Christmas in July: Hat Fits


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Tuco Hat from SAV Famous Hat Collection for M4, 70’s Hat 2 from SAV Hat Collection V4, Elfama Hat, Santa Hat Prop V4, cap from Bad Boy M4, and/or Tulip Hat V4 (download info on top of page; site has adult content)

Info: A bunch of fits for figures I use most often. They’re quick-n-dirty fits; a starting point to save a little time. I didn’t include any Genesis figures, but applying either the M4 or V4 fit pose works with a few minor adjustments.

The Elfama Hat fit only works for the cr2 version; I figured most people would use that one because it’s the one with morph options.

There are Tulip Hat fits for Dawn, Dusk, and Luna. (I made fits for other figures a while ago.) I didn’t get around to doing any Tulip Hat textures for the Christmas in July theme, but maybe I can still get something in by the end of the month.

Oh, and I forgot the link to the Bad Boy M4 cap in the readme file. Sorry about that!

Christmas in July: Festive Tiki Bar Stuff


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Mike’s Tiki Bar, Holiday Lights and/or Holiday Bulbs String

Info: Holiday party on the beach! Textures for the tiki bar as well as pose presets for both the Holiday Lights and Holiday Bulbs String props (though only the former is shown in the preview.) You can even mix the lights if you’re feeling especially festive.

Some materials may need to be tweaked in Poser. Also, the wood for the sign and the tiki statues should be tiled but my converter program does not handle this and so Poser user will need to manually adjust these materials — the mat pose applies the basic texture for those props, but that’s all.

There are red-and-green themed textures for all the tiki props except the coconut glass and the drink glass. There are partial options for light and dark bamboo and red and green thatch to mix-n-match various props.

For the tiki bar lights, load up your free light set of choice and then apply the corresponding pose presets. Parent the light props to the tiki bar parts before moving them around. The bar and panels — except Panel 2 — take three light props. Panel 2 was too narrow for the Holiday Lights, so only presets for the Holiday Bulbs String are included for that one.

You can easily move the lights  up and down on the panels, as long as you first parent the light props to a null or group.

Christmas in July: Light Prop Poses for Palm 01



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Holiday Light Bulbs and Palm Tree 01 from Lisa’s Botanicals Palm Trees

Info: Posing presets to fit ten of the Holiday Light Bulb props to the Palm Tree 01 (ONLY Palm Tree 01, so that’s the one you have to use.)

After loading all ten bulb props, apply each of the pose presets to position them up along the trunk. When done, parent all the bulb props to the tree prop. Move the tree around as needed — however, the bulbs are only applied to the front of the tree, so no rotating unless you want to readjust everything.

Kind of limited use, I know, but it gets the basic job done. Also, once the bulb props are parented to the palm tree, you can resize it, as shown above. Image on the left is 100% size and the one on the right was scaled down to 75%.

Christmas in July: Light Prop Poses for the Rustic Shack



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Holiday Lights and Rustic Shack

Info: Load up the light props 15 times, apply the pose presets, and – ta da! — your rustic shack is all festive and stuff.

Parent the lights to the shack, then move it around as needed.

If you’d like an electrical cable for a bit more realism, there’s one at Most Digital Creations. I also have a free prop labeled EZ Pose Extension Cord, but I can’t remember where I downloaded it — if anyone knows where it came from, please let me know!