Alert toon aficionados!

Last day for the Runtime DNA $1.00 (for PC members, $2.99 for non-members) sale at DAZ — lots of great deals on older toon stuff like Cookie/Chip, Gumdrops, and original flavor Star.

I cleared some six or seven products out of my wishlist (yet it never falls below 8 pages, sigh) and bought a few others just because. It’s been a while since I used Star — and didn’t remember acquiring all those iray materials for her. So anyway, all that buying inspired me to take her out and play with her again.

She’s wearing the old Aero Doll outfit for Aiko 3 — I wish Mada would remake this for G8F; I’d buy it again. Oh, and I applied Fabiana’s Glitter Plan glitter shaders to just about everything. First time I’d used it since I bought it quite a while ago.

Also, before the Great Zap happened, I’d meant to post a heads-up for toon users that elleque’s Pranx 2 had moved to a new home at ShareCG. I’d never purchased anything from ShareCG before but the figure was 50% off at the time and I decided to go for it.

It’s a lovely little figure, with both Poser and DAZ Studio versions, and includes clothes, hair, and poses. Elleque provides a range of great freebies for the figure at his site (you have to join; instructions on the page) and Treasure Chest has lots of freebies for Pranx 2 as well.

Edited to add this little cutie:



Gadgetry freebies, Retro-friendly

Just signal boosting for a nice set of freebies by Ghastly that are great for retro science fiction stuff, toony or a bit more steampunk/dieselpunk.

Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity) Ghastly’s Gizmo-trons (ShareCG / Renderosity), and UV Guides for Ghastly’s Sci-Fi Sets (ShareCG / Renderosity)

Parts come assembled but stand-alone versions are also included for assembling your own retro tech stuff. None have materials but they are UV-mapped. Perfect for all those materials and shader sets acquired over the years.

DAZ Studio only, but Studio is free to install and it’s not difficult — just tedious — to export the duf files as obj files.

Random Gizmo-tron example:

Gizmo-tron with plain diffuse coloring; toon-ish

Same but with bump maps textures

Gizmo-tron with maps and shaders, more steampunk or dieselpunk

Same, but postworked with random text gibberish (too late last night to make texture maps)

Also made 3DL materials for the Crone for Etta HD for Edie 8…quite the long descriptor there! 😛 The eye materials make use of some odd UV mapping that doesn’t work in 3DL (as far as I can tell) and I ended up swapping the eye materials with Edie 8’s. The iray eyes render okay in 3DL but attempting to convert them to 3DL makes a bit of a mess. I also had problems with I tried applying different iray eye presets; things got weird-looking.

If anyone wants 3DL versions of the base skins, let me know and I can zip them up.

(top middle and bottom right are Edie 8 eyes)


Dieselpunk & Retro Futurism: Toon Stuff

There was more kit-bashing goodness for toons than I expected.

Original flavor Sadie and Sam wearing free bodysuits, free helmet from Cookie Spacegirl, and free gloves from Sadie Modern Girl 03. Sam is wearing the free Wellingtons and Sadie the boots from Sadie-Fae Fantasy. The chest piece and Sam’s bracers are from Fantasy Hero for Sam and they’re wearing the belt from Spacey Sadie.

Commercial clothing I own:


01. Star! 50s Dress; 02. Cookie Coat; 03. Cosmic Cookie Outfit; 04. Mad Scientist for Gramps; 05. Sadie Fae-Fantasy; 06. Lily Sonnette for Sadie (no longer available) 07. Poodles & Sox for Sadie; 08. Spacey Sadie (no longer available); 09. Fantasy Hero for Sam (no longer available); 10. My Hero Sam; 11. Fantasy Wear for Toon Generations 1

A decent mix of items to use for toony projects. There’s even a Cookie Coat for a little toony noir! The Star 50s Dress and Poodles & Sox aren’t particularly retro futuristic but they’re period-style clothing, so I included them.

A few outfits are no longer available, sadly, but dedicated Sadie/Sam users may have them squirreled away in their runtimes.

The Cosmic Cookie dress makes me wonder if I can attach tori — not the plural I’d expected for torus — to clothes and boots…

Commercial clothing I don’t own (yet):


01. Space Defenders: Communications Officer for Cookie; 02. Space Defenders: Nurse for Cookie; 03. Super Suit Bundle for Cookie & Chip; 04. Endeavor Plus for Cookie; 05. Space Scout Sadie; 06. My Heroine Sadie; 07. Toon MoonWalker for Toon Generations 1; 08. The Little Heroes for Toon Generations 1; 09. The Little Aviators for Toon Generations 1

Space Cadet for Sadie used to have a texture add-on at DAZ but it’s gone now. The MoonWalker and The Little Heroes sets include nice prop extras.

Commercial extras I own:

01. Cosmic Hair for Cookie

Commercial extras I don’t own (yet):


01. Lazer Cat; 02. Skunk Hair for Cookie; 03. Replacement Parts for Cookie

Lazer Cat is crazy cute. I should buy it one of these days!

Freebies inside…

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