Monsters in My Cupboard Poses

(( you could add Squee too! ))


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Monsters in My Cupboard, Gothic Christmas Ornaments, and Three Broken Bulbs.

Info: A small set of tree decorating poses for the little monster figure, as well as festive materials (dsa and mc6) for the cupboard. (Blank pz2 files are included for DS3 users.)

The poses are for the base figure. Randomizing the little monster shape will require minor adjustments, as the resulting random critter may be larger or smaller than the default. The ornament prop positioned to the figure’s hand may also need adjusting.

Important! Apply the pose(s) to the figure(s) BEFORE the “Random Monster” preset. Otherwise, the pose will reset the figure to its default shape.

The tail and wings don’t have separate movement bones for posing — they can only be moved from within the morph dials — and so I had to include these settings, whereas I usually only include the translation and rotation values. Since the Poser Format Exporter doesn’t allow me to select what morph parameters I want saved, I figured I might as well just merge both pose and expression in a single preset.

Single poses

To move a single figure and its associated prop, parent the prop to the figure first. To move the figure group and its prop, it’s easiest to parent everything to a null (Poser, DS3) or group (DS4.) In DAZ Studio, scaling the null/group will also scale everything included with it.

Note for Poser users: the tiling ratio for the first four cupboard material presets will need to be added — the DS presets are 6H:2V; my converter doesn’t translate this. The bump map settings for the last two may need to be adjusted, as well as the tiling ratio for it — 6H:4V, with a -0.10 Horizontal Offset.

Wow. A lot of instructions for such a little pose set! More previews inside…

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Still working on this little pose set

A few poses for the monsters from Monsters in My Cupboard, who also want to get into the tree decorating action. They can even team up with Squee for all sorts of decorating mayhem and cuteness.


I’ve been distracted because we have a sick kitty and have had to take her to the vet. There’s been x-rays and shots…she’s not happy. My cats are 15 years old; when they get sick at this age, it’s very worrisome. Patches seems to be doing better; at least she’s eating a little now.

Aside of the not eating, she’s acting normal, so we’re not sure what’s going on.

And since she now smells funny, after visiting the vet, her sister hates her and there are dramatic episodes of hissing and growling. Ugh.

But for old lady kitties, they still get into plenty of trouble. The husband actually had to put up a temporary fence around the Christmas tree this year. The not-sick kitty, Snickers, besieged the fence this morning. She’d dragged the offensive thing halfway down the hall before the husband rolled out of bed to put an end to that nonsense.

For cats, I guess there’s no such thing as being too old for juvenile delinquency…

Squee Tree Decorating Poses

the decorating was not progressing as planned…

DOWNLOAD: DS 4 (Squee, Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dawn, Dusk, Star)
DOWNLOAD: Poser (Squee/M4/V4)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Squee the Little Fae Dragon for DS/Poser, round bulb from free Gothic Christmas Ornaments, and any of the free broken bulb ornaments from here or here.

Info: A small set of tree decorating poses for Squee the Little Fae Dragon. Many Squees can decorate a tree!

There are bonus matching poses for various figures: V4 and M4 (Poser format pz2) and Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dusk, Dawn, and Star! (DS duf format.) The poses were first made for M4 and V4, then converted to other figures. I don’t know how to make poses for Poser weight-mapped figures from within DS 4.8, but the M4/V4 poses convert okay and mostly need adjustments to the hands and feet.

The poses make use of a free ornament and a free broken bulb prop. Other ornaments will work too, with a few adjustments.

Parent the ornament or broken bulb to Squee before moving the figure. If you need to move the figure/Squee/prop group, parent everything to a null or group first. Minor adjustments to the poses may be needed depending on clothing or the figure’s morphs.

No expressions this time. Or mirrored poses — those are easy enough to do in DS; if anyone has a question about that, I’d be happy to explain how it’s done.

The Squee poses:


Poses for M4/V4:

prev_squee-xmas-02 prev_squee-xmas-03

The other pose previews inside…

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Christmas in July: Tiki Bar Poses, Multi-Figure



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Any combination of M4/V4 (pz2), M5/V5, M6/V6, Dawn/Dusk (duf).

Info: Last Xmas in July offering — a small set of multi-figure poses for the bar and bar stools from Mike’s Tiki Bar. I made the poses for M4 and V4 first, then converted them over to the other figures in DS4. The conversions aren’t 100% perfect; the hands in particular may need further tweaks. The M4/V4 poses will work in DS and Poser, but the rest will only work in DS4.

I’m not sure if I can make pz2 files for the others in DS4 without having them end up like this Dawn pz2 pose in DS4:


Yeah, not good. ๐Ÿ˜› But if I can figure out how to do it, I will!

There are a few poses with the figure “holding” a drink, but you’ll need to adjust the hands for use with cans/glasses, bottles, or stemmed glassware. Also, since these are for a tropical setting, hands are posed for bare legs. If your figure is wearing pants, longer shorts or a skirt, you’ll need to adjust for this as well.

If you need more people standing around with drinks in their hands, this free set might be helpful. The M4/V4 poses convert okay to Genesis 1 and Genesis 2; somewhat less so with Dawn and Dusk. This free pose adjust script does a pretty good job correcting feet and hand poses between V4/M4 and Genesis 1. There are some commercial pose converters too, but I don’t own them.

Larger examples of all the figures inside…

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Stocking Stuffers #05: Snow Days for K4

prev_k4-snow-days-01 prev_k4-snow-days-02


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Kids 4 and the snowball prop from the free Gumdrop Snowball Poses

Info: Similar to the Sadie/Sam set, although with a few extra poses — allย  but one are mirrored.

A number of the poses need to have limits turned off. Some of the snowball fight poses need the snowball prop parented to a hand, others don’t — they’re separated out in the folder by types. The snow boulders aren’t parented to K4. To move K4 and the snowball/boulder around a scene, either parent the prop to K4 or parent both K4 and the prop to a null.

A few poses are not very clothing-friendly where leg bends are concerned. I don’t have a lot of coats for K4 — the ones I used in the previews above were converted from M4 — and movement morphs don’t always fix the problem.

I generally work around this in a few ways, like postwork, which is limited to easily fixed issues, or by using creative posing to hide or minimize the issue. Another effective work-around is to match the jacket color/texture to those of the pants so the crunchy bends blend in a little better.

Poses have a some leeway for boots and mittens; adjustments may or may not be necessary depending on what clothing you use. The poses are all for default K4, and some will work better than others when scaling K4 up/down or altering the body shape. I assume most folks understand this, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

The snowball pose for “Launch” includes positioning for only the first K4 pose; move it around as needed.

The 12 facial expressions are grouped by snowball fight/snowman themes, but are interchangeable. The expression from last year’s Winter Kids Poses should work pretty well too.

BTW, the pose listed as “Hit Front” was envisioned as a kind of “OOF! I’ve been hit in the breadbasket!” thing, but somehow it ended up a bit…zombie-like. The butt target one turned out better. ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh, and the converted coats are M4 Down Jacket and Flyer Jacket for M4/V4. The rest of the clothing is from Winter Fun K4. The “gloves” are just second skin tiled textures, like the ones for Sam.

Next, a little something different: rustic holiday room backgrounds.