Cute free outfit for classic Sadie

Over at Renderosity: Tempest for Sadie

jumper and headless Hester not shown 🙂

According to the description, it was a PA product at the DAZ store and is now free! (I wish more PA’s did this with old products.) It includes an outfit, character texture and morph, and a headless doll prop.

It’s a cute outfit, but it’ll need a little work after downloading. The file paths are wrong, a problem which is easy enough to fix. There are no textures included, but plenty of material zones for all the objects except the headless Hester doll. She’s only a single material zone and so that one will need texturing work beyond quick-n-easy seamless tile material presets.

Here’s the template for Hester:

body, legs, arms, neck and skirt

The rest inside…

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Christmas in July: Hat Fits


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Tuco Hat from SAV Famous Hat Collection for M4, 70’s Hat 2 from SAV Hat Collection V4, Elfama Hat, Santa Hat Prop V4, cap from Bad Boy M4, and/or Tulip Hat V4 (download info on top of page; site has adult content)

Info: A bunch of fits for figures I use most often. They’re quick-n-dirty fits; a starting point to save a little time. I didn’t include any Genesis figures, but applying either the M4 or V4 fit pose works with a few minor adjustments.

The Elfama Hat fit only works for the cr2 version; I figured most people would use that one because it’s the one with morph options.

There are Tulip Hat fits for Dawn, Dusk, and Luna. (I made fits for other figures a while ago.) I didn’t get around to doing any Tulip Hat textures for the Christmas in July theme, but maybe I can still get something in by the end of the month.

Oh, and I forgot the link to the Bad Boy M4 cap in the readme file. Sorry about that!

Christmas in July: Sadie & Sam Swim


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Sadie and Sam Swim

Info: More stuff for Sadie and Sam! Textures for the bikini, short trunks, swim cap, towels, and swim ring. The towels, and two of the swim cap textures, use a bit of displacement, so Poser users will need to adjust for that as the my converter doesn’t transfer those values (and they’d likely be incorrect even if it did.)

There are partial materials for the frill on the bikini top and the bottom, not shown in the preview above.

For DAZ Studio users, there’s also a red and a green plastic shader for the flippers or snorkel set.


Christmas in July: Sadie’s Wedge Sole Shoes


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Wedge Sole Shoes for Sadie

Info: Another small set of textures, this one to coordinate Sadie’s shoes with the Loosey Goosey Dress.

I didn’t include a preset for it (didn’t think of it at the time) but you can hide the bow to match the shoes to the Santa flamingos texture.