Cute free outfit for classic Sadie

Over at Renderosity: Tempest for Sadie

jumper and headless Hester not shown ūüôā

According to the description, it was a PA product at the DAZ store and is now free! (I wish more PA’s did this with old products.) It includes an outfit, character texture and morph, and a headless doll prop.

It’s a cute outfit, but it’ll need a little work after downloading. The file paths are wrong, a problem which is¬†easy enough to fix. There are no textures included, but plenty of material zones for all the objects except¬†the headless Hester doll. She’s only¬†a single material zone and so that one will need texturing work beyond quick-n-easy seamless tile material presets.

Here’s the template for Hester:

body, legs, arms, neck and skirt

The rest inside…

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Sluggian etc templates

The husband has generously shared his spring cold with me! So delightful; I’ve been coughing like crazy the past few days. Ugh.

Anyway, having mentioned the Sluggian stuff has old textures — insinuating, I suppose, they¬†could use a little texture TLC — I made templates. Do with them what you will, if you’re so inclined to try texturing these little critters and their accouterments. Click thumb to view/save the full-sized image.

Battle Slug:

BattleSlug2 BattleSlug

The Battle Slug only has one material zone — Skin — so I included the¬†more detailed breakdown.


Sluggian2 Sluggian

Ditto for the Sluggian figure; the body part details are on the right.

Sluggian T-Shirt:


Battle Slug Saddle: