Fun with primitives

A cube with a plain water texture and then a plane with a caustics texture below it and under the G1 figure. It was an experiment to see how it would work.

Limited results due to the textures themselves — perspective is all wrong — and it didn’t really give the illusion of depth I was hoping for, but it was worth a try.

I’d like to try a render project similar to this concept:

Biggest problem: it would be hard to find a hair prop that would convincingly look like it was floating on water.

Also, I’ve not had much luck getting water materials to look good. I have UltruMarine, but that’s for underwater scenes. I don’t have Ocean Wide, by the same vendor, but maybe that would be better than using a cube and/or plane with a displacement map. Then again, while that prop might look more realistic, a flatter plane would probably work better with a “floating hair” prop, providing one even exists.

Any ideas for a hair prop that can do this? I have SAV Zero Gravity Hair but, again, it’s one better adapted to underwater scenes. Also have Warrior Wet Hair G3M and Christine Hair V4, both are close but lying flat in the wrong direction (great for any floating Ophelia render projects though.)

Not that dForce works for me, but I wonder if this is one of those instances where it would do exactly what I needed?


Design Cuts Friday Freebie, Arabella 7

Design Cuts – Shells Vintage Color Illustrations

Pretty! These are free for a short time only. Registration required.

Operation Isabella 7, Part 02! Got her lips to look less goopy so now I have a material preset called No Goopy Lips. I also think I like her more in someone else’s skins. I gave her a test in 5 Days of Ravage V4, which I picked up some time back, and also the newly acquired Endora V4:

Also, I’m delighted to see that my dial morph Oksana V4 ended up in the Renderosity newsletter, and a couple of my renders made the HiveWire newsletters. 😀 Squee!!!

I’ve been thinking about uploading to Renderosity galleries again. It’s been years since I’ve done so, but now there are reward points for uploads and my Rendo wishlist is two pages long…

Back to the retro tech and robots post I’m working on — it takes a little while to assemble all this. And invariably, I find something I missed that should go in the previous listing post, ha!

Just uninstalled DS 4.10

The first time DS 4.10 crashed and blue-screened my computer I was posing fingers on a Genesis figure. Gave me quite a scare but after an hour or so I got the computer back up and running.

Last night it crashed while I was looking through clothing content for high top sneakers for Kettu. 😛

This time…oh, boy, I wasn’t sure if I’d get the computer back up and running or if I’d have to take it to the computer doctor for salvaging its corpse.

Finally, after nearly all night — I went to bed at 4AM — things are back up and running.

I am now getting ready to run an entire back up of my drive, but DS 4.10 stays uninstalled as this has only happened when running that version of the program. No other program, including earlier versions of DS, has ever has crashed and taken my computer down with it.

No loss; dForce didn’t work anyway…and now maybe G8F will load without error messages re: G3F.

Before the crash, I’d finished another render with the Toonimal Kitty, this time remembering to turn off progressive rendering. For whatever reason, progressive rendering (and ambient occlusion) does not like displacement “fur.” This fur may be an imperfect solution to a minor problem, but it still looks nicer than flat skin.

Turned off the chest fur. The paws still show a distinct line at the bottom — a noise map made specifically for this little critter would likely give better results for the paws. The muzzle fur is separate, so it’s easy enough to adjust to match the rest of the body.

The tongue could use more specular sharpness. As for the eyes, they’re different from what I’m used to working with. The pupils seem cone-like.

Kitty comes with a decent number of morphs and expressions even before adding the CDI morph set.

I think I’ll make some DS 4 materials for the maps for both the Kitty and the Puppy. Show a little TLC for some old content.

Meanwhile, I will add high top recs in the comments…

Steampunk Rufus y’all!

Not a weekly render thing, just for fun!

Rufus/Meow Morphs with the Siamese texture (which I see is not showing up as Purchased for me, ugh) and Cat Casuals sneakers. I finally found a use for the Extraordinary League for G2F accessories that were a weekly freebie way back when. Also made use of Steam Pilot V4/G4, the wrench from DM Time Shadows (which I bought while it was at Renderosity), the free CogBase and free Movie Hero Vest for Rufus.

Hmmm, I should do something with the old Toonimals too, considering I bought the Toonimal Kitty, Toonimal Puppy, the CDI Toony Cat Morphs, the SS Toonimal Mappak for both the kitty and the puppy, and even the Toonimal Playtime Poses.

Did do this render, quite some time ago:

The toonimals are really old figures, but I still think they’re cute. They’d probably benefit from subd and improved materials. If I had the full version of LAMH (it’s in the wishlist) I’d try to fuzz ’em up a bit.

Edited to add: First test run in DS4.10. Used a bit of displacement on the fur. Something looks a little weird in UV mapping of the chest and (oops, forgot to hide the chest fur) bottoms of the paws. The little eyes also seem kind of…tubular? Still, not too bad!

Aw, you’re kinda cute, ancient toon kitty!

HiveWire Cat

I finally picked up the HiveWire House Cat during Renderosity’s recent Wishlist 50% Off sale, along with Cayman Studio’s V4 UVs for the G3F. There’s a great set of free LAMH presets for the HW Cat so I played around with them — and I remember now why I don’t use LAMH very often. It crashes a lot. I was doing a render with the old Mil Cat and it crashed on me near 10 times before I finally gave up and rendered the scene without fur and then deleted everything but the cat and rendered it with fur. Postwork saves the day.

old kitty looks much better when fluffed…

I’m wondering now if I had so much trouble because I parented both the cat and the books to a null group. It’s the only thing I can think of that caused DS to crash every time I tried to attach the LAMH preset.

I didn’t have as many crashes with the HW kitty but DS did take its sweet time to get to the point where it rendered out the image (only crashed twice.)

HW Cat with the free LAMH presets by Saiyaness

Love this kitty; can’t wait for the dog to show up (though I have to buy the kitten too, and the HW Foal and HW Unicorn are still in my wishlist.)

I’m having a blast with these new Dawn clones. So happy to have a wider set of clothing options for her.

The G3F dress skirt broke when I used anything other than conservative leg poses but it looks cute on her. G2F pants, sweater, and boots converted perfectly. I only had to adjust the sweater to fit over the jeans.

Took Ladora V4 for a test drive and discovered none of the specular maps were attached in the 3DL materials. So I puttered a bit with the skin settings and skewed her nose — she’s a really nice character, even if she did take a little extra work.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the V4 to G3 UV utility. Once I got the hang of it, though, I realized it’s going to be very useful. I can even use one of my favorite Aiko 3 textures on the G3F now. Yay!

Even the eyelash transparency is A3. Old textures don’t come with specular maps, and often not even bump maps, so it’s taking me a while to find the right “look” for the converted textures. Also, I have noticed that if I use the Neck Length dial morph and turn it up, it deforms conformed hair props. 😕

I’ve also noticed that nail length morphs on G2F deform/break the nails on the thumbs very badly. I’ve reinstalled the G2F essentials and still have this issue. Argh! Fixed! Third reinstall was apparently the charm.