A cute V4 limited time freebie for Poser users

It’s in this month’s issue of DS Creative Magazine, so it’s something y’all might miss — and it’s available only through the end of the month. The link wasn’t working when I tried to download her — maybe it’s been fixed by now — so if you have trouble with the download, just copy the link from the promo image and open it in a new window.

v4cr-candy cayne

There actually aren’t any DS materials for this one, ha! But I took her for a test drive on Priscilla, and I’m kinda liking the pink make-up.


Oh, and there are bonus textures for the bikini bra and boys shorts from V4 Basic Wear.

Edited to add: She’s by 3DSublimeProductions and requires A4 and V4 Morphs++ for the included character morph.


Halloween Onesie Textures for Luna


DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio || Poser

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Baby Gear – Onesie for Baby Luna

Info: Just a small set of Halloween textures for Luna’s Onesie. The DAZ Studio version (DUF) has partial presets for the trim and snap colors in addition to the full material presets. The Poser version (MC6) has only the full material presets.

So, yeah..the sole, lonely Halloween freebie I managed to get done. Too much on the plate, but there’s always next year!

Set previews inside…

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Christmas in July: Tiki Bar Poses, Multi-Figure



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Any combination of M4/V4 (pz2), M5/V5, M6/V6, Dawn/Dusk (duf).

Info: Last Xmas in July offering — a small set of multi-figure poses for the bar and bar stools from Mike’s Tiki Bar. I made the poses for M4 and V4 first, then converted them over to the other figures in DS4. The conversions aren’t 100% perfect; the hands in particular may need further tweaks. The M4/V4 poses will work in DS and Poser, but the rest will only work in DS4.

I’m not sure if I can make pz2 files for the others in DS4 without having them end up like this Dawn pz2 pose in DS4:


Yeah, not good. 😛 But if I can figure out how to do it, I will!

There are a few poses with the figure “holding” a drink, but you’ll need to adjust the hands for use with cans/glasses, bottles, or stemmed glassware. Also, since these are for a tropical setting, hands are posed for bare legs. If your figure is wearing pants, longer shorts or a skirt, you’ll need to adjust for this as well.

If you need more people standing around with drinks in their hands, this free set might be helpful. The M4/V4 poses convert okay to Genesis 1 and Genesis 2; somewhat less so with Dawn and Dusk. This free pose adjust script does a pretty good job correcting feet and hand poses between V4/M4 and Genesis 1. There are some commercial pose converters too, but I don’t own them.

Larger examples of all the figures inside…

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Christmas in July: Dusk Beach Wear

(scene-stealing zombie beach wear not included)


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dusk’s Briefs (comes with the Dusk Base) and/or Summer Fun for Dusk.

Info: Just squeaked this one in before the month’s end! Same general idea as all the others; Dusk’s briefs and the Summer Fun outfit are transformed into a tropically festive ensemble in order to match everyone else for that awkward family photo you are secretly plotting.

I had a little trouble with the Poser materials for the shirt, but I think they work correctly now. The shirt uses a transparency map for the sleeves. There weren’t separate material zones for the cuff buttons and shirt front buttons, so I had to hide them all — but they were very tiny and the equally tiny button holes aren’t noticeable. It shouldn’t be an issue unless you do an extreme close up, in which case adding a button or cloning away the button hole in postwork is probably the best way to go.

I was aiming for an elastic waistband look for the shorts, but the end result wasn’t quite as I envisioned. Not one of my more successful efforts. Sorry, Dusk! I promise to do better next time…

Presets for the Dusk Briefs and Summer Fun outfit

Christmas in July: Dawn Beach Wear


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dawn’s String Bikini (comes with Dawn) and/or Dawn’s Pleated Skirt

Info: Textures to turn Dawn’s string bikini and pleated skirt into festive beach wear.

BTW, Dusk is going to be a bit late. Still working on some of the details for his board shorts. I got a little frustrated with my shortcomings in texturing and took a break to regenerate the creative spark. Hopefully I’ll have him up by the end of the week.