Pulp poses, Genesis

Converted from the M4/V4 set, for original flavor Genesis. Download here.

Made with the base male and female shapes, so adjustments will likely be necessary for larger or smaller figures, bustier figures, more muscled figures, etc.

I’m about halfway through converting the Genesis 2 version. Slowly making progress!


Holiday renders #04 (plus some little freebies)

A render for the cat people. Another inspiration from Pinterest.

Hivewire House Cat contemplating more mayhem. Most of the decorations were from RDNA holiday freebie fests, but a couple are DAZ products: Yuletide Joy Ornaments and Christmas Tree Ornaments. I think I might have got them as freebies though.

I do sometimes buy holiday products, even if it doesn’t seem that way, ha!

And…I created a static card prop with mat poses for DS and Poser. Images for the front only, no interior. The card is sized more for display on a shelf or table but I also added a resize preset to make it more human hand friendly (middle card.) If you want to make your own card front, crop images to around 700×900 pixels.

Download: DAZ Studio (duf, dsa) and Poser (pp2, mc6)

Also, I saved the cat pose. It’s not fine-tuned so feel free to improve upon it. 🙂

Pose Preset: Click and Save Link As:

HW Cat – Sitting Mischief.duf

Thumb: Click Save As

Hopefully the contents of the zip file work okay — please let me know if something goes amiss! I included both the DS and Poser content libraries in one zip file because I’m feeling lazy. Just delete whichever one doesn’t suit your needs.

Also, I didn’t make any iray presets but converting them with the basic uber looks fine to me:



Retro SciFi Pulp Poses

Very late with these, and so far only M4 and V4. I do intend to convert them to other figures, but it could be a while. (Feel free to convert them yourself, if so inclined, rather than waiting for my tardy arse to get them done.)

Download here: Retro SciFi Pulp Poses for M4/V4

Let me know if there are any issues with the zip file. I did throw this together in a bit of a rush. I’ve kept Will waiting for far too long. 😛

A few previews, for references:

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

And to keep this post holiday-themed, a cornfield background image! I did have a chance to get this idea done. (I did NOT get a chance to play with the new DS shader, but I have two forum topics bookmarked, have read both PDF manuals, and will get to it soon.)

Click to view the full image (3000×3000) and then save. Commercial renders allowed.

The only freebie I used in that one is the wooden sign by Powerage, and commercial render use allowed per the readme file.

Pulp Pose Project: WIP 02

Our lovely models:

The poses; still need a little work:

That couple pose is not playing nice. I probably won’t get it to look exactly like the cover model, but a little closer should be possible. With the female pose, the cover didn’t show much of her legs so I just went for suitably dramatic. Same goes for the male pose, though the angle of the legs isn’t quite right yet.

I’ll get the third set in shape, then go back and do some fine-tuning before I start conversions. Whee!!

Pulp Pose Project: WIP 01

The plan is to do three sets, with each set including a couple pose, then a separate female and male pose. This should be doable, providing it doesn’t take too much time to convert the poses to multiple other figures. (I have several pose converters but results still need fine-tuning.)

Here’s what I’m doing for the first set. Starting with M4/V4 and will go to the various Genesis figures and Dawn and Dusk from there.

The inspirations:



Probably will tweak this batch a bit more. And I’ll do mirror poses as well.

Would like some feedback though on scaling. The couple pose would look better if I scaled the female down a little. The scaling would have to be baked into the pose preset. So is this okay or should I assume most folks would prefer to do that kind of adjusting on their own?