Found Scary Cherry’s dirt mask

Some time back I commented that I’d wanted to upload the dirt masks I used on the textures in case someone wanted to make Cherry more grubby, but that I couldn’t find the images. Finally found them, stuck in a folder where they shouldn’t have been. Of course.


Here are the dirt mask layers. Right-click-save and apply to the texture as you see fit (just remember to save the results under a new name!) Used with Halloween Treat #03: Scary Cherry Xtras and Scary Cherry Xtras Add-On.

^^ Face

^^ Body & Limbs

Also, if anyone wants her templates let me know and I can upload them here.

Not a productive weekend. All I did was tinker with the textures I’m working on for the G3F Princess Line Dress, trying to fake seams for solid color textures. The lines of the dress are pretty but only obvious when textured with prints. Since I’m big on solid colors or very subdued prints — tends to look less busy for the sort of renders I prefer — I wanted to see if there was a way I could do this:


Probably a non-issue with renders that aren’t closeups, but I think it looks okay.

Also, for those who do postwork, I keep forgetting to mention some nice overlay textures from the CoffeeShop Blog:

Artisanal Texture Set #05

Fine Art “Charcoal” Texture Set

Oil Painterly Fine Art Texture Set

I tend to use them with the Soft Light layer setting, at various opacity levels, but play around with them to see what you like best.


Sluggian etc templates

The husband has generously shared his spring cold with me! So delightful; I’ve been coughing like crazy the past few days. Ugh.

Anyway, having mentioned the Sluggian stuff has old textures — insinuating, I suppose, they could use a little texture TLC — I made templates. Do with them what you will, if you’re so inclined to try texturing these little critters and their accouterments. Click thumb to view/save the full-sized image.

Battle Slug:

BattleSlug2 BattleSlug

The Battle Slug only has one material zone — Skin — so I included the more detailed breakdown.


Sluggian2 Sluggian

Ditto for the Sluggian figure; the body part details are on the right.

Sluggian T-Shirt:


Battle Slug Saddle:


GGN Extra Stuff

Click on the thumb to view/save the seamless tile images (textures use corresponding bump maps from REC Holiday Materials.)


dinogreenleather leather-berry


velvet-black velvet-green velvet-pink


fleece-berry fleece-dinogreen fleece-wine


knit-berry knit-denim-blue knit-denim-blue-light knit-dinogreen knit-pink01-redo knit-pink02 knit-wine

Color Swatches


Uploaded these in case folks would like to match any of the other texture sets I made but didn’t own (or didn’t like) some of the clothing props I chose. Color swatches intended for matching buttons, zipper pulls, eyelets, nail polish, whatever.

Off-Site Holiday Freebies & Sales



Download – more free knitted Christmas textures!


Download – always useful for “wrapping” 3D presents…


Download – there’s more at the site; this is just the newest offering.

Store Sales

The PhilosphersEgg is running another holiday sale, with 30 – 40% off selected store items throughout December. I am seriously considering picking up this M4/V4/K4 bundle:


Snow Bears – it comes with the hats and scarves! 😀

Xurge3D is running a December 50% off sale as well, and the main page says PayPal is up and working again.

Still waiting for ali’s annual sale at Mankahoo. If I recall correctly, the sale usually starts a little later in December.

REC Holiday Materials for DS


DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio Presets || Textures (75K)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. You can also make freebies with them to share with others, as well as use them for commercial products.

Info: Big set of material presets for DAZ Studio (dsa format.) While the presets won’t work in Poser, the tiling materials can be applied in the program like any other tiling resource.

Most of the tiles are 1024 x 1024, though some are smaller, and are themed in colors of red, green, silver, and gold. (I added a few black colors as an afterthought, for those with inclinations toward Gothic Christmas styles.) Knits, denims, fleeces, leathers, quilts, flannels, satins, metals, velvets, netting, furs, sparkly stuff…and stuff I have no idea what it might be useful for, but it looked pretty and so I included it.

There are over 100 tiles plus corresponding bump maps (where applicable.) The materials were made using the Shader Baker base tiling preset, so it is possible to change the tiling ratios as well as the tiling angle. A few presets for this are included.

Re: the netting, I forgot to include a way to change colors. Just remove the diffuse image map and then change the diffuse color to whatever you’d like. Also, it may be necessary to alter the tiling ratio of the horizontal and vertical tiles to prevent vertical stretching of the image.

The reflection map presets are intended for use with small objects — buttons, buckles, jingle bells — rather than large ones, as they’re kind of busy looking.

The Shader Baker base preset is a little buggy with bump maps. Sometimes it affects the mesh in the same way displacement would (which shouldn’t happen) and it can also cause poke-through. I have no idea how to fix this, so I adjust accordingly whenever it happens.

Credits: I used a few non-Filter Forge resources that are all okay for commercial work: the Classic Santa Clip Art from, snowflake block from HG Design’s Holiday Brushes set, and plaids created in Tartan Maker.

For the image, that’s K4 Lexie wearing the Elvira texture, Velvet Hair, Gift Bag Ribbons (tag hidden), REC Glitter Nails, K4 Ballet, M4 Renaissance Ruffles, RDNA’s old freebie ornaments (scaled down to 15%), North Pole sign (don’t think it’s available any longer), and large gift box from a toon Christmas Scene set by Artemis (pretty sure it was a Rendo holiday freebie a while back.) The dress and skirt use the green velvet preset and one of the netting presets — for the ruffs, I had to scale the tiles at something like 24 x 24! The ornaments use one of the red glitter tiles and the gift bag ribbons uses the gold sparkle texture. Background from Pixabay.

Any questions, please let me know!

Previews inside…

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