair, comes with Santa hat, antler and star headband || V4 Knit Cap  (site has adult content) || Animal Hat from V4 Sakura Skater || Harper Beanie (multi fits) || Elfama Hat || Holiday Head Gear (comes with garland and balloons) || Holly Wreath || K4 Beanie || M4 Robin Hat || V4 Jingle Hat (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || V4 Santa Hat 01 || V4 Santa Hat 02 || V4 Winter Cap || K4 Frilly Boots || PS Winter Boots || PS Ice Skates || V4 Crystal Boots || V4 Novelty Christmas Earrings || V4 Snowflake Jewelry || V4 Frosted Nail Tips

Note: Hats, scarves, and jewelry can be refitted to other figures. The PS Ice Skates also fit on other figures without too much trouble.

Next up: The non-people holiday stuff (except for poses.)

Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Indir for Hiro 3


Creator: Adzan

Download: Indir H3

A Favorite Because: It a great casual outfit for Hiro 3, and it converts pretty well with XD4 to Michael 4. Lots of useful fitting and style morphs. Also, there are a couple of nice add-ons for the pants and the sweater.

What I Did With It:

Hiro 3 vs Hiro 4 (aw, c’mon guys, you can peacefully coexist in my computer!)

Credits:Toon Kitty, Toon Kitty textures, Toon Kitty poses and expressions, and Floors-n-Walls. Also, the shoes from DAZ’s Lockwood M4 (I can’t remember which shoes I used on H 3), Aiko 3 Toon Eyes, and Miki Hair. Oh, and before I forget again…Media Militia’s Thought and Speech Bubbles Pack.