Pulp Poses – Dawn & Dusk

Download: Retro Pulp Poses for Dawn & Dusk (DAZ Studio only)

Yeah…still puttering around with these, lol! Better late than never? With Genesis 2, I left off adjusting a few of the G2M poses. Gotta get back to that.

DS only, though Poser users could apply the V4/M4 versions to Dawn and/or Dusk and adjust the results — the hands and feet are usually the areas that need the most adjustment but will also likely be what you’d need to adjust to fit your scene plans anyway.

(For newer visitors, there is a Genesis version here.)



Space Babe Nolah!

Incoming Trouble! (without the halftone effect)

Adjust poses accordingly for body shapes, clothing, and whatever else needs adjusting (several above have adjustments from the original poses.)

As usual, Dawn and Dusk made use of other figure’s clothing closets. Though the Dawn Go Go Boots are great for these pulpy style projects. As is Dusk’s Hero Hair.

Gadgetry freebies, Retro-friendly

Just signal boosting for a nice set of freebies by Ghastly that are great for retro science fiction stuff, toony or a bit more steampunk/dieselpunk.

Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity) Ghastly’s Gizmo-trons (ShareCG / Renderosity), and UV Guides for Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity)

Parts come assembled but stand-alone versions are also included for assembling your own retro tech stuff. None have materials but they are UV-mapped. Perfect for all those materials and shader sets acquired over the years.

DAZ Studio only, but Studio is free to install and it’s not difficult — just tedious — to export the duf files as obj files.

Random Gizmo-tron example:

Gizmo-tron with plain diffuse coloring; toon-ish

Same but with bump maps textures

Gizmo-tron with maps and shaders, more steampunk or dieselpunk

Same, but postworked with random text gibberish (too late last night to make texture maps)

Also made 3DL materials for the Crone for Etta HD for Edie 8…quite the long descriptor there! 😛 The eye materials make use of some odd UV mapping that doesn’t work in 3DL (as far as I can tell) and I ended up swapping the eye materials with Edie 8’s. The iray eyes render okay in 3DL but attempting to convert them to 3DL makes a bit of a mess. I also had problems with I tried applying different iray eye presets; things got weird-looking.

If anyone wants 3DL versions of the base skins, let me know and I can zip them up.

(top middle and bottom right are Edie 8 eyes)


Dieselpunk/Retro Futuristic: The “What I Missed” Edition

And this concludes the dieselpunk/retro futuristic theme! I hope it inspires a few renders. I have freebies in mind to add later, but I’ll get to that in a bit…

First, for Kettu, since I missed a whole bunch from Cybertenko’s store! 😛 With so many dieselpunk and retro futuristic products I’d have to include half his store, which is silly since you can just go visit and see for yourself. But here are a few notables:


01. Great War Mech; 02./03. RetroBot; 04. Biograph Odeon; 05. Sci-Fi Modular Living; 06. Modesty Space Yacht; 07. Red Army Soldier; 08./09. Red Army: Regulator; 10. Red Army Officer

The mechs and retro bots are great! Some noir-ish and retro sci-fi stuff. The Red Army sets are dieselpunk-friendly. Cybertenko is a Poser-only vendor, so DS users will need to invest a little time in adjusting materials.

Again, there are several other vendors at Renderosity — EdArt3D, Kanaa, Coflek-gnorg, and 1971s — who have loads of stuff to play with re: this particular theme. A few favorites from these talented folks (wish I had zillions of dollars so I could support them more than I do):


01. Lodicod Device; 02. Command Panels; 03. Diva Hat; 04. Morphing Raygun & Poses G3F; 05. Morphing Funny Flying Saucer; 06. Morphing Funny Rocket; 07. JetBee; 08. Technomages Time Machine; 09. Anode Technomages; 10. Iron Base; 11. Technomages Devils Head; 12. Iron Shark; 13. First Base On Mars; 14. Astronaut House; 15. My Little Planet; 16. Nitaka Atlantis; 17. Moonbeam 33; 18. Starship Wanda; 19. Bogart Z

I recently picked up the Lodicod; love it! EdArt3D has a lot of products that are just plain fun and quirky — they’re DS4/iray only though. The Kanaa props are great for detail and ambiance, but the one I bought is a static prop only — no moving parts, like opening doors. Same goes for 1971s — whose products are just delightful — although a few products I’ve bought have had movable parts.

That Devils Head! I want it. I also want My Little Planet…

More useful stuff from other DAZ and Renderosity vendors:


01. Isireon; 02. Argos Hangar; 03; ZWorld Lightboard Signs; 04. Marquee Letters; 05. Mind Control Lab; 06. Spidi; 07. Antlantida Spaceguard; 08. Bradbury Suspended Rail System; 09. Coldwar Lab; 10. RT-Invaders; 11. Submarine Sea Bird; 12. Terran Breaching Pod; 13. Space Star Liners; 14. Future City Shuttle Transit System; 15. Ministry of Truth; 16. Kontrol Room; 17. JetBike; 18. Riding Hard V4; 19. Jodhpur Clothes G3F; 20. Ragnarok Mask G3F; 21. Classic Statues; 22. Morphing Primitives; 23. Haunebu-II WW2 Flying Saucer

Isireon looks like the lair of an evil interstellar overlord. Argos Hangar has a dieselpunk feel. Marquee/motel sign noir-worthy. The Future City props are modular; buy what you need from the vendor’s store. Jodhpurs (or riding pants) are great for your dieselpunk flyboys and flygirls. I have the V4 version; the higher waistline makes it more amenable to kit-bashing. Statues for adding Art Deco flair to environments.

When all hope is lost for finding the right prop, maybe kit-bashing something with the morphing primitives will work.

Just because…


01. Eyeball Garden 1; 02. Eyeball Garden 2; 03. Killer Bug From Outer Space; 04. Slime Beast; 05. Tentaclez 3; 06. Octopus Tentacle; 07. Tentacles

While I didn’t do a listing for organics — a wide-ranging description encompassing little green men, tentacles, sundry space monsters, and who knows what else — here’s some menacing eyeballs! Right at home on pulpy covers. Also classic space monsters and tentacles.

The Slime Beast was a DAZ weekly freebie some years back. I now regret not picking it up. 😦

The last tentacles set has poses for V4 as well as Cookie.

Also missed a few freebies:


01. 4 Radios 3DS; 02. 5 Radios 3DS; 03. Antique Radio 3DS; 04. Tech Transpho Stellacator; 05. Designer Chair; 06. Modern Chair

More radios, which I initially passed over because they’re in 3ds format and I am, I admit, a little lazy when it comes to the import thing. Also, a delightfully weird retro desk and a couple of futuristic-looking chairs.

I’m sure to still be missing a few but this should be enough to get one started on those diesepunk and/or retro futuristic projects.

Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Toon Stuff

There was more kit-bashing goodness for toons than I expected.

Original flavor Sadie and Sam wearing free bodysuits, free helmet from Cookie Spacegirl, and free gloves from Sadie Modern Girl 03. Sam is wearing the free Wellingtons and Sadie the boots from Sadie-Fae Fantasy. The chest piece and Sam’s bracers are from Fantasy Hero for Sam and they’re wearing the belt from Spacey Sadie.

Commercial clothing I own:


01. Star! 50s Dress; 02. Cookie Coat; 03. Cosmic Cookie Outfit; 04. Mad Scientist for Gramps; 05. Sadie Fae-Fantasy; 06. Lily Sonnette for Sadie (no longer available) 07. Poodles & Sox for Sadie; 08. Spacey Sadie (no longer available); 09. Fantasy Hero for Sam (no longer available); 10. My Hero Sam; 11. Fantasy Wear for Toon Generations 1

A decent mix of items to use for toony projects. There’s even a Cookie Coat for a little toony noir! The Star 50s Dress and Poodles & Sox aren’t particularly retro futuristic but they’re period-style clothing, so I included them.

A few outfits are no longer available, sadly, but dedicated Sadie/Sam users may have them squirreled away in their runtimes.

