Playing: Oil Painterly Texture


My DAZ PA Sale loot so far has been the Illumberella and the Rim Light Rig. Since I’m heading up north shortly for the annual Cranberry Fest event, they’ll probably be the only things I buy.

So I sat down to play with the lighted umbrella prop, which I love because it’s just so quirky, and made myself do an actual render rather another of my usual test renders. It was inspired by an image I saw on my Pinterest feed some time back.

Also used buildings by 1971S, a few from AntFarm’s Never series, a light set from SickleYield (a PA Xmas freebie a couple years ago), and Oskarsson’s Boulevard Dress for G2F.

I really do like those CoffeeShop Blog textures, though they’re not for every render idea.


Map transfer tutorial? Plus Iray woes

I want to put Monsterina on Hitomi. I know DAZ has a tutorial at YouTube, but it’s a bit fast-paced and I do better with written documentation. A Google search turned up a few, but I didn’t find them as helpful as I’d have liked. Suggestions, anyone?

(( Totally unrelated to the above, HiveWire is getting ready to put out a special edition for Dawn, with new textures, hair, etc. So far, looks pretty nice! I’ll pick it up when it comes out; it’s a decent price for a bundle.))

I’ve slowly been poking around the Iray thing and still find it complex to an off-putting degree. I started with something simple — the light emitter shader preset. Figured it would be a good choice for coflek-gnorg’s multiple Space Segment props, which are difficult for lighting (and cameras.)


1. The original light set up from waaaay back when I built these .daz scenes; 3Delight render.


2. Switched to Iray. Glowy lights, yay! Why aren’t the Bloom parameters with the Emitter ones? I’m sure there’s a reason; just wondering. And why are my white lights yellow? Also, I forgot to apply the Iray UberBase to the rest of the ship segments.


3. Oh, that’s why my lights were yellow; shouldn’t the default temperature be a neutral white? Without the Headlamp on Auto, the interior was too dark. I fiddled around with the environment map settings, but didn’t see much of a difference. Also didn’t see much of a difference after adding the Iray Uber base, but that’s something for another day. I probably needed to up the intensity of the emitter shader. Overall, not bad, but the scene is a bit dark. I need to figure out how to correct this.


4. Back to 3Delight. I adjusted the original uber light; the interior before was a little too bright.


5. Deleted the lights and used AoA’s Ambient Light base. Not bad, if now a little too dark. Should’ve kept the spec lights.


6. Combined #4 and #5 in postwork. I like this, though I still want a glowy light effect.


7. Ran the image through Flaming Pear’s Glare filter. Took 5 seconds. Not realism based, I know, but it just looks better to my eye and takes way less time than fiddling for hours with settings I’m struggling to understand.

I don’t see myself giving up on 3Delight any time soon, tbh.

A couple of nice texture freebies

Edited to add: a second one from The CoffeeShop Blog:


One in time for St. Patrick’s Day and the other looks useful for postwork effects.

Also, if you’re on the hunt for new fonts, HG Designs has a couple of posts on freebies (some commercial restrictions will apply) here and here.

I have been very lazy with free stuff and rendering. I think it’s the weather. About this time of year, I am really, really tired of winter. Not that winter cares, as we’re due for a few more inches of snow today. 😐