Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Toon Stuff

There was more kit-bashing goodness for toons than I expected.

Original flavor Sadie and Sam wearing free bodysuits, free helmet from Cookie Spacegirl, and free gloves from Sadie Modern Girl 03. Sam is wearing the free Wellingtons and Sadie the boots from Sadie-Fae Fantasy. The chest piece and Sam’s bracers are from Fantasy Hero for Sam and they’re wearing the belt from Spacey Sadie.

Commercial clothing I own:


01. Star! 50s Dress; 02. Cookie Coat; 03. Cosmic Cookie Outfit; 04. Mad Scientist for Gramps; 05. Sadie Fae-Fantasy; 06. Lily Sonnette for Sadie (no longer available) 07. Poodles & Sox for Sadie; 08. Spacey Sadie (no longer available); 09. Fantasy Hero for Sam (no longer available); 10. My Hero Sam; 11. Fantasy Wear for Toon Generations 1

A decent mix of items to use for toony projects. There’s even a Cookie Coat for a little toony noir! The Star 50s Dress and Poodles & Sox aren’t particularly retro futuristic but they’re period-style clothing, so I included them.

A few outfits are no longer available, sadly, but dedicated Sadie/Sam users may have them squirreled away in their runtimes.

The Cosmic Cookie dress makes me wonder if I can attach tori — not the plural I’d expected for torus — to clothes and boots…

Commercial clothing I don’t own (yet):


01. Space Defenders: Communications Officer for Cookie; 02. Space Defenders: Nurse for Cookie; 03. Super Suit Bundle for Cookie & Chip; 04. Endeavor Plus for Cookie; 05. Space Scout Sadie; 06. My Heroine Sadie; 07. Toon MoonWalker for Toon Generations 1; 08. The Little Heroes for Toon Generations 1; 09. The Little Aviators for Toon Generations 1

Space Cadet for Sadie used to have a texture add-on at DAZ but it’s gone now. The MoonWalker and The Little Heroes sets include nice prop extras.

Commercial extras I own:

01. Cosmic Hair for Cookie

Commercial extras I don’t own (yet):


01. Lazer Cat; 02. Skunk Hair for Cookie; 03. Replacement Parts for Cookie

Lazer Cat is crazy cute. I should buy it one of these days!

Freebies inside…

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Steampunk Rufus y’all!

Not a weekly render thing, just for fun!

Rufus/Meow Morphs with the Siamese texture (which I see is not showing up as Purchased for me, ugh) and Cat Casuals sneakers. I finally found a use for the Extraordinary League for G2F accessories that were a weekly freebie way back when. Also made use of Steam Pilot V4/G4, the wrench from DM Time Shadows (which I bought while it was at Renderosity), the free CogBase and free Movie Hero Vest for Rufus.

Hmmm, I should do something with the old Toonimals too, considering I bought the Toonimal Kitty, Toonimal Puppy, the CDI Toony Cat Morphs, the SS Toonimal Mappak for both the kitty and the puppy, and even the Toonimal Playtime Poses.

Did do this render, quite some time ago:

The toonimals are really old figures, but I still think they’re cute. They’d probably benefit from subd and improved materials. If I had the full version of LAMH (it’s in the wishlist) I’d try to fuzz ’em up a bit.

Edited to add: First test run in DS4.10. Used a bit of displacement on the fur. Something looks a little weird in UV mapping of the chest and (oops, forgot to hide the chest fur) bottoms of the paws. The little eyes also seem kind of…tubular? Still, not too bad!

Aw, you’re kinda cute, ancient toon kitty!

Toon Gramps and the Granny add-ons

I wasn’t only playing around with dragons and balloon dogs this weekend! I’ve had both of these products for a while and only just now checked to see if they could swap clothing. Their respective wardrobes are on the thin side, so it seemed worth exploring.


They’re so cute!

Since Granny is a custom morph of Gramps — both Granny and New Age Granny are still at RDNA, though I don’t know for how long — the clothing switcheroo project went pretty well except for the Mad Scientist outfit.

test-gramps-gran-clothes test-grangramps-outfit2 test-gran+gramps-outfit

Gramps with New Age Granny’s t-shirt and New Age Granny in the Gramps t-shirt, shorts, pants, and shoes.

temp-granny-mad-sci-prepost temp-granny-mad-sci-post

The long coat deforms at the hip joint. But after fiddling with smoothing, morph transfer, and SubD — and doing a bit of postwork — it’s not a total lost cause. Granny can be a mad scientist too! She just needs a toon cat wearing goggles…

I need more poses for Gramps/Granny. Suppose this means I may have to make some eventually. 🙂

Sanzi’s Momilita

I forgot to mention this before, but Sanzi has a new toony doll freebie: Momilita. Includes the figure, outfit, poses, and hair. The figure has a “cat” morph that is dialed in for the ears, whiskers, and tail. I took her for a test in DS4:


Applying the smoothing modifier slightly distorts the hair around the ears, so I didn’t do it for the cat morph. The style poses for the hair’s front bangs don’t work in DS, but the bang parts are all separate object files so all you need to do is manually hide/unhide them etc. to get the different looks. The twin tail style morphs work fine. (The hair also has a fit for Sanzi’s free toon cat, Momimomi.) The cat tail isn’t poseable, as far as I can tell, but it comes pre-posed.

She comes with a number of expression morphs too.