The Cosmic Cookie dress makes me wonder if I can attach tori — not the plural I’d expected for torus — to clothes and boots…

Commercial clothing I don’t own (yet):


01. Space Defenders: Communications Officer for Cookie; 02. Space Defenders: Nurse for Cookie; 03. Super Suit Bundle for Cookie & Chip; 04. Endeavor Plus for Cookie; 05. Space Scout Sadie; 06. My Heroine Sadie; 07. Toon MoonWalker for Toon Generations 1; 08. The Little Heroes for Toon Generations 1; 09. The Little Aviators for Toon Generations 1

Space Cadet for Sadie used to have a texture add-on at DAZ but it’s gone now. The MoonWalker and The Little Heroes sets include nice prop extras.

Commercial extras I own:

01. Cosmic Hair for Cookie

Commercial extras I don’t own (yet):


01. Lazer Cat; 02. Skunk Hair for Cookie; 03. Replacement Parts for Cookie

Lazer Cat is crazy cute. I should buy it one of these days!

Freebies inside…

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Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Retro Clothing

retro kit-bash quickies!

L to R: Genesis 1 wearing G1 Skating Dress, Genesis Tights, G1 Thigh Boots, gloves from Genesis Winter Outfit Accessories, Morphing Wide Belt, Fantasy Collar V4, and weapon/head gear from Rock-It V4. M4 and V4 wearing the M4 T-2 / V4 T-2 without the armor, weapon/head gear from Rock-It V4 and hoses from Breathless. Lee 7 wearing Super Hero Suit G2M, shoulder wings and arm gauntlets from Evilson M4, belt from Golden Age M4, helmet from Paranoia V4, and weapon from Classic Rayguns. G2F wearing G2F Bodysuit, G2F Stap Boots (socks hidden), Little Dyvil V4, gloves from V4 Bodysuit Expansion Pack, and helmet made from primitives.

more kit-bashing quickies, the Dawn and Dusk edition

Dusk is wearing the Flyboy top and SciFi head cowl from Golden Age M4, pants and boots from Desert Pathfinders G2M, gloves from Western Outlaw G2M, and head gear from Midnight Rocketeer V4. Dawn is wearing the V4 Mach Bodysuit, boots from Dawn’s Free Style, skirt, top, and headpiece from Gothic Muse V4, one of the props from Neck Allure V4, and two ear pieces from XO SWAT Weapons Unit A3.

Most of the clothing references I found for women looked modest even when tight-fitting. Maybe these looks were considered racy for their time? There are no bare butt cheeks, high-cut legs, bare midriffs, and not as much bare cleavage as I’d expected. The torpedo boob effect was de rigueur though. Triangular elements and wings/fins also popular.

Commercial clothing I own:


01. M4 Bodysuit; 02. V4 Bodysuit; 03. Toolboi M4; 04. Space Dweller M4; 05. Evilson M4; 06. Space Dweller V4; 07. Space Defenders: Commander M4; 08. Space Defenders: Security Officer M4; 09: Space Defenders Bundle V4; 10. Paranoia V4; 11. Kamrat G1 (M4 / V4); 12. Future Wilderness G1; 13. Super Hero Suit G2M; 14. Super Hero Suit G2F; 15. Force Field G2F; 16. Doctor Outfit G2M; 17. Cyber Chic V4; 18. Pin-Up Gynoid Phase 8 G3F; 19. Gothic Muse V4; 20. Callie Outfit V4; 21. Club Dress V4; 22. Denim Jacket Outfit G3F; 23. AeroDoll A3 (no longer available)

Going for a genuine retro effect? A bodysuit, leotard, or swimsuit with multiple material zones is a must.

Space Dweller for M4 has triangular details; the shoulder parts of Evilson M4 similar.

Want to add that clear plastic baggie wear look to retro space suits? The Force Field G2F should do the trick. Same for the Paranoid outfit, if worn over a second skin.

Short flared skirts with a second skin or bodysuit is another typical retro pulp look (finally a use for all those skimpy dresses acquired in various bundles over the years!) Any old-timers who have AeroDoll for A3, the outfit is nicely retro as well.

Clay version of Future Wildnerness for G1 better shows the head gear. Clay version of the Force Field outfit; it doesn’t have separate material zones. AeroDoll A3 material zones.

Commercial clothing I don’t own (yet):


01. Retro Space Suit G2M; 02. Starlight G2F; 03. Leather Bodysuit G2F & G3F; 04. Space Heroine G3F; 05. Space Hero G3M (requires Android Phase 1 G3M); 06. Retro SciFi Bodysuit G2F; 07. Eclipse Outfit G3F; 08. Retro Future G2M; 09. Space Corps G3M; 10. Super Bodysuit G3F; 11. Super Bodysuit G3M; 12. Superhero Add-On for G3F Super Bodysuit; 13. Stylized Helmet, Airboard for G3 Super Bodysuits; 14. Genesis Supersuit; 15. Galactic Force Bundle G2; 16. G-Suit 2 HD G2F; 17. Anti Gravity G2F; 18. Galaxy G1; 19. Space Suit Outfit G8F; 20. Space Dock Bundle; 21. Starship Crew Uniform G2M; 22. G.I.S. Genesis; 23. G.I.S. Empress Genesis; 24. Space Welder G3F; 25. Weldergirl V4; 26. Astrid V4; 27. Suzi Moonbeam V4; 28. Galacta Kiss V4; 29. Silicon Planet V4; 30. Sci-Fi Outfit V4; 31. Roboserver_3000; 32. Gynoid Nextgen Four G3F; 33. Spaced G3F; 34. Kitbashers Tops 12 G3M; 35. Kitbashers 6 G3M; 36. Goon Squad 03 G3; 37. Space Goddess G8F

A few of these are deliberately retro. Others would look more pulp-like if their helmet or headgear were replaced by a bubble/fishbowl helmet or at least a helmet with fins of some sort. The “Kitbashers” vendor has a whole bunch of products of this sort; worth checking out for more options or ideas. Same goes for EdArt3D, though his products are primarily pinup style and sexier than their historical inspirations.

Commercial Accessories I own:


01. Head gear from Midnight Rocketeer V4; 02. Fairy Needs V4 Genesis 1; 03. Finishing Touches: Headpieces Vol 1 V4; 04. Rock-It V4; 05. Technophilia Retro – Halon V4; 06. The Dress Headpiece V3; 07/08. V4 Bodysuit Expansion Pack; 09. Fantasy Collar V4

The fairy head prop set includes several styles of antennae for those green girls and boys. The Technophelia Retro Halon head props are all separate; apply to head gear as desired. The Fantasy Collar — available for a few other figures too — is good for covering open necks and/or adding a helmet base to an outfit.

Commercial Accessories I don’t own (yet):


01. SciFi Adventure Expansion V4; 02. SciFi Adventure Set V4; 03. Mobile Mental Enhancer M4; 04. Kitbashers Mask 5 G3M; 05. Steampunk Helmet M4; 06. Morphing SciFi Helmet G3F; 07. Crown Circlets for Any Figure ; 08. Martian Princess Accessory Set V4; 09. Classic Fantasy Warrior Princess V4; 10. Fantasy Headwear V3; 11. Celestal – HelmetHair V4; 12. Devonic – HornHair V4; 13. Morphing Wings Earrings G3F; 14. Go Go Boots for Dawn; 15. Gatling + Rocket Bra V4

The steampunk elements on the steampunk helmet are separate; leave them off and add a nice gold or chrome shader and it’s Rocketeer retro. Some of these are more fantasy than scifi, but included them anyway — there are ear wings/fins!

And yes, I included a gun bra. Just chrome it up and shoot laser beams instead.

Skin Textures:

01. Second Skin Bodysuit M4 (V4 version); 02. Silver Textures for M4; 03. Silver Textures for V4

The M4 bodysuit works fine in DS after surface adjustments. Genesis 1 can wear M4 textures and later later versions of Genesis can do so with UV swapping utilities. The silver skin textures are nice; tint them to suit. (Lots of alien character and texture sets available but didn’t feel this needed a listing.)

Quick reminder: a bubble/fishbowl helmet can be cobbled together with primitives:

Sphere, cylinder, and torus — scaled along the various X, Y, and Z axis to make the neck rim, helmet, antenna, and earpiece. Parent all the primitive parts to a null or group, then parent that to the figure’s neck or chest (whichever works best) and good to go.

Freebies inside….

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