Dusting off some old content

Specifically, the Transpond Covered Bridge from the RuntimeDNA store. It didn’t make it to DAZ, sadly, and it doesn’t appear the DAZ store has anything comparable (or at least a search for “covered bridge” didn’t turn up anything.)

Coming up with terrain — a bridge needs something to bridge — meant cobbling together a bunch of props, and then I was reminded yet again that I need to buy more snowy pine trees. My selection is limited.

Terrain kit-bashed from:

Flipmode’s Easy Environments Winter for the pine trees, the snowy road add-on from the RDNA Country Cottage bundle (no longer available), the morphing snow pile and morphing snow terrain that were freebies for RDNA’s Christmas freebie fests (so also gone), and the terrain from Most Digital Creation’s Winter Wonderland.

Unless I’m mistaken, that last one isn’t UV mapped; I couldn’t add a texture to it. I ended up making all the snow the same color and then adding texture in postwork. I used a snow seamless tile I made from a public domain image:

Feel free to download it and use it for your projects.

Everything else:

Transpond Covered Bridge, Snow for RDNA Covered Bridge, Lyne’s Little Birds, 40 Ice and Snow Tiles, and Ice Patterns.

I have the SAMS3D bridge too; it was a Renderosity Christmas give-away some years back. It’s not available anymore either. The snow add-on is a freebie, as are the birds. I don’t have any other cardinals, though KenG at Hivewire probably has one somewhere in his numerous bird sets.

The texture on the frozen river (a primitive cube) was from one of those two free ice texture sets; I don’t remember which one though. The Ice Patterns set was by Frozenstar and was, I think, part of a Christmas give-away a few years back. It doesn’t appear to be available.

Snow overlays from the PixelBuddha (link a few posts back.)

DIY Spooky Photos

First, here’s an altered antique photo you can download and use in renders (the original.)

It’s not a large image so I enhanced the edges. Add it to a frame of your choice:

(from Frames by Fabiana, which I acquired when it was a Renderosity newsletter freebie.)

If you want to make your own creepy old photos, here’s what I did. I rendered smay’s Zombie M4/Genesis texture on the G2 Male base — edited to add: just the head, neck, and upper shoulder area — straight on, then rotated at +25/-25, +45/-45, and +90/-90, which covers the facial orientations of most old photos. Save each render as a transparent png image.

Copy the zombie image with the closest facial orientation of your target old photo, colorize the zombie to match (I usually recolor the zombie as well as the target photo), then resize/rotate the zombie image to roughly fit the face in the target photo.

I also use the mesh warp brush (Liquify in PS) to fine tune the fit. It doesn’t have to be perfect. When fitting the rendered zombie image to the old photo, change the Normal layer setting to around 50% so you can see where everything goes. Then change it back to 100% before you start playing around with layer settings.

Adjust layer settings to get the desired result, then erase everything but the face effect. I used various layer combinations of Normal (~20% to 30%), Soft Light (~50% to 80%) and Multiply (~10%), sometimes alone but more often as multiple duplicate layers. It depends on the original image and how strong you want the effect to look.

With the eyes, I sometimes used the Dodge Tool to make them whiter.

I did the same thing with a creepy V4 texture on the Genesis Child base and the Genesis baby, and also rendered the M4 skeleton’s head with all the rotations listed above to get a skull overlay instead of a zombie one.

The texture used for these two was either SV7 Possessed V4 or MDD 5 Days of Ravage V4.

With this one, I made a second version using brushes from Rons Spider Webs and Rons Shattered Glass:

Useful sources for old photos that are public domain/no known restrictions: Graphics Fairy — Old Photos — and Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. Most of the ones I used from LoC came from the Daguerreotype section.

A free collection from DesignBundles:

💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻 💀 🎃  👻

Found Scary Cherry’s dirt mask

Some time back I commented that I’d wanted to upload the dirt masks I used on the textures in case someone wanted to make Cherry more grubby, but that I couldn’t find the images. Finally found them, stuck in a folder where they shouldn’t have been. Of course.


Here are the dirt mask layers. Right-click-save and apply to the texture as you see fit (just remember to save the results under a new name!) Used with Halloween Treat #03: Scary Cherry Xtras and Scary Cherry Xtras Add-On.

^^ Face

^^ Body & Limbs

Also, if anyone wants her templates let me know and I can upload them here.

Not a productive weekend. All I did was tinker with the textures I’m working on for the G3F Princess Line Dress, trying to fake seams for solid color textures. The lines of the dress are pretty but only obvious when textured with prints. Since I’m big on solid colors or very subdued prints — tends to look less busy for the sort of renders I prefer — I wanted to see if there was a way I could do this:


Probably a non-issue with renders that aren’t closeups, but I think it looks okay.

Also, for those who do postwork, I keep forgetting to mention some nice overlay textures from the CoffeeShop Blog:

Artisanal Texture Set #05

Fine Art “Charcoal” Texture Set

Oil Painterly Fine Art Texture Set

I tend to use them with the Soft Light layer setting, at various opacity levels, but play around with them to see what you like best.

Sluggian etc templates

The husband has generously shared his spring cold with me! So delightful; I’ve been coughing like crazy the past few days. Ugh.

Anyway, having mentioned the Sluggian stuff has old textures — insinuating, I suppose, they could use a little texture TLC — I made templates. Do with them what you will, if you’re so inclined to try texturing these little critters and their accouterments. Click thumb to view/save the full-sized image.

Battle Slug:

BattleSlug2 BattleSlug

The Battle Slug only has one material zone — Skin — so I included the more detailed breakdown.


Sluggian2 Sluggian

Ditto for the Sluggian figure; the body part details are on the right.

Sluggian T-Shirt:


Battle Slug Saddle